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Create quickly, use simply
Simple seller panel will save you time and everything will be under your control.
Jump from one level to another
Once you have reached the front rows in a targeted kw, quickly determine a new kw and we will help you to rise.
Sell more with video ads
You can share your test videos, create an advertising campaign and reach millions of people.
Keep your money safe
We keep your money waiting for 30 days in order to prevent the return of the buyers during the campaign, and we make the payment when you confirm.
Gain buyers’ trust
It allows you to gain the trust of buyers by having your product tested to real users for a very low fee.
It answers the questions
Your customers in the marketplace can search for your brand on TESTMARKET and watch the test video and compare the product.
What is the advantage of TestMarket
Free membership
Become an unlimited time member without any fee.
Say hello to the new marketplace
Once you create a product profile, that product is visible to everyone until you delete it and is easily directed to your sales list with a quick link.
Quick support and solution in a short time
Expert teammates who dominate the market places offer you solutions without losing time and your work will not be interrupted.
Provide the highest benefit in a short time
Free products will meet buyers immediately, and will allow you to reach the top quickly.
What is the test videos
TESTMARKET video allows you to gain the trust of buyers
(Videos shot by real users show to buyers the actual size of the product, how it looks, and if it works.)
It broadcasts test videos on TESTMARKET and draws traffic from outside to the sales platform.
(It adds a buy button under the published video and directs it directly to your sales platform.)
It allows you to start an advertising campaign with test videos.
(You can also download the test video and use it in social media ads)
It allows you to improve your products.
(The test video shot by real user reveals if there is a deficiency in the product and it guides you to make the necessary improvements.)
How does it work?
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Get your product in front of hundreds of thousands of shoppers and boost your full price sales
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