TestMarket - Snag Your Discount Today: TECKNET 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Windows/Chrome OS, UK Layout Compact Mini Keyboard - 20% Off!

Snag Your Discount Today: TECKNET 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Windows/Chrome OS, UK Layout Compact Mini Keyboard - 20% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 07:47 pm
Snag Your Discount Today: TECKNET 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Windows/Chrome OS, UK Layout Compact Mini Keyboard - 20% Off!
Brand Name: ‎TECKNET
Category: Keyboards
Seller Name: TECKNET
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 11418
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Title: Easy to use and perfect size
Content: This wireless keyboard is exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for a wireless keyboard to use with my Macbook. The keys are well aligned to my Mac (in the sense that they are the same size and in the same locations so I can still type at my normal speed). They keys themselves are very responsive and nice to use. I haven't had it for long enough to comment on battery life but the fact that it requires batteries and is not one that can be charged is a bit annoying but again it is quite cheap when compared to other keyboards. I also would have liked if it worked over bluetooth completely (ie I did not have to plug in a USB receiver) but again the price makes up for that. It is also quite quick, I haven't noticed any lag when typing and when I switch the keyboard on, I can start using it instantaneously and do not have to wait a few seconds for it to connect to my Mac. Overall a really good keyboard.
Title: Solid, Lightweight Wireless Keyboard That's Comfortable to Type On
Content: I recently ran a Creative Computing class for kids at our church. The class went well, but I was frustrated by having to leave the kids to walk up on stage where the computer was connected to the projector - it broke the flow every time we moved into a demo. For various reasons moving the PC is not realistic, so I decided to try a wireless keyboard. This Tecknet X315 keyboard seems to fit the bill well. Although the keyboard itself is small (285mm x 129mm), the keys are full-size (actually a whisker larger than my main keyboard). They are low profile, low travel island-style keys (travel is only approximately 2mm). I haven't removed the keycaps but I assum there's a scissor-switch mechanism in there - although the travel is short and quite soft, it's positive enough for comfortable touch-typing. It's almost silent to type on. All in all the typing experience is not bad (I spent yesterday using the keyboard as my main input device); comparable to the keyboards found on a decent budget laptop. The keyboard layout is UK, everything where expected - there's obviously no numeric keypad but the layout is clean and the keys are sensibly-marked. Pipe (|), backslash (\), Home, End, PgUp and PgDn are all accessed via a 'Fn' key (between 'Ctrl' and 'Win'), as are the media control keys. The device is surprisingly thin - for the most part it's only 5mm thick, increasing to 17mm for the battery compartment, which also provides a 'slope' to the keyboard which feels about right to type on - and no need to worry about flip-out feet that will break off. The keyboard is thin enough that even well-packed and padded, the courier was able to fit it through my mailbox - a relief as I wasn't in to receive delivery! The weight of the keyboard is 305g including a pair of AAA batteries (NB the batteries are not included) and the USB receiver. The USB receiver has a neat little spot in the batter compartment where it can be safely stored when in transit. The whole setup is so nifty that it just cries to be slipped into a laptop back for 'in case' when travelling - it would do good service as a remote presenter in a pinch. Unfortunately there isn't a little sleeve or protector for it - though I think I might be able to fit it into a large sock while on the road. Range-wise, I was unable to find a spot in my study where it wouldn't work - it even operated through the door with the door closed, and upstairs through the wooden floorboards. Testing at church I found the keyboard to be rocksteady to about 12 metres from the PC on stage. Between 12m and 15m there were occasional dropouts, especially if line-of-sight was blocked by my bod. From 15m-18m it was about unusable, and over 18m I got no keypresses at all. But given that it advertises a 10-metre range and was absolutely flawless out to 12 metres in my testing, I was quite impressed. Practically you won't have a problem with this in a study, living room or even a training room or church setting like mine. I had the keyboard plugged in simultaneously with the PC's wired keyboard, and there was no trouble at all in that configuration, even switching from one to the other. Battery life... the manual suggests 6 months-2 years on a pair of AAAs! I've only had it a couple of days and certainly no troubles as yet. Looks like if I pop in a fresh set at the start of a week-long course I will have absolutely no trouble - and, if travelling, there's no charger to worry about and easy to carry spares. There is an on/off switch on the back so you can turn it off when not in use, but I wouldn't bother this during a training session - the keyboard seems to use very little power while you are not actually typing on it. It would cat-proof your desktop, though. Compatibility-wise I had no problems in Windows and Linux PCs. Setup is as simple as popping in the batteries, plugging in the USB receiver and switching the keyboard on - job done. I have a cheap Android TV box, which had to be rebooted after plugging the USB receiver in - after that it worked fine (I expect this is a problem in the cheap android box, not the Tecknet keyboard). The media keys worked fine in controlling the TV box, as well as controlling volume and media on my Linux desktop, which I wasn't really expecting but which Just Worked(TM). One thing that caught me by surprise is that Fn-F4 is 'volume up' while Fn-F5 is 'volume down', the reverse of what I had expected, resulting in my deafening the kids in a moment of confusion! Nevertheless the little keyboard is so convenient and quiet on the lap that it may well find a permanent place on the sofa armrest. All in all this keyboard has really exceeded my expectations for such a low-cost device, and will end up being used for much more than my original purpose. It's light, quiet, comfortable to type on, portable and has good range. Recommended.
Title: Fantastic keyboard for the price!
Content: The TeckNet 2.4G Wireless Keyboard for Windows/Chrome is a great addition to any workspace, offering a comprehensive solution for both productivity and comfort. First and foremost, the wireless connectivity of this keyboard is outstanding. The 2.4G wireless technology ensures a stable and reliable connection, allowing for uninterrupted typing sessions without any noticeable latency. Whether you're working from a distance or simply prefer a clutter-free setup, this keyboard delivers on its promise of seamless connectivity. In terms of usability, the TeckNet keyboard excels with its well-spaced keys and responsive feedback. Typing feels natural and effortless, thanks to the ergonomic design that promotes comfortable wrist positioning. The keys have a satisfying tactile feel, making long typing sessions a pleasure rather than a chore. Additionally, the keyboard layout is intuitive, with dedicated shortcut keys for common functions, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Compatibility is another strong suit of the TeckNet keyboard. Designed to work seamlessly with both Windows and Chrome operating systems, it offers versatility that caters to a wide range of users. Whether you're using a desktop computer, a laptop, or a Chromebook, this keyboard is up to the task. Durability is a key consideration for any peripheral, and the TeckNet keyboard doesn't disappoint in this regard. Constructed with quality materials, it feels sturdy and built to last. The keys are designed to withstand heavy use, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come. Finally, the sleek and modern design of the TeckNet keyboard adds a touch of elegance to any workspace. With its slim profile and minimalist aesthetic, it complements any desktop setup while taking up minimal space. In conclusion, the TeckNet 2.4G Wireless Keyboard for Windows/Chrome ticks all the boxes for functionality, usability, compatibility, durability, and design. Whether you're a professional who relies on efficient typing or a casual user looking for a reliable wireless keyboard, this product delivers exceptional performance and value. Highly recommended for anyone in search of a top-notch typing experience.
Title: Solved my pc space problems!
Content: Have been looking for a smaller keyboard for my PC as there wasn't much room on my desk with the existing full keyboard. The one by Tecknet seemed to be the one as it wasn't over expensive and the reviews were on the whole good! I have been using the keyboard for a few weeks and it is superb its also wifi connected so i can place it across my knees when typing. The connection is made by placing the wifi connector into a usb port on your computer, the connection is almost instant! The connector is included and is to be found in the battery compartment. A very good buy. Thank you Trev
Title: Funzionale e compatta.
Content: L’ho testata con word di m.s. e tutti i tasti funzionano alla grande. Il feed di pressione dei tasti è piacevole e delicato sempre relativo. Ha un alloggiamento per due pile tipo AAA con pulsante on/off. Costruttivamente il materiale nel complesso è di buona qualità, senza sbavature. Le didascalie sui tasti sembrano durevoli. Per il prezzo direi che li vale ed è onesto. Consigliata? SI
Title: Preis Leistung TOP
Content: Die Tastatur ist absolut Top. Wenn man sich mal die Bewertungen(Rezensionen anschaut, kann man nur mit dem Kopf schütteln. Was die Leute für Ansprüche an einer 20 Euro Tastatur haben, unglaublich. Einer bemängelte das die "Größer als/Kleiner als" Taste jetzt rechts sitzen würde. Er wäre Programmierer, da wäre es wichtig das sie links sitzt. Des Weiteren wäre sie sehr laut und billig. Was für ein Programmierer sieht nicht VORHER das die Tasten die einem wichtig sind, nicht da sind oder versetzt? Vor allem welcher Programmierer kauft sich so ein billig Teil das nur die nötigsten Tastaturen hat? Ich habe auf alles geachtet was mir wichtig war. Zu guter Letzt hat er seine Bewertung von 3 auf 5 Sterne erhöht, da er ALLES was er bemängelt hat, dann doch gut fand, und das er sich jetzt sogar an die Position der "Größer als/Kleiner als" Taste gewöhnt hätte. Aber erstmal Meckern. :( Ein anderer bemängelte allen ernstes, das die Tastatur keinen Nummernblock hätte. :-/ Währe er gewöhnt. WARUM KAUFST DU TRÄNE DANN DIESE TASTATUR ? Des Weiteren bemängelte er: "...ab und an wird ein Tastenanschlag nicht richtig erkannt wenn man die Taste nur sehr leicht drückt, dann fehlt ein Buchstabe". Ach komm, wirklich ? Wenn ich einen Schalter/Taste zu leicht betätige, dann klappt es mit KEINEM Gerät. So ist es halt wenn man etwas zu leicht betätigt, das eigentlich etwas fester gedrückt werden muss damit es funktioniert. Wenn ich nicht ordentlich auf meinen Lichtschalter drücke, geht bei mir auch nicht das Licht an. Das ist aber meine Schuld, nicht die des Herstellers. Ein weiterer bemängelt dass das Plastik zu billig wäre und auch die Tastengeräusche würden sich für ihn "billig" anhören, im Vergleich zu den Logitech und Cherry-Tastaturen. ??? Mir fehlen die Worte. IST HALT NUR EINE 20 EURO TASTATUR ! (Gott, schmeiß Hirn vom Himmel - oder Steine, Hauptsache du triffst) Ein anderer meckerte: "Die Stromversorgung durch zwei AAA Batterien hält kaum mehr als ein Tag. Auf Batterien, die nicht vollkommen aufgeladen sind, reagiert das Gerät überhaupt nicht". Wenn die Batterie wirklich nur einen Tag hält, kann man es zurückschicken. Aaaaber, wie man an seinem Kommi gut erkennen kann, nutzt er Akkus. Wenn Akkus nicht voll geladen sind, gehen Geräte nicht richtig. Genau so als wenn Batterien nicht mehr voll sind. Dazu sei gesagt, was viele bis heute nicht kapieren, ist das es noch immer Geräte gibt, die NICHT mit Akkus betrieben werden können. Denn diese Geräte benötigen die 1,5V. Akkus haben aber nur 1,2V. Und manche Geräte funktionieren dann halt nicht. Ja, es gibt viele Geräte die trotzdem laufen, aber es gibt eben auch welche die NICHT laufen, weil nur 1,2V anstatt 15V. Habe eben diese Rezension gesehen: "Nicht zu gebrauchen, da sie nicht mit aufladbaren Batterien gehen". Genau wie ich es oben schon erklärt habe. Aber dafür kann der Hersteller nichts und es ist KEIN Qualitätsmangel ! Genau dafür gibt es ja die Volt-Angaben. Unterschreitet man diese, funktionieren manche Geräte nicht oder nur fehlerhaft. Hier ein Rezensent, der sich über viele >Dinge beschwert, aber hier mal eine Textpassage: "Anschlagstest: Schrott. Das Ding biegt sich unter kräftigeren Anschlägen durch". LOL...Mein Gott, wie fest Hämmert er da drauf rum ? Ich habe noch NIE eine Tastatur zum durchbiegen gebracht. Eine weitere Textpassage war: "Ausgepackt und erster Eindruck: Billiger, minderwertiger Schrott". JA, IST HALT AUCH NUR EINE 20 € TASTATZUR. Das geht leider immer so weiter. Klar, es sind natürlich auch berechtigte Bewertungen mit dabei, aber manche... (kopfschüttel) Also, ich finde sie echt geil und für 20 Euro echt wertig und gut. Bei mir läuft alles und wenn was passieren sollte, werde ich es noch nachträglich hier einfügen. Ich vergebe 5 Sterne, da ICH eben NICHT erwarte das ich für nur 20 € eine Eierlegende-Wollmilschsau bekomme. Ich weiß, das die Tastatur keine goldenen Tasten hat und wenn etwas nicht geht, dann den Händler oder Amazon anschreiben. MIR hat man bis jetzt IMMER geholfen, mir mein Geld zurück gegeben oder ein neues Gerät angeboten. Von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

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  • 【Energy Saving】This mini wireless keyboard's automatic sleep design allows up to 12 months of battery usage. (based on 2 hours of non-stop use per day) (2 X AAA batteries not included)
  • 【15M Use Distance】Wireless 2.4G technology provides a cable-free connection for the portable keyboard; the flat keyboard boasts a range of up to 15m wireless connectivity
  • 【Quiet Typing】This USB keyboard scissors X structure gives you a comfortable experience, and low-profile keys offer silent and comfortable typing when you use the small wireless keyboard
  • 【14 Shortcut Keys】This wireless mini keyboard is complete with 14 hotkeys. It simplifies your tasks, and says goodbye to mouse clicks and navigation – allows you to effortlessly execute commands
  • 【Plug-and-Play】Insert the 2.4 GHz nano USB receiver (stored inside the battery compartment of the keyboard) into your computer or laptop to use the PC keyboard instantly
  • 【Ultra-Thin and Light】This ultra-thin wireless keyboard is particularly slim(0.4cm) and light(296g) allowing for easy portability into your laptop bag, which is perfect for travel, home or office
  • 【Wide Compatibility】This compact keyboard is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11/10/8/7/2000/XP/VISTA, Chrome OS, Linux, Smart TV, etc.
  • 【Risk-Free Purchase】3-year warranty for a risk-free purchase. (36 Months Warranty for Registered Only) - because we're confident in the quality of the slim keyboard
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