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Sale Now On - Advanced Triple Magnesium Complex, 2000mg Glycinate, Citrate
  • 3 SUPERIOR FORMS OF MAGNESIUM - most supplements use a single form of magnesium which reaches saturation fast - we combine 3 forms (magnesium citrate, taurate and bisglycinate) to boost the amount delivered
  • OPTIMISED ABSORPTION - we use fully reacted chelated magnesium, chemically bound to amino acids to enhance absorption (unlike poorly absorbed forms such as magnesium oxide or buffered magnesium)
  • NON-BUFFERED & GENTLE ON THE STOMACH - our fully reacted, non-buffered magnesium is oxide-free so is very gentle on the stomach and does not have a laxative effect
  • MEANINGFUL DOSE - 2 tablets deliver a dose of 262mg elemental magnesium from 2000mg bulk magnesium, for women & men
  • PURE & CLEAN - formulated by nutrition scientists; we only use hypoallergenic ingredients with no unnecessary additives (such as silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate), lab verified, vegan, GMP manufactured in the UK