TestMarket - Unlock Your Savings Now - KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, 8 Meters, 50mm², 800Amp Heavy Duty - 25% Off

Unlock Your Savings Now - KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, 8 Meters, 50mm², 800Amp Heavy Duty - 25% Off

Jun 15, 2024 02:35 pm
Unlock Your Savings Now - KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, 8 Meters, 50mm², 800Amp Heavy Duty - 25% Off
Brand Name: ‎K KRIËGER
Category: Jump Leads
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Rating: 4.70
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Title: Battery Jump Leads
Content: Having relied on the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, 8 Meters, 50mm², 800Amp Heavy Duty Booster Cables for an extended period, I can confidently attest to their exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. As someone who values safety and preparedness on the road, these booster cables have been an indispensable tool in my car emergency kit, providing peace of mind and confidence in any situation. One of the standout features of the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads is their heavy-duty construction. These cables are built to withstand the rigors of jump-starting vehicles in all types of weather conditions and environments. The 50mm² copper-clad aluminum wire ensures maximum conductivity and power transfer, while the durable PVC insulation provides protection against damage and abrasion. The generous length of the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, at 8 meters, offers plenty of flexibility and reach, allowing you to safely connect vehicles that are parked at a distance or in awkward positions. Whether you're jump-starting a car, truck, van, or SUV, these cables provide ample length to make the connection without straining or stretching. Another key feature of the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads is their high-amperage capacity of 800Amp. This ensures that even larger vehicles with high-capacity batteries can be jump-started safely and effectively. The cables deliver a strong and stable current flow, allowing for quick and reliable starts, even in challenging conditions. Safety is paramount when jump-starting a vehicle, and the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads are designed with this in mind. The clamps feature strong and durable construction with serrated jaws that provide a secure grip on battery terminals, preventing slippage or arcing during the jump-start process. Additionally, the cables are color-coded with red and black insulation to clearly indicate positive and negative terminals, reducing the risk of accidental short circuits. In terms of usability, the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads are incredibly straightforward. The cables come neatly coiled and packaged in a carrying case for easy storage and transport. When needed, simply uncoil the cables, connect the clamps to the battery terminals, and jump-start the vehicle. The intuitive design and clear labeling make the process quick and hassle-free, even for novice users. Overall, I can highly recommend the KRIEGER Battery Jump Leads, 8 Meters, 50mm², 800Amp Heavy Duty Booster Cables to anyone in need of a reliable and high-performance solution for jump-starting vehicles. With their heavy-duty construction, generous length, high-amperage capacity, safety features, and ease of use, these cables offer unmatched reliability and peace of mind on the road.
Title: Honest review from a mobile mechanic
Content: Being a mobile mechanic I need jump leads that will take a punishment! these certainly hold up well! the length is amazing, metal clamps that actually hold on tight and do the job well. the Anderson connection is strong and not brittle like some. these leads have started vehicles from a 1.2 up to a 4.4 litre with out any issues. I find them best for diagnostics as I have these leads hooked up to 2 auxiliary batteries in the rear. the bag is ridiculous and once they are out of the bag, they ain't going back in again! if your happy with that then I would recommend this product.
Title: Jump leads
Content: Great quality, great length and will last for years
Title: Metal clamps not plastic that breaks
Content: Big, heavy, not too keen on the two cables being joined, but I think you can split them if you want. Plus point is all metal clamps, not weak plastic that snaps over time and makes expensive leads useless. Carrying bag could do to be larger and stronger for the 8m leads, but you can always find something better if you want. Expensive, but supplied from China via America so probably loads of duties and taxes en route. Not many 8m leads out there to choose from and these seem the most reasonably priced. 8m leads is a great idea, park behind the vehicle needing a jump, or back up in front, or be anywhere within the 8 meter range of these leads, a great idea in reality. Not the easiest to get back into the supplied bag, but will probably replace with one of the free Tesco hessian bags they gave me a while back.
Title: Flexible and good quality
Content: Great product and in a strong bag for storing and the clips are fantastic for gripping in awkward situations
Title: Their Tough !
Content: Purchased for a project on a LandRover for a second battery. However, since found out they are way way too heavy duty for what I needed, so I purchased a different set of wires. However, the jump leads appear really well made. The battery clamps are solid and heavily sprung, giving you a really good grip into the battery terminals. The thickness of the core cable is actually very good, approx 6mm in diameter and covered with a sturdy strong plastic coating for insulation. I really like that the positive and negative cable are actually one piece, so no tripping over separate leads everywhere. And they are long, really long. If you can't reach the other vehicle with these cables on your motor, it's a recovery job. I have a old LandRover discovery 2 and the cables are almost twice the length of this. So, I'm going to keep them as they are and use as jump leads. It would have been such a waste to cut them down. If you want jump leads that have a good length and won't get hot, with great grip on the clamps, then these are for you. Definitely a 10/10 stars **********

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  • KRIEGER JUMPER CABLES - 8 Meters, 50mm² booster battery jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery. Ideal for vans, large-size SUVs, full-size cars, mid-size cars, trucks and small/compact cars.
  • TANGLE FREE JUMPER CABLES - 8 Meters length makes it easy to reach from one car battery to another. Copper clad aluminum cables remains flexible even at -40°C.
  • THICK VINYL COATING - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning. Fits both top and side post batteries. Thick vinyl coating for protection against rust and corrosion.
  • INCLUDES TRAVEL BAG - Booster Cable comes with a travel bag for easy transport and compact storage.
  • THE BRAND NAME YOU CAN TRUST - We are here to power your car battery and truck with our booster jumper accessories.
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