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Secure Your Deal: Folkulture Incense Sticks - Set of 6 (120 Sticks) for Relaxation - Save 15% Off!
  • Summer Vibes- The fragrances of these incents sticks have enriching healing properties. The calming effect of insents sticks can heal physical ailments and help in emotional balance.
  • Value Pack with Longetivity - These insents have a burn time of 45 minutes and come with 120 incense sticks in the pack. This value pack of incent sticks does not emit black smoke.
  • Perfect Gift - Invite tranquility into your home with this incense sticks multipack, that will heal your mind, body, and soul. These scented sticks make for ideal witchy gifts for housewarmings, thanksgiving, Christmas and all other special occasions.
  • Fragrance Note - This insence pack has a beautiful blend of woody and musky fragrances. Be it in the meditation room, or office spaces and bed room these incessant sticks impart an aromatic scent and a sense of calm.
  • Incense Collection - Folkessence by Folkulture brings you Incense sticks as the latest addition to our collection of Incense holders and Incense trays. Supplement our inscense sticks with insencens holders for a wholesome and unique experience.