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You can find hundreds of free products on our Platform and also earn extra money!

TESTMARKET is a platform where brands distribute their products with a 100% refund, online sellers prove their product quality with a test video, and these videos are taken to real users and earn 20 USD extra money.

How to get started?

  • 1 Sign up for free and verify your membership with incoming SMS.
  • 2Buy the product you like and share with us the order ID given to you by the site you purchased.
  • 3At the end of 30 days, your PayPal account will be credited with the full price of the product.
  • 4In order to earn extra money, you can test any product you want in the TEST IT menu and earn 20 USD.
  • 5You can also buy a product you like by watching product test videos.

What is the "Get Free"

There are hundreds of great free products for you. All you have to do is confirm the order number of the product and wait 30 days for your full refund to be returned to your Paypal account. Moreover, you can easily follow the whole process on your receiver panel.

What is the "Test Item"

There are special free items selected by sellers. The main feature of this is that it allows you to earn an extra $ 20 by making a test video with 3 simple instructions. However, there are some instructions prepared by our team for taking test videos. (Note: We check the quality and details of a video you post before posting on our platform.)

Main characteristics

Safe and secure account

Unlimited product purchase

Free transfers to your Paypal account

7/24 support service

Hundreds of tested products

Earning money effortlessly from your home in a short time

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I'm satisfied

I'm really satisfied with the way you do your work. I wish I had known you before!

John Ann Willis

Love it!

I'm very impressed by this platform. All of these supplements about earning money are very helpful and mostly it gives me a hand in this pandemic time.

Andreea Baker

I've found it very informative

When I came across your website I was pretty surprised. I just tried to find the right product for product forproduct forproduct forproduct for

Francine Meyer

Additional Help

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Why do we offer you free products?

The main idea of ​​our company is to deliver the products of our vendors to a large number of people for free and to increase awareness in a short time and to attract more traffic to the marketplaces they sell. It is to help buyers gain their trust by having their products TESTED by real users. The best part of our platform for free sellers is using less effort and money to deliver their products to customers and gaining more clicks in a short time. We are very careful about choosing a vendor who can use our platform and sell quality products to you.

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