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What We Do?
Who We Are?
What We Do?
We offer the opportunity to distribute products at full or partial discount to sellers who want to promote their brands and improve their production. In this way, we contribute to the development of a product by collecting the opinions of buyers.
We introduce sellers to the online marketplaces to generate sustainable income by creating sales, advancement and growth strategies.
With the analysis feature of TestMarket Analytics, we determine which keywords should be displayed in the product list of sellers and the keywords with high sales potential for effective PPC campaigns. In our work we use artificial intelligence analysis methods and present them to our sellers.
Who We Are?
We are an agency, specialized in analysis, advertisement and promotion based in New Jersey. During the past few years, we have become one of the leaders in the market due to our daring ideas and creative excellence.
We distribute and test discount products in order to increase brands’ recognition in marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Walmart in the USA and to help them gain the trust of buyers. We work with an exceptionally talented team of experts to always provide you impeccable service.
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