TestMarket - Unmissable Deal: A War of Loves - Save 31% off on this Essential Read!

Unmissable Deal: A War of Loves - Save 31% off on this Essential Read!

Jun 15, 2024 07:15 pm
Unmissable Deal: A War of Loves - Save 31% off on this Essential Read!
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Title: Candid, clear and scholarly
Content: I found this book compelling and entertaining - the early descriptions of evangelicals as ill-informed and nervous and of liberals as tolerant of anything except perceived intolerance echoed my own experiences as a student. There has long been a need for someone gay to grasp the nettle and talk about homosexuality in a way that doesn't simply expect Christians to jettison two thousand years of Scripture and church tradition, and David's book is informative and honest, and an eye-opener for anyone raised in a heterosexual Christian environment. In many churches, people are afraid to address the issue at all for fear of being thought homophobic. Consequently there is a serious dearth of understanding from a traditionally Christian perspective because it's the subject nobody will raise except to be loudly and awkwardly affirming with little tangible justification. David manages not only to provide solid Biblical foundations for his chosen path, he also has some interesting things to say on the subject of marriage, as well as advocating compassion, friendship and informed understanding towards LGBTQI people. I'm re-reading his book because there's so much in it to mull over and assimilate, and it's given me a new perspective on the issue, Read it whatever your opinions on the subject - you'll emerge with a much better understanding.
Title: Beautiful in personality and complexity
Content: There are a lot of things I love about this book, but I think they are best distillable into two main categories. The first is personality. Bennett's book is largely biographical. It's a window into his experience. You learn about his life growing up gay in a Christian world, his struggles reconciling his faith with Christianity, his forays into alternative spiritualities, his deep and kind and real participation in gay communities. It's a unique and gorgeous account, perhaps made all the better by the fact that it is told by Bennett, who is charming and funny and has this delightful ability to lift you into how he sees the world, and to do so with laughter. I absolutely adore the personality in this book. The other is complexity. I am an academic with a PhD in religion. I have a very keen sense for the real complexity that lies at the heart of the world, and a strong love for stories that do them justice. As engaging as Bennett's stories are, the way he explains issues concerning Side A and Side B gay Christianity and his relationship to them is truly breathtaking. Bennett is currently a student at the University of Oxford, and his brilliance in this regard really shows. He ends up choosing a path of celibacy based on a truly beautiful relationship with the Christian faith. It is not an easy position to hold, as it seems easy for detractors to shuttle him into one oversimplified box or another. But Bennett defends his argument with really high quality argumentation, and gracefully shows us exactly what path he's following in this book and why. This make it an excellent book for anyone interested in queerness (Christian or even otherwise), faith, or what it means to live an intentional path that demands much.
Title: Insight and wisdom on a topic which sees a lot of controversy.
Content: I met this author in Cornwall during August 2022,he was on a discussion panel and I was captivated by his view point, heart for jesus and his honesty so briefly chatted to him afterwards. Davids book explains his personal story on the topic of the fight between being gay and faith. His formative years were protesting against Christianity but later experienced the love of jesus. He recognises God's plan was always for us to have love and unity with jesus. And then a man-woman unity (as opposed to man- man/homosexuality). He shares openly as a gay man, the unfairness of his desires not being met in a traditional way. David speaks about his views of those church denominations who support homosexuality. He champions Side B which means to be a gay Christian man, who ultimately has love for christ and recognising gods desire for him, yet Davids desire for Jesus supercedes his earthly urges and desires. Probably a poor summary of an incredible book. I sped read it over 3 days and is one I will cherish. I am heterosexual but found I identified with many of his points, and left feeling educated and motivated.
Title: Thought Provoking and Humbling
Content: A heartfelt and convicting read. This is a personal testimony that challenges the church and its members to love others better and ultimately, to love our saviour better. This book has also challenged my own interpretation of scripture on homosexuality- gently reminding me that its' authority and not my desire for ease needs to be at the forefront. It has given me a glimpse of what it can look like to lovingly accept without affirm (in a church context) which is something many Christians fail to get right. It calls out mistreatment and judgement on all sides and challenges us to love as Christ would- in the midst of one another's brokenness. Furthermore, A war of loves challenges the pedastal society and the church places romantic love, Eros, on. The concept of marriage as the ultimate goal of human existence and the fulfilment of what it is to be human is called out for what it can and often becomes- an idol. David humbly reminds us that only Christ can truly fulfill the deepest longings for wholeness. And in that sense chosen celibacy needs to be perceived not as a punishment or even a rare calling but as an opportunity to glorify God by sacrificing and giving ones own self in a beautiful demonstration of worship. But this is a book for the whole church- married, single, straight, or gay- through a powerful testimony it draws us to respond to God's calling to lay our burdens at his feet- to truly love one another better, to sacrifice our selfishness, to forgive eachother and ourselves for our brokeness, for our judgement of others, to forgive and surrender and fulfill our calling of imitating and glorifying Christ. For in him we find our most perfect identity.
Title: Amazing story and resource for anyone wrestling with the topic of sexuality in the church
Content: Disclaimer, this is the first time I've ever written a product review. Which hopefully goes to show just how impressed and indebted I am by David's work and story. As someone who's been wrestling with how to approach the questions raised by LGBTQI Christians and the secular world, I've found David's work to be by far the most helpful resource in understanding and addressing these questions. David Bennett's story is challenging, encouraging and thought-provoking. Hopefully, readers of this book will be challenged to better understand and empathize with the challenges faced by the LGBTQI community, but also come to understand that the traditional Christian view of marriage and sexuality is born out of love and God's goodness. No doubt most readers will be offended by David's story and conclusion, but that's exactly why I so highly want to recommend and praise it. If your someone wrestling with this issue, I'd highly recommend you read this book. What makes this book unique is David's passionate commitment to the LGBTQI community and struggle, while also being fully devoted and committed to Christ and willing to follow him no matter the cost. Thank you David for sharing your powerful story and I hope you will continue to become a powerful voice in this extremely important issue.
Title: Ein bewegendes Buch
Content: Ein großartiges Buch liegt jetzt in der deutschen Übersetzung vor. Ich habe damals die englische Ausgabe mit Gewinn gelesen und freue mich, dass der Fontis-Verlag das Buch nun herausgibt. Es ist die bewegende Geschichte eines Aktivisten der homosexuellen Bewegung der unerwartet über die Liebe Jesu stolpert. David Bennett beschreibt seine Erfahrungen, seine Erfahrungen von Diskriminierung und Ablehnung. Es zeigt den tiefen Schmerz und innere Kämpfe, aber auch eine Reise zu Gottes Herzen, die kein Mensch planen konnte. Das Buch lädt ein zu einer Kultur der Barmherzigkeit und Wahrheit. Ich habe tiefen Respekt vor dem Autor David Bennett gewonnen. Dieses Buch hilft die Situation von homosexuellen Christen besser zu verstehen. Es ist ein Ruf an christliche Gemeinden homosexuelle Christen mit offenen Armen aufzunehmen, zu verstehen und zu lieben! Solche Lebensberichte brauchen eine große Verbreitung jenseits gesellschaftlichen und theologischen Gräben.

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