Terms and Conditions

TestMarket is a Discount Card, Inc. operation ("Refund Card," "us," "we" or "our"). At www.testmarket.io (the "Site"), we offer a refund program ("Rebate(s)") to customers. Sellers list their goods for sale on the Platform and include the URL where they can buy the item. Discounts are reported via the Website, and we give the refund check to the customer. These Terms of Use refer to the use of the Site and to any and all resources on or via the Web (the "Resources") available. Through visiting and/or using the Platform, you specifically consent to abide by and be bound by the following Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy for TestMarket stored here.

https:/testmarket.io/terms and all other laws, restrictions or standards that might refer to the Site's Offerings ("Additional Terms"), as well as all relevant legislation and regulations. "You," or "your," means you, a Website customer. "Seller" indicates a website customer that sells an item that is available for a rebate. "Buyer" applies to the Web owner who orders an item from a Vendor and who is entitled to make a Refund claim to the Web.

We-review and revise these Terms of Use at any time; please review them regularly, as your continued use of the Site implies your consent to any such changes. Any changes that we make shall take place immediately upon notification, which we may include by any means including, without restriction, publishing on the Web a updated version of these Terms of Use. At the bottom of these Terms of Use you will decide when these Terms of Use were previously updated by pointing to the "Most Changed" legend.

These Terms of Use shall stay in full force and effect as long as you are a customer of the Website and in the case of termination of your membership, or any service or function, you are also bound by your responsibilities under these Terms of Use, including all indemnification, guarantees and liability restrictions.

By accessing or trying to use the Site, you verify that you are a United States citizen and are at least 18 years old. You also confirm that you are not a citizen prohibited by the laws of the United States or any similar jurisdiction from obtaining services. If you do not follow these criteria, or if you do not comply with any of the terms and conditions found in these Terms of Use for whatever reason , please discontinue immediately using the Website.



You must: I sign up for a Discount Main account to apply for a refund. You can set up your account here: https:/testmarket.io/register and (ii) complete a transaction using the "Skilled Order" URL issued by the Website You will not be able to obtain the Refund if you complete the order from another Website not affiliated with the Site. When your paperwork is submitted, the Vendor may check your Refund and accept it at their absolute discretion. TestMarket shall not be liable for any unapproved discounts. Additionally, if you buy the item entitled to the Refund, you can forfeit the entitlement to the Refund and subtract the balance from the account.


Buyer Rebate Payment Requirements

As a condition of payment of the relevant discounts, you must set up and retain an account with the required details for handling your claim: your first and last name, a valid email address where you can receive messages, a valid postal address where you can receive mail and a password to secure your account. You further accept that we should fairly require additional details to verify your identity as a condition for obtaining the payment. You consent to not resell any goods you bought in conjunction with the Platform as a condition of payment of available discounts. We reserve the right to revoke the discounts and your account if you resell any items. You therefore accept not to own more than one account per household. In accordance with the Platform, you consent not to demand more than one Refund per single purchase. You also consent not to offer any other promotional coupons or discounts in conjunction with the Platform if you demand discounts.

TestMarket and its designates shall have the right, as defined in their absolute discretion, to delete any Buyer Confinement.

We pay Customer refunds in U.S. dollars via check that will be sent to the address given in your account. In the future other payment options will be available. You will earn remuneration when the payout date arrives, weekly or monthly. We reserve the right to change the schedule of payments at any time. It is your responsibility to keep your email address up to date in your account. We are not responsible for delivering the payments to the wrong address. If your payment expires without being cashed or deposited, or if it is returned to TestMarket in cash, we will return the balance to your account, but it will be stay in your TestMarket account for your next campaings.

Although TestMarket can not specify any reason why the seller can refuse a claim for a discount, the following is a non-exhaustive list of the reasons why it may deny a claim for rebate:

 The provided discount was not valid.

The decree has been rescinded or refunded.

They returned the items.

In addition to the Discount Main offer, additional discount coupons or codes were included.

The item that was ordered was not the one promoted on the web.

The item was purchased several times in conjunction with the site from the same marketplace account (this depends on the seller's policies).

The item purchased was classified for resale on an interdicted online marketplace.

There has been an effort to commit theft or there is direct misuse of the procedure.

The User uses more than one account per household or person.



When signing up for an account, you expect to accept account-related notifications (e.g., we will mail you a check on a specific date, etc.) as well as occasional shopping-related updates detailing Rebates and exclusive offers applicable to you. Using information that you provided during the registration process, we can communicate with you through electronic communication or direct mail. Your permission to obtain electronic messages requires any notifications or other material which may enable us to include in writing or otherwise by statute. You consent to keep us aware of your new email address should you make the same change after the account formation date. Pursuant to our Privacy Policy, you can opt-out of receiving such an email.

Seller Store Policies; Rebate Approval; Seller Products

A product bought via the Website from any Seller is controlled by and subject to the store policy of the relevant Seller including the relevant sale and shipping policy. We invite you to read those policies and recognize them before making a purchase. You accept that we are not agents of any Seller and that the Sellers work individually and are not under our authority in regards to or otherwise of the refunds. Therefore, your interest in sales or deals or communications with any Seller is between only you and that Seller. For any portion of our communications, bid or discount, we accept no liability, duty or responsibility, including, without restriction, the removal or alteration of any such offer or refunds.

All matters relating to a Seller's goods and services, including but not limited to terms of the contract, terms of payment, insurance, assurances, servicing, and distribution, are between you and the Seller only. TestMarket makes no guarantees or promises whatsoever in respect of the products or services the Sellers offer. You may not recognize TestMarket , nor will TestMarket be construed as a party to those transactions, whether TestMarket may or may not have earned any form of income or other remuneration related to the transaction. You accept the TestMarket shall not be liable, expressly or indirectly, for any expenses or losses resulting from such purchases. We are not responsible for reviewing or assessing all of these organizations or entities and therefore do not recommend the products of any of them. TestMarket takes no responsibility or liability for any of these and all other third party acts, goods, or content. If you want to obtain a refund, you may apply directly to the Seller for a refund. Notwithstanding the above, you may report to us the wrongdoing of any Seller and/or third parties in relation to the Platform or any Facilities, and we will investigate the allegation and take action at our absolute discretion.


How to Become a Seller; Seller Accounts; Seller Content

You must first sign up with a Vendor account to become a Seller and list the goods and discounts on the site.

Sellers may be able to upload metadata, product specifications, images, illustrations, artworks or other copyrighted works and materials relating to the goods advertised for sale (collectively, "Seller Images") by uploading items for sale on the Website. Seller expressly waives all "religious privilege" in and to the Seller Material. The above grant covers, without restriction, all copyrights and other intellectual property in and to the Seller Material. We shall not be responsible for the use or distribution of any Seller Information, whether of secrecy, attribution, or otherwise, on our side. Do not add it to the Website if you have any Vendor Material that you want to keep private and/or do not want anyone to access. TestMArket is not responsible for a party 's misuse or misappropriation of any material seller posts to the site.

Sale is entirely responsible for the Seller's own material and the effects of releasing or distributing it. In connection with Seller Content, Seller affirms, represents, and warrants that Seller owns or has the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions for the Seller Content and grants TestMarket rights and licenses in the manner envisaged under all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary or intellectual property rights in and to any Seller Content. Seller also recognizes that the Internet has no geographical borders and that Seller agrees to comply with all local laws surrounding online behavior and acceptable Seller Information. The sale also promises to comply with all existing legislation governing the transfer of technical data transmitted from the U.S. or the country you live in.

You would not make any conditions to encourage the customers to demand discounts, e.g. invite them to visit your site, post a comment, have reviews.

You shall not adversely threaten customers to accept their refunds or provide any form of incentive in return for ratings. You must stop having any URLs that would exit the ratings.

You are not going to have cryptic or misleading URLs, the URL must link to the information page of the goods. You are not going to control the commodity price. The price quoted on the Web must fit the marketplace bid.


Suspension or revocation

When you first visit the Site, these Terms and Conditions will be valid and will remain in place until you or we terminate your account. These Terms and Conditions and the use of or connection to the Website can be removed at any moment, for any cause or for no cause. Any infringement of these Terms and Conditions which result in the cancelation of your Account and/or the revocation of accrued or previous remuneration. We may, at our absolute discretion, discontinue, cancel, disable, modify or restrict access to all or any part of the Site at any time and without prior warning. You accept the TestMarket will not be responsible for any alteration, interruption or deletion of these Terms and Conditions, or your connection to the Platform, to you or any third party. If at any time you are dissatisfied with some part of the Platform or the Services, your single and exclusive recourse is to stop using the Platform and the Services and delete your account. Your ability to use and use the Facilities, and to obtain refunds, will expire upon the closure of your account. If your account is suspended as a customer for a breach of our Terms of Service ("TOS"), all of your outstanding refund requests will be denied and reimbursed to the provider.



You consent to indemnify, protect and keep Rebate Key and its associates, licensors, manufacturers, marketers and supporters and their respective owners , managers, staff, advisors, agents and other agents safe against and against each and all lawsuits, penalties, injuries, expenses (including fair attorneys ' fees) Any costs arising directly or implicitly from or on the grounds of (1) the violation of these Terms of Use; (2) any claim that any Seller Information or other material you send to us or upload to the Web infringes or otherwise infringes the copyright , trademark, trade secret, license or other intellectual property rights of some third party; (3) your actions in conjunction with the Site; and/or (4) the denial of access to the Site.



All privileges, titles and shares in the Platform and the Facilities shall be owned exclusively by TestMarket Key or its licensors. In addition, TestMarket shall hold all rights, names and interests in "TestMarket" and any other trademarks , service marks, brands or logos of TestMarket(collectively, "Marks") registered in the United States and other countries.  Marks held by TestMarket, whether licensed or unregistered, should not be used in association with any good or service that is not provided by TestMarket, in some manner likely to create conflict with the consumer or in some way that disproves TestMarket. Nothing found on the Web should be construed as giving, by default, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any Label without the express written consent of TestMarket, TestMarket licensors or suppliers, or the third party owner of any such Label. Misuse of any trademark is illegal, and TestMarket will vigorously protect the intellectual property rights in those trademarks, both by civil and criminal prosecutions. You can not reference or include TestMarket in any ad copy, extensions or banner ads without the express written permission of TestMarket.


Law of governance; Problem resolution

The legitimacy, creation and application of this Agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties to it shall be regulated by and understood in compliance with the laws of the State of California in the United States, without regard to the clauses of conflict of law found therein. You accept that any conflict, claim or controversy arising out of or in conjunction with the company of TestMarket, the Facilities or this Arrangement or referring in some manner to the Site shall be decided by formal arbitration conducted exclusively in San Diego. You therefore have to forfeit the right to a jury trial or to take part in a class action. These rights are contractual as both you and TestMarket, and TestMarket  revokes the right to a jury trial or to take part in a class action against you. This means that neither you nor TestMarket can attempt to make class or representative claims against each other, either in court or in arbitration, and no redress can be given on a class or representative basis. The arbitrator will therefore not consolidate or align the claim of another party with your claim or make an order that will have the same conclusion. You and TestMarket also conclude that if the provisions of this clause are considered to be inapplicable, the full scope of binding arbitration shall be null and void. You therefore accept that all disputes have to be resolved by the arbitrator. This covers all concerns relating to the nature, implementation, understanding and enforceability of this Arrangement and this arbitration clause. The arbitrator shall also decide whether any assertions are subject to dispute resolution. The arbitration shall be regulated by the Commercial Arbitration Rules ('AAA Rules') of the American Arbitration Association ('AAA') as specified by this Agreement and administered by the AAA. The AAA Rules are available online at www.adr.com. The arbitrator shall be governed by the terms of this Arrangement. In the absence of litigation, you can also opt to have your case resolved in the civil court, except that the civil court does not authorize an association, delegate, or combined suit or the awarding of compensation to any individual or agency that is not a recognized party to the civil court lawsuit.

You can not delegate your rights and duties under this Arrangement, in full or in part, without our prior written permission, and any such assignment without such permission shall be null and void. Headings under this Agreement are meant strictly for simplicity and shall not influence the application of this Agreement.