TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: MOMAX 120W Universal Travel Adapter with 1 USB-A

Limited-Time Specials: MOMAX 120W Universal Travel Adapter with 1 USB-A

Jun 15, 2024 01:06 pm
Limited-Time Specials: MOMAX 120W Universal Travel Adapter with 1 USB-A
Brand Name: MOMAX
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Title: Good quality, very convenient, excellent output
Content: I travel a few times a year for my job, and of course enjoy a holiday when I can! Over the year I have curated a specific ‘electronics bag’ to power all of my devices…and this ticks all the boxes & replaces multiple items. For years I have carried a slim GAN charger from Anker, which had a 45W PD USB C, as well as 3x USB A - and was my go too for travelling…so long as I had the correct ‘infinity style circle of 8’ mains cable to hand! 9/10 times this would be sufficient. The only issue I had…was 45W PD wasn’t quite cutting it in some cases: My Intel MacBook Pro 16” would struggle to charge when under moderate load (as it can draw up to 87W!) meaning, I’d often leave where I had been charging with just a minor increase in battery. The ASUS ROG ALLY’s battery is definitely its Achilles heel - under the highest loads, an hour is to be expected! And whilst it will run on less than 65W, it doesn’t perform anywhere near its potential. This unit extremely well built and solid - it has sufficient ports and clearly travel orientated, with all its different adapters. 10A fuse is a nice touch for safety
Title: Phone fast charging
Content: I bought this to fast charge my phone whilst away. it is functioning without any problem and charging in a reasonably short period. The extra ports are handy for charging the headset and other devices.
Title: Solid and useful… but a little problematic
Content: I've purchased this to consolidate my travel adapter and laptop charger into one device, and take some weight out of my travel kit. I've gone for the 100W option as it offers plenty of headroom to replace my 61W MacBook Pro charger, while still charging my phone and other accessories at high speed. It has two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports. This seems like a reasonable split. It feels like a substantial piece of kit, and the charging speeds are excellent. It offers the usual choice of UK/Euro/US/Australian pin types, advanced with some nice, chunky spring sliders. Everything works well, and even with four devices plugged it, it doesn't get hot to the touch. No complaints therefore, about the performance or the manufacturing. The only drawback is the size. Generally, I'd call this sort of chunky solidity a plus-point, but it does make it difficult to use. It won't work when sockets are located low on a skirting board, or in a tight, desktop enclosure, because there just isn't enough space to get the device into the socket. Likewise, the sheer mass of it means that, when using US-style two-pin sockets, there's a tendency for the weight of it to drag it out of a socket – usually solved by wedging a couple of books underneath. For me, the former means it's largely useless: if I can't rely on it to work everywhere, then I can't take it anywhere.
Title: Must have when you go travelling
Content: Amazing product and great quality. Only watch out is that it is a bit heavy so can fall out of some sockets! I suppose that’s the price you pay for power charging
Title: Does Not Output 120W
Content: I've tested this product extensively and the performance is very poor. The two main negative points are: 1) It does NOT output 120W on any of the USBC ports. I have an Anker 140W power bank which displays the output of the power brick charging it. USBC1 outputs 18W and USBC2/3 outputs 53W. Contrast that to my 60W Anker GaN charger which outputs 59W, and my 100W UGreen GaN charger which outputs 91W. A maximum output of 53W is an absolutely unacceptable performance. 2) It's heavy, which normally wouldn't be too much of an issue, but because all the pins are at one end it makes the brick very unbalanced in some outlets. When I plugged it into a horizontal USA-type outlet and the brick twisted and hung at a 30 degree angle on the wall. I do not recommend this product.

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  • 【All-in-one World Travel Adapter】MOMAX universal travel adapter has built-in US/JP/CN, AU, EU, UK sockets, covering more than 150 countries worldwide. This means that a tiny adapter can solve all the problems of converting plugs during your journey. Effectively save your time, space and money.
  • 【Total Output Up to 120W 】The 120W travel adapter worldwide is designed for rapid charging of your smartphone, tablet, and USB-C laptop while on the go. Its USB-C port boasts a maximum power output of 100W, enabling your iPhone 15 Pro to charge up to 88% in just 30 minutes.
  • 【5-in-1 travel adapter worldwide】1 AC output, 3 USB-C Port + 1 USB-A Port can meanwhile charge more than 5 devices and all in one design can meet all your charging needs. Capable of delivering a maximum power of 1100W at 110 voltage or 2500W at 250 voltage, this travel charger ensures efficient and reliable charging wherever you are.
  • 【Advanced GaN Technology】GaN technology shrinks the size and density of the adapter while boosting charging efficiency. Thanks to its advanced features, including a built-in multi-protection system and high quality microchips, this universal power adapter outperforms traditional silicon chargers with faster charging speeds, lower temperatures, and higher overall efficiency.
  • 【Multi Safety Protection】International plug adapter system features a sturdy structure for enhanced safety. Constructed from fireproof PC material, short-circuit protection, Over-voltage protection and more to keep the connected devices charging safely.Built-in child anti-electric security door and 10A overload dual fuse dual protection ensure the safety of children and reduce electrical damage.
  • 【Important Notes】This adapter is not a voltage converter. It is only compatible with devices with power less than 1250W. Before you use this product, please check travel power adapter supported by your device.
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