TestMarket - Up to 43% Off! EarFun Wireless Earbuds with 4 Mics ENC - Limited Time Offer!

Up to 43% Off! EarFun Wireless Earbuds with 4 Mics ENC - Limited Time Offer!

Jun 15, 2024 09:57 am
Up to 43% Off! EarFun Wireless Earbuds with 4 Mics ENC - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: EarFun
Category: In-Ear Headphones
Seller Name: EarFun UK
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 6988
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Title: Love these!
Content: These are great value. I bought a couple of pairs of these a while ago for my kids as a budget alternative to Apple AirPods. I borrowed my son’s and I was so impressed by the sound quality I bought myself a pair too. They fit my ears far better than AirPods and don’t fall out at all - which AirPods seem to do all the time (especially when I’m running) and because of how well they fit, these block out external sound far better (they’re not noise cancelling, but the rubber ear tips do a great job of creating a seal in your ear to block out external sound). Unlike AirPods they can only connect with and remember one device at time. But reconnecting is very easy with the button on the charge case. They hold their charge really well and last a long time. I have no reason at the moment to doubt the 35+ hour claim on the box, but I’ve come no where near testing them for this long. Sound is good, although I actually find them a bit too bassy with some tracks - but this only makes me lower the volume, which can’t be a bad thing.
Title: Excellent sound, pretty decent
Content: (I've updated this review twice, eventually arriving at 5 stars - see the updates at the end) Firstly, these buds have excellent sound for the price. They're not quite as well rounded as the audiophile type headphones, but they are really very, very good. They're certainly plenty good enough for a run around the block, or the commute to work. The sound isolation by virtue of being an earplug design is good, but I can still hear enough around me to be situationally aware. The charge case is nice too - and seems to provide plenty of power for a good long time. The buds are held in by a little magnet so there's a clear "in" and "out". The stalks go into two deep holes which have springy contacts in them for charging. Those holes are possibly a problem if some fluff gets in there, or if you need to clean the contacts. There are some wrinkles though - hardly surprising given the price. Firstly, skipping tacks, pause/resume, adjusting the volume etc all require a number of "taps" with a finger in a particular ear. This is okay, but it's prone to problems mis-counting the number of taps you intend. If your finger doesn't go right onto the bud, it may not be counted, if you go too quick, it may not be counted, if it's a Tuesday, it may not be counted... you get the idea. This has lead to more than a few pauses when I wanted to skip, volume when I wanted to pause and I've lost count of how many times it's told me it's switching to "game mode" (which is missing a consonant, so sounds more like "gay mode"). Also, when putting the buds back into the charger, sometimes things don't work right. First it was the left one, now the right - when I put them in, sometimes they charge (and disconnect bluetooth), sometimes they just stay there. If the latter, then they'll eventually run out of battery, and re-connecting them to bluetooth seems overly hit-and-miss. Some days it takes several attempts to get both ears to work at the same time. When this first happened, I contacted Earfun, who it's fair to say were great. They told me to clean the contacts (not so easy down the bottom of the tube in the charger), and push hard and whatnot. On that occasion it worked, but subsequent times it's been a lot less successful. My guess is the actual buds get themselves in a mess and don't start to charge/disconnect when they should, and so need some "resetting" to make them behave. The little LED on the buds sometimes does some very weird things, and sometimes the buds seem to try to talk but garble instead. There's no reset button (or apparently a way to switch them off/on or whatever), so getting them back to themselves isn't always easy. Sometimes you just have to let them run out of battery and then recharge them to get them to work. This all smells of a software problem on the buds (not upgradeable), so I hope Earfun can sort it for a subsequent model. All in all though, these are great, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a decent set of buds (and Earfun themselves look to be good). The problems with them are very annoying but not a show-stopper (for me at least). Not quite "apple" yet, but then they're like a 10th of the price. UPDATE: Earfun have got in contact to smooth over the above (was a 3 star review). Adding a star because that's unexpected from them, is above and beyond what I'd ever reasonably expect and another clear plus point for these buds. Update 2: (Moved up to 5 stars) Earfun replaced the old with the newer model (the one with app connectivity, and it comes with a little cleaning stick). The app is plenty good enough (probably won't need it more than once or twice), and thankfully doesn't need you to register to use it. I've more or less left my buds as 'default', except to turn off Game Mode. The app provides a way to update the earbuds firmware, so I guess this is a way for Earfun to improve what they can without needing to replace the hardware. Further, the actual buds work better than before. The finger touch thing seems more 'definite' than before, so a lot less pauses when I meant skip, or whatever. They seem to pair with my watch more reliably than before too, and so far have charged flawlessly. Earfun seemed to think previous problems were with dirty contacts, and have provided a little cleaning stick this time, so time will tell if that's still a problem here. So far, the buds seem to disconnect and charge as they ought to, so I don't expect random 'battery low' issues (the app can tell you the charge of each bud too - if you need such a thing). All in all then, 5 stars as they sound great, work well and are at a price you can't beat. Earfun service has been excellent too.
Title: Incredible audio and finish quality for the price
Content: Not going to discover anything with my review that has not been discussed previously in others but hope it helps you to invest the little money that this earbuds cost and enjoy them. I'm the kind of headphones user that has resisted forever switching into wireless technology, my in ear and over ear needed to be wired, it has took me a long while to realise that in ear headphones of quality can beat or be close to high end headphones With the above in mind, first what I like: - Very surprised on the sound quality, is quite a pleasure listen to some music on them and except maybe for some definition I can't fault them against my older RHA and other IEMs - They are comfortable and fit me quite well, although of course your mileage can vary but are much better than my gf expensive Sony that are in danger or falling all the time - No issues with the mics, they simply work well on varied conditions - Happy with battery life, I have not felt them to be lacking the expected endurance - Again price vs value is top notch! What I don't like: - The touch control are really difficult to use and get consistent repeatable results from them. Making the feature more of a nuisance than useful. Not to mention how many times I stop playback or change something while repositioning the earbuds in my ears. - Although bluetooth signal strength is good, there are many occasions that the earbuds loose connection asymmetrically or reconnect all together. Again this issues and conditions are not repeatable. Sometimes happens more when you are really close to the device rather than at distance on a busy environment. This is probably the most problematic issue, that some people have reported to be a fault on their units.
Title: A fantastic set of earbuds
Content: Fit so well and sound so good. Easy set up. For the price you can’t go past.
Title: Frequently disconnects one ear at random
Content: **UPDATE** The supplier sent me a new pair, and after a couple of weeks of testing I haven't experienced the same issue. So, I change my review to reflect that I'm really happy with the product. Sure, it has some quirks like very sensitive touch controls, but all in all they're excellent for the price. I bought these as a similarly-priced replacement for my old Skullcandy Jib True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds which gave up the Ghost. I really enjoyed the initial experience and they are very comfortable with good sound...however the left ear often, and randomly, declares "Disconnecting!" out of the blue, and then both ears go silent for a second, and then play resumes. I have been unable to troubleshoot it. I'll give it another week or so and then probably return them. The battery life is ok. Putting them back in the dock doesn't always stop what was playing.
Title: Great value
Content: Pros: Great sound and good quality especially for the price point + wireless charging Cons: size both charge case and buds are pretty bulky. Microphone pickup volume is not great. All up makes this in my opinion as good as the first gen AirPods (comparison in photos) at a much cheaper price point.

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  • 👍Daily Mail RECOMMENDED👍&🥇What Hi-Fi AWARDS & iF Design AWARDS WINNER🥇 : "If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, you can’t go wrong with the EarFun Air earbuds." As What Hi-Fi Best Earbuds winner, EarFun Air wireless earbuds produce impressively awesome sound, features dual 6mm composite drivers and PEEK + PU high fidelity dynamic drivers that deliver deep, resonant bass with an authentic treble to match, ensuring you feel the pure music and calls with outstanding clarity from here!
  • 💦IPX7 WATERPROOF PATENT—Sweatshield💦: Not just ordinary IPX7 waterproof! EarFun Air Wireless Earbuds has our own waterproof patent—Sweatshield. Most of the earphones on the market use Nano-coating waterproof, which is easily corroded by sweat. EarFun adopts SweatShield technology, which means our earbuds can be submerged into about 1 meter of water for about 30 minutes, and the fully enclosed waterproof structure is completely isolated from sweat, making it truly sweat-proof and waterproof.
  • ✅CRYSTAL CLEAR CALLS with 4 MIC ENC NOISE CANCELLING✅: EarFun wireless earbuds are equipped with 4 enhanced mics to passively cancel 80% background noise so you and the caller can hear each other better. During call-handling, both your voice and the caller’s is clear, and the driver housings respond perfectly to your touch when accepting or declining calls, without the need to dig out our phone. Put on our wireless earbuds bluetooth, get rid of your hands, enjoy your self-absorbed moment!
  • 💯ERGONOMIC DESIGN & ON-THE-GO CONTROLS💯: Better experience comes with better design. The wireless earbuds come with four sizes of soft silicone ear tips for extra comfort and passive noise blocking - no matter how much you shake your head or jump up and down. Besides, you can conveniently manage common functions for music and calls right from these wireless earbuds with your phone remaining in your pocket, like pause music, adjust volume, and take or end calls.
  • 🎶UP TO 35 HOURS WHOLE DAY PLAYTIME🎶: The wireless earbuds deliver an impressively long battery life of 35 hours. And listen for up to 6 hours on a single charge. If the Bluetooth headphones are running low, a quick 10-minute USB charge or wireless charge gives you up to 2 hours of playtime, give you all day long playing! NOTE: please dry the earbuds before you put them back into the charging case. Sweat or water on the earbuds might cause short circuit and damage the product during charging.
  • ❇️GAME MODE & SINGLE EARBUD OPTION❇️: Game mode with low latency of 100ms brings better game and video experience, making the game video sound more smooth. With single earbud option setting, either earbud can be automatically paired to your device for independent use to satisify all kinds of your needs. NOTE: Turning on the game mode will shorten the connection distance. We suggest you turn off the game mode when you use the earbuds for music.
  • ❗NOTE❗: [1] Before trying the earbuds, please kindly remove the insulating film on the earbuds first. [2] EarFun Air is NOT the ANC earbuds. If looking for noise-cancelling earbuds, please search our other model: EarFun Air Pro 2, Air S, Air Pro 3 and Free Pro 2.
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