TestMarket - 🌟Exclusive Discount🌟 Lepro BC1 AI Smart Bulb E14 - Up to 15% Off!

🌟Exclusive Discount🌟 Lepro BC1 AI Smart Bulb E14 - Up to 15% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 09:57 pm
🌟Exclusive Discount🌟 Lepro BC1 AI Smart Bulb E14 - Up to 15% Off!
Brand Name: Lepro
Category: LED Bulbs
Seller Name: Lepro UK
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 4775
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Title: Useful burglar deterrent
Content: As I seem to have the worlds most inquisitive neighbour, I mainly bought these bulbs so I could switch on and off whilst away from the home. I can now switch lights in my house on and off at ease with a simple tap on my phone, wherever I am, creating the illusion I’m going about my daily business at home when really I’m out galavanting, flying my kite many miles away 😁. And now, no more nosey interrogation’s from Mr inquisitive. These bulbs work really well. Furthest I’ve used so far, I was 10 mile away from home and was switching the lights on and off in my home via phone. There’s different things you can do in settings which I haven’t really looked at too much yet. I know you can set the dimness/brightness levels, set times for light to come on and go off, there’s different scenic settings as well. At the moment I’m happy just turning the lights on and off while away from the house. Given time I will be exploring and using the different features in settings I’m sure. Being a bit of an old technophobe I was slightly concerned reading some of the other reviews about the setting up and light resetting process. But I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was. Once I installed the free app shown in the advert item video (it’s called, Lepro LampUX) onto my iPhone 11 (I think there’s a different app you can use instead also, called smart life) it was simple enough to set up an account on the app and merely follow the instructions that came with the bulbs, very quick! The video is pretty informative as well.
Title: Fab product
Content: Used this lightbulb in my lamp which I couldn’t access the flick switch for easily when in bed, the bulb was simple to install and set up the app works really well and I’ve been able to share the app with my husband without any issues. The bulb itself is really good, the bright setting is bright- the medium setting is lovely to set a calmer mood and the dimmest setting is a nice night light kind of setting which I used when having to get up and see to my baby. Overall a great product, and best of all comes in a pack of two!
Title: Manual gives the wrong information
Content: I had it for about a week now and they work really well. The colours are not very bright but the normal white light (either cold or warm) is really powerful. One star down because of the terrible manual. It literally tells you to do the wrong thing, making it impossible to install them, causing a lot of wasted time and frustration. Here is what I did that had them paired and working in under one minute: - These lamps only connect to 2.4ghz on your router, which shouldn’t be a problem to anyone, since most routers have both 2.4 and 5ghz frequencies running at the same time. Some are separate and you can see two different names on your wifi list (one with a 2 and one with a 5). Just connect the bulbs using the one with a ‘2’ and you won’t have any trouble. Other routers have only one name and they will, intelligently, switch your connection between the two frequencies depending on where you are in your house. Unfortunately, these smart bulbs are not that smart and they will keep trying to connect to the strongest frequency (the 5ghz one) and thus failing to pair. You have to disable the 5ghz from your router before pairing them. There are lots if YouTube videos explaining ‘how to turn off my router's 5 GHz band’. Just type this into google and the name of your router. It’s done online, via a website accessed with numbers, instead of a regular www address (at least that’s how it was for me). It’s actually very easy and once the bulbs are paired you can enable the 5ghz again. Just don’t panic when your internet shuts down, every time you disable or enable 5ghz. It’s normal and you didn’t ruin internet forever (I though I had). It’s just your computer being knocked off from the wifi. Just reconnect it. - The first step of the manual tells you to ‘switch the light on for at least 10 seconds’, then switch it on and off 3 times. Ignore that. Just switch it on and off 3 times (on, off, on, off, on) and wait for 3 seconds for your light to start blinking rapidly. You might have to do this a couple of times (sometimes it blinks slowly instead, for a different kind of pairing, in this case, do it again). Good luck and have fun!
Title: Excellent product
Content: I’ve used various different smart sockets and bulbs over the years and these are the simplest yet. Really easy to set up and connect to either Google or Alexa, just download and connect to the App first, then link to Google or Alexa. Worked first time, very impressed with the quality and price. Ensure you use 2.4 wifi connection and it couldn’t be simpler. Really liked that they can be warm white or daylight white and can be any brightness of your choosing.
Title: Great smart bulbs
Content: Really good quality smart bulbs, easy to pair with Alexa, and really good quality and value for money.
Title: Not suitable for touch controlled lights
Content: Don’t try to use these on a touch lamp as they do not connect. Very easy to install and use, in spite of other reviews. I was a little sceptical, and tried to use in a touch controlled bedside lamp, and I couldn’t get it to connect. Not the bulb problem, just the bedside lamp. Take your time and follow the instructions. Up and running in no time in an ordinary lamp and very easily controlled by Alexa. Will but more for the guest bedroom.

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  • LightGPM AI Lighting Technology: The Lepro BC1 E14 smart bulb is equipped with LightGPM AI lighting technology. By inputting voice or photo commands through the Lepro+ APP, LightGPM can recommend remarkable AI lighting effects tailored to you.[ Note: Only works with the Lepro+ APP, not compatible with the "Smart Life" APP or "Lepro LampUX" APP. ]
  • Bluetooth Direct Connect: You can directly connect this AI light bulb to the Lerpo+ APP via Bluetooth in seconds, with no connection-related worries. Seamlessly start a smart control of your home lighting via the Lepro+ APP. ( Note: Alexa or Google Assistant are not supported via Bluetooth connection, which only works via a WiFi connection)
  • AI Generated Lighting by Facial Expression Recognition: Lepro E14 smart light bulbs let you experience personalized lighting that matches your mood. Upload a selfie to the Lpero+ app, and the LightGPM AI function will interpret your emotions and recommend lighting effects that correspond with your mood.
  • AI Generated Lighting by Voice Prompt: The Lepro+ APP features an AI voice assistant to control the BC1 smart Bluetooth bulbs. LightGPM's AI analyzes the speech information of instructions, moods, and scene requirements, then controls lights' brightness and colors in seconds, or recommends suitable lighting modes accordingly.
  • LightBeats Music Sync: With advanced algorithms, the dynamic lighting of the colour changing light bulb can sync seamlessly with the music rhythms and highly match the mood, and ambiance of the music. Allows you to experience music not just audibly, but visually and tangibly as well, perfect for parties or dancing with friends. Elevate your senses and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sound and light experience.
  • Endless Color Possibilities: Discover limitless lighting possibilities with RGB smart bulbs. Select from 16 million colors, tunable white, and dimmable brightness, crafting the perfect ambiance for parties, dates, festive decorations, relaxation, and more. (Note: Not work with dimmer switches)
  • Group Control & Device Sharing: With group control, easily manage multiple Lpero smart lighting devices simultaneously, enabling efficient one-touch control. Device sharing allows you to share management permissions of the dimmable small screw Bulb with family members for multiple control.
  • Timer & Smart Wake-up: Automate your smart home lighting by setting lighting timers and daily light routines on the Lepro+ APP. Lepro smart LED candle bulbs come with dedicated wake-up and sleep modes: wake-up lights that incrementally brighten to gently rouse you, and sleep lights that gradually dim to help you unwind and drift off to sleep.
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