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🔑 Secure Your Belongings with PAIRIER Key Safe Wall Mounted - Limited Offer!
  • [Top Security]:PAIRIER wall-mounted key safe is crafted from advanced rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum and zinc alloys, ensuring robustness that can withstand various forms of tampering such as knocks, sawing, and prying. And the weatherproof cover can protect the box from wind, rain, snow and dust.
  • [More Storage Space]:Our Key lock box doesn't just accommodate a minimum of five household or car keys; it offers additional storage capacity for items such as bank cards, car keys, cash or other small objects.
  • [12-Digit Combination]:PAIRIER key safe lock box uses a 4-12 digit multi combination to ensure robust protection. It's crucial to bear in mind that after each password reset, you must securely photograph or record your code to prevent forgetting.
  • [Easy to Install]:The combination key lock box comes with all necessary installation components, including four screws and four nylon expansion bolts, along with a dual-head screwdriver for convenience. Only 4 simple steps to finish the installation: 1.Drawing screw outline 2.Drilling holes 3.Nail into expanded plugs 4.Install the box by screws.
  • [Wide Application]:Its versatile design suits various scenarios, such as emergency entry, pet sitters, care takers, office, warehouse.Beyond providing temporary access for family members, friends, visitors, maintenance workers, and tenants, it emerges as the ideal solution for keyless entry.