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🔥 Grab the Hottest Deals Today Only! Get Fit Air Bed With Built In Electric Pump
  • Integrated Headboard: The Built-in Headboard gives your air bed extra back support when lounging, and its pillow stopper keeps your pillows from falling when sleeping. The Get Fit air mattress makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a traditional mattress – you’ll forget you’re on an air bed. Its soft and velvety surface doesn’t make any squeaking sounds when moving, so it won't disturb your children’s sleep. Its 21 individual air-coils help distribute weight and provide a balanced surface.
  • Easy to Inflate: It’s vital to have a comfortable bed to lie down in after a long day – this comfort is vital for your wellbeing. Get Fit is a great choice for all-around consistency. Its easy-to-use plug-in electric pump inflates the air mattress to your preferred firmness in a matter of minutes. The mattress's built-in pump inflates to your desired firmness for a comfortable sleep. The pump will automatically shut off as soon as the air mattress has reached your desired level of inflation.
  • Durable, So You Can Bring It Anywhere: The Get Fit air mattress comes with a soft waterproof flocked top layer and a built-in headboard. It is also designed with multilayer extra thick, puncture-resistant eco-friendly PVC material to ensure that it withstands the rough treatment of the great outdoors. Bring this tough air bed anywhere – it’s great for home sleeping, camping, and picnics. It is also perfect for your overnight friends, allowing your friends to enjoy a good night's sleep.
  • Compact Design: Thanks to its compact and easy-to-use design, the Get Fit air mattress allows for hassle-free set up when you need it. It’s great for guests, camping trips, moving to your dorm, or for using yourself at home. An air bed is a great portable option for a variety of circumstances, turning any space into a comfortable extra bedroom, making it a versatile product. It also includes a travel-friendly carrying bag for easy packing and transportation, so take it with you on the go.
  • Includes Free Pillow: The Get Fit Air Mattress comes with a special bonus - 1 soft inflatable pillow that complete your portable sleeping set-up. They provide optimal head and neck support for comfort throughout the night – you’ll feel like you’re in your own bed. An excellent choice for small spaces, as it can be conveniently folded up, then taken back out when it’s time for bed. The single-size inflated dimensions are 99x196x53cm.