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On our platform, you can distribute your products, have them tested, and gain more customers
TESTMARKET is one of the best best amazon keyword services discount websites platform that allows you to jump to the forefront in the market where you sell more products and helps you gain the trust of the buyers by giving you the chance to prove your brand!
How to get started?
Sign up for free and create your company profile.
Create many campaigns, share your free products, and rise to the bestseller list
Get ahead of your competitors as a reliable seller, thanks to customers who take test videos of your products.
Attract more customers to your marketplace by improving your profile page that we have presented to you.
Testmarket is AMZ advertising optimization system.
Main characteristics
Create your own brand for free
Make unlimited campaings
Our supportive team that helps you to reach success
Introduce your brand by min. sum and test videos.
Hundreds of test videos for your products
Controlling the process on just one panel
What is the "Get Free"
There are hundreds of free products for your customers. The primary reason for this is to increase the sales traffic in your marketplace and to keep your brand above other sellers in the categories, and the more products you distribute, the more ad-free your product will be promoted.
What is the "Test Item"
There are special free items chosen by you. The main feature of this is that it allows you to present your products to your customers with test videos on this platform. However, you can use these videos on your other social media platforms, advertise and create your brand with them. You can make sure your potential customers are confident about the quality of your products and win the trust of the buyers.
What Our Client Saying
16.000+ members have already received their rebates! Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying!
Jose Bethancourt
I love shopping on testmarket. Great products for free all you have to do is give your opinion. Do your part and they will pay you. So easy!
Kevin Griffiths
TestMarket has pretty much funded Christmas and also helped me get things that I really needed around the house. I was worried about signing up but figured if I don't get the "rebate," I'll just send the product back. Was pleasantly surprised that it was legit!
Olivia Sacks
Wow what a company. They are so generous whilst at the same time they still maintain contact with you at all times so you know what’s going on. I would highly recommend them and they have really helped me as it’s given me something to look forward to.
Amber Clinton
I have ordered couple of things and got refunded 100%, recommended to my friends too Love this site
Andrea Backer
This is such a great website with a huge selection of products for everyone in your family. I have purchased products and then was refunded the money back to Amazon Gc quickly. Such an amazing company.
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