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All that is required is to be selling products online to the US market! Sign up for free, follow the instructions, and create your unique seller profile in the area reserved for you. You can create as many campaigns as you want and set the limits yourself!

The best way to promote your brand and increase your sales is to reach real users and gain the trust of buyers. TESTMARKET not only allows you to deliver your products to thousands of people but also reveals your product quality by having real users tested with video. It allows you to rise to the top of the marketplaces where you sell in a short time! Besides, TESTMARKET is not only a site where you can distribute products and shoot videos, it is also a unique companion that makes you stand out on social media, shows your products to outside users, shows your videos, and offers you the option to purchase with its unique profile page.

In our system, you can distribute your reputations, have them tested, and have a profile page. All you have to do is create your campaign as a free member. TESTMARKET has your products tested, distributed, added to your profile, and promoted on social media on your behalf. When the buyers receive the product and test it, they give you their order ID, you just need to confirm it within 30 days. The panels required to communicate with the buyers are defined in your account. TESTMARKET receives a service fee of 4.00 USD for each product you distribute, for example, it charges you 40.00 USD for 10 products distributed.    

NO, TESTMARKET does not allow you to request comments from buyers

If you distribute it for 15-20 days by increasing the number of distribution on the next day, you will see that your sales increase. Example: DAY 1) 5 PIECES                 DAY 2) 7 PIECES                 DAY 3) such as 8 PCS

In case of any cancellation, the payment is transferred to the wallet section, when you want to make another campaign, you can pay the fee from the wallet.

TESTMARKET certifies on your behalf.

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