TestMarket - Hurry! Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier: Exclusive 23% Off!

Hurry! Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier: Exclusive 23% Off!

Jan 14, 2024 05:44 pm
Hurry! Pro Breeze® 20L/Day Dehumidifier: Exclusive 23% Off!
Brand Name: Pro Breeze
Category: Dehumidifiers
Seller Name: One Retail Group
Rating: 4.60
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Title: It works!!
Content: This humidifier worked really well in an extremely damp cellar / basement. I didn't quite get the 20l per day but I guess that's down to individual conditions and temperatures it's working under. I had the unit working on the high setting for 6 days and after the first day, any morning condensation around the small ground level windows had completely gone and the 'musty' smell you get from damp cellars was also gone after 2 days as well. The overall air quality had improved 100%. The only downside to the unit is the timer. I would have thought that you could set it up to switch on and off at pre-determined times, but it doesn't exactly work this way as it seems to only switch on and off once in a 24 hour period, hence the reason for the 4 stars. This isn't a big problem for me personally, but it may be for you. The instructions are relatively simple to understand, and the tank is easy to empty, but take care when its full as you might get some spillage. It is a little loud when its going at full power, but nothing major, and on the low setting is perfectly ok. Having said that, different people have different tolerances for noise, but mine is in the cellar and not around the living areas, so noise wasn't an issue for me personally. It could be quite heavy for some people to lift (older people or disabled), but the castors make is easy to move across the floor. Don't forget to give the filter a clean as well, as mine needed cleaning twice in the period of time I had it on, but again, the cellar was not exactly a clean area. Its very easy to do with a damp sponge, and easy to take out and put back in again. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase, and given my experience, I would definitely recommend.
Title: A beast!
Content: Wanted to wait and see before reviewing this, and so I've given it a month. Was replacing a delonghi D12 which I'd had for years and years, and needed something quick. Use in a large conservatory which is used as a dining room, laundry room and extension to kitchen, with so much glass and in this weather, condensation is a constant battle. This dehumidifier is amazing! It can cope with two loads of laundry on airers, and dry them overnight, or during the day can clear condensation from a family dinner, cooker running and tumble dryer on! It collects a lot of water, is fairly quiet and has lots of modes. My in home energy monitor tells me it's cheaper to run than my Meaco which I have upstairs! I bought this from the Amazon used section for a generous discount. Arrived as new, couldn't tell it was anything but brand new. Would 100% recommend this dehumidifier. It's a beast!
Title: Works well but it is quite noisy
Content: This dehumidifier does the job very well. It extracts moisture from the room where we dry our clothes. The clothes dry much quicker when this unit is around. It is quite noisy so you won't be able to use it at night in your bedroom. The first unit I ordered was faulty, but contacted the support and they were very helpful.
Title: Quiet and effective
Content: Bought for relative, has changed the damp in her flat for good. Uses low amount of energy, easy to understand for older people, colour indicators are very useful, can be left of all night and not make much noise. Heavy but easy to move around. Fantastic product
Title: Pulls a LOT of water out of the air in our old house! Sleeping better now.
Content: Our early-1930s house has no cavity wall insulation, and a leak in the roof caused damp areas in the kitchen. Even though the leak is now fixed, the house wasn't really drying out and everything felt slightly clammy. We considered hiring an industrial dryer, but my brother recommended this dehumidifier as he has been using one for a few weeks. He was absolutely right - it's made a very noticeable difference. When we turned it on, the humidity level in the bedroom was around 75%, and the light glowed red to indicate that this was too high. A bit of research suggests 40-60% is a good figure to aim for in the UK. After a couple of hours the figure dropped below 60%, and there was well over a litre of water in the tank. In the particularly grim and damp weather we've been having in the week up to Christmas, the humidity in the house has dropped down to about 55%, which seems to be the best we can get for now. We move the dehumidifier every eight hours or so, and the new-build utility room which has modern insulation and underfloor heating is down at 40%. The kitchen is close behind, which is good as that's where the roof leaked. The bedrooms have carpets, wardrobes of clothes and bedding so they are taking a bit longer to dry out, but each time we move the machine to a room, the figure is lower than before. Both of us have found that we are sleeping better in the lower humidity. The rooms feel warmer even though the thermometer says the temperature hasn't changed. The bed feels nice and 'crisp', and not clammy. I was quite alarmed and a little disgusted how damp our house was. Apparently this is not at all unusual. The dehumidifier has made a big difference already. Although it does cost a bit to run, the improvement in comfort is worth it as far as I'm concerned, and I am confident that our heating costs will drop in the long term. I've had no issues with the controls. It seems fairly intuitive. The light glows red if the humidity is too high, green if it's OK, and blue if its really low. The tank is quite easy to empty as long as you don't let it get completely full. The machine has wheels so it rolls from room to room easily. It's really heavy though, so taking it up and down stairs isn't something I enjoy doing. In our house, upstairs seems to be where it's needed most. Highly recommended.
Title: Amazing product
Content: Very quiet - cheap to run. Removes a lot of moisture from the air. Portable - easy to move from room to room.

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  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: This Energy Efficient 20L/Day Dehumidifier by Pro Breeze uses an ultra-efficient compressor, a 24-Hour on/off timer and an energy saving auto shut-off system - helping you to reduce power consumption and energy bills.
  • QUIET DEHUMIDIFICATION: This dehumidifier for home and office uses the latest quiet compressor technology to combat damp without disturbing you in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, conservatory or garage.
  • 20 LITRES PER DAY: The ideal dehumidifier for use in medium to large rooms around the house. Removes moisture for the prevention of mould on walls and musty smells. Extracts up to 20L of water per day with an extra-large 5.5L water tank which automatically shuts off when full, and a drainage hose for continuous operation.
  • AUTOMATIC HUMIDITY SENSOR AND DIGITAL DISPLAY: The Pro Breeze 20L Electric Dehumidifier has one-touch controls and an LED digital display for setting fan speed and desired humidity between 30-80%. The smart automatic humidity sensor with indicator lights allows you to track room humidity and will switch the dehumidifier off once target humidity is reached.
  • 24H TIMER AND LAUNDRY MODE: The built-in timer allows you to schedule the dehumidifier to turn on or off over a 24 hour window. This model has 4 modes including a clothes drying mode, plus a child lock, auto defrost and sleep display.
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