TestMarket - 🔥 Limited-Time Discounts: The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power - 46% Off!

🔥 Limited-Time Discounts: The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power - 46% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 07:07 pm
🔥 Limited-Time Discounts: The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power - 46% Off!
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Title: Well researched and in-depth
Content: Ignore the organised backlash against this book, as evidence in the numerous, similar 1 star reviews being left. This is in-depth, very good reporting, especially on his early years. Last 3rd part of the book (post-2016) is more well trodden ground and less engaging, but the first 2/3rds is great to understand where Thiel came from and how he became a major force within the tech worlds elite. Whenever a member of the establishment elite gets held to account, there is backlash, which is what has happened against this book, which is another sign of why it's important reading.
Title: Very important book on a fascinating new republican king maker
Content: Excellent book although the author has a clear bias towards this new left ideology. Time has also shown Theils contrarian view on the covid response was also alot closer to the truth, the more the press finally reveal. Infact taking the contrarian view on most things that are force fed to us from mainstream media these days seems far closer to the truth, hence the censorship. You only aggressively censor when your covering something up history tells us. With a likely swing to the right after the radical new left have turned everyone's lives upside now it will be interesting to see whether it's the libertarian version of Theil politics or the more frightening controlling power that far right ideologies could bring!!
Title: Non-neutral but informative insight on the most influential individual investor in Silicon Valley
Content: Max Chafkin cannot be faulted for the depth of research undertaken for this book. It is excellent at highlighting the apparent contradictions inherent in Peter Thiel's actions as an investor but which make more sense in the light of his personal libertarian agenda. The book does suffer from taking a doggedly liberal viewpoint with a whiff of sermonising and is dismissive about Thiel's analysis on how to grow start-ups, set out in Zero to One, which seem insightful to me as a venture investor with 30+ years' experience. Worth reading since it does bring out Thiel's contrarian nature in a thought-provoking, if partial, way.
Title: Deep Insight but maybe too much politics
Content: A deep and gripping story of Silicon Valley's sole Republican VC leader. No great secrets of investment success to be found here. Thiel seems to have gotten lucky as much as brilliant. I expected more of the successful start-ups as they grew to powerhouses, but it seems Thiel's life after a few successes focused more on the political than on business. A unique and well-done portrait
Title: A polemic hit job, not a biography, avoid.
Content: I would give this away to a charity shop if i hadn't bought it on Kindel. There is minimal substance or detail on Thiel's business achievements, strategy or contrarian thinking. Mostly the book is a criticism of Thiel's libertarian politics, largely ludicrous attempts to link him to right-wing extremist views with no evidential basis whatsoever. We get pages of details on noname bloggers who supported Ron Paul or the Tea Party yet the reader is given no detail of any links to Thiel. There is a great book out there to be written on a very interesting man. It will not be done by an author such as this, whose own political leanings (and envy) are all the information imparted to the reader.
Title: Fascinating and scary
Content: A fascinating portrait of a conservative kingmaker.

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