Yes, it is., also known as TestMarket Analytics INC, is a company based in New Jersey, Runnemede. As every company, TestMarket pays tax to the US government and sends reports for each transaction or payment.

You can send a message directly to us via Send Old Order ID and New Order ID with screenshot of purchase as a proof.

Do not buy the product and let us know about that by contacting via mail -

Firstly you have to click on “sign up as a buyer”. Later you have to verify your number or add your info and confirm your identity by adding required documents like ID to activate your account.

TestMarket refunds money to your account. We try to avoid letting scammers enter the system from outside of the US. Verification also confirms that you accept our Terms and Conditions.

Sometimes your phone operator doesn’t  accept messages but don’t worry, we will help you to solve that case. You can add your ID (driver's license, permanent card, passport, resident card, etc.) which confirms that you live in the US and you are a real person. If you can’t find this button, you can send us an email to activate your account manually. You can contact us via

Items are getting sold out quickly because most of them are completely free. However, they restock in the system every day at 07:00 am EST Time Zone (New York time).

It’s very simple and you can do it in 4 steps:

1.Enter the item page which you would like to purchase, after the page is open you will see the ‘Buy Now’ Button. Click on that.

2.After Clicking on that, you will go to the website that enables buying it (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, etc.). After purchasing on the chosen website you have to go back within 20 minutes to TestMarket to add your order ID from the website. 

3.After adding it to TestMarket the order will go in TestMarket to the pre-approved list and later you will need to wait 1-2 days for a seller to approve your order ID. 

4.After approving, your money will be ready to be refunded and item status will change from ‘Pre-approved’ to ‘Pay Out’. After that you will have to go to your TestMarket wallet and get your money refunded via Amazon eGift Card, PayPal or bank transfer.

After getting refunded money by Testmarket Analytics INC you can’t cancel or refund the item. Otherwise we will get money from you with our Lawyers. Before that, report us the problem. Sometimes Amazon can lose your package or a different, similar kind of situation can happen. We can help you in other ways. TestMarket is a company that pays tax to the US government and we can use our rights with the help of the government to retake money.

No, there isn’t any limit. You can buy anything you see in your dashboard online.

If your account is suspended that means that something was wrong with your account. In this case, please contact our support to solve the problem.

After purchasing your money is in ‘Upcoming Payout’. After confirming your Order ID by the seller your money goes to ‘Total balance’ and you can get your money refunded by creating a refund request. You need to go to the TestMarket Wallet, choose the option of refunding you want and enter your info. We have 3 refund options: Amazon eGift Card, Paypal and bank transfer.

We don’t have any fee to transfer or refund your money to you.

Reward Coins let you collect coins and later convert it to money and earn with TestMarket.

We give coins to buyer in 2 ways:

1.Invite your friend and earn money. This is the most effective way to get coins between all options.

2.If you purchase items, you can get coins and it depends from each item how many coins you can get.

You need to go to the ‘Rewards Coins’ page and after that you will need to click on the ‘Convert’ button. Later it will convert coins into money for you.

You need to enter your dashboard and in the sidebar you will see the ‘Invite Friends’ button. After clicking on that you will see a unique link with which you can invite your friends. On the same page you can track which friend has joined the TestMarket with your link.