TestMarket - ✨Donerton Wireless Ear Buds - 60% Off - Hurry, Limited Stock! ✨

✨Donerton Wireless Ear Buds - 60% Off - Hurry, Limited Stock! ✨

Jun 15, 2024 03:35 pm
✨Donerton Wireless Ear Buds - 60% Off - Hurry, Limited Stock! ✨
Brand Name: Donerton
Category: In-Ear Headphones
Seller Name: Donerton-Direct
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 18316
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Snag your exclusive discount on the Donerton Wireless Ear Buds today! Experience 140H Playtime with the latest Chipset 5.3 technology, HiFi Stereo sound, and CVC8.0 Noise Canceling. Featuring a built-in mic, LCD Display, and USB-C charging case. Don't miss out on saving 30£! Shop now for the lowest price of 19.99£. Hurry, claim yours now before it's gone!

Title: Donerton i09 Earbuds have truly elevated my audio experience & has emergency reverse charging too!
Content: Donerton i09 Wireless Earbuds have truly elevated my audio experience. The standout feature is the sleek charging case with a battery percentage display. This small but invaluable addition ensures I'm always in the know about the remaining power, preventing any unexpected interruptions. The earbuds' design is visually appealing and ergonomic, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The purple finish adds a touch of sophistication, making them a stylish accessory. The attention to detail extends to the touch-sensitive controls, which are intuitive and responsive, adding to the overall user-friendly experience. In terms of audio quality, the Donerton i09 earbuds deliver a rich and immersive sound experience. The bass is punchy, the mids are clear, and the highs are crisp, making them a joy to use for various activities, from workouts to casual listening. The noise isolation is commendable, creating a cocoon of sound for an undisturbed experience. Pairing the earbuds is a breeze, and the wireless connectivity is reliable. The extended range allows me the freedom to move around without worrying about signal dropouts. The touch controls make it easy to manage calls, adjust volume, and control music playback, adding a layer of convenience to my daily routine. Battery life is a significant highlight. The earbuds themselves provide substantial playtime, and the charging case extends that even further. The ability to check the battery percentage on the case at a glance is a game-changer, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring I'm always prepared. Another feature of the case is the ability to reverse charge another device so you can use it as a mini power bank if say your phone is low on charge which might be useful in an emergency situation. In conclusion, the Donerton i09 Wireless Earbuds with the battery percentage display case offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. From the elegant design to the impressive audio quality and user-friendly features, these earbuds have become an indispensable part of my daily life. If you're in search of a reliable and stylish audio companion, the Donerton i09 should be on your shortlist.
Title: Playtime lasts almost eternity
Content: I've had plenty of previous earbuds and this one has the longest playtime without recharge it. I use at gym daily for 2- 3hr session and plays for several more hours. It's recharge pod also recharges quick and can charge for at least 10x full charges without having to recharge the pod itself. The sound quality is pretty good but not the best as it can't be changed to bass, rock, pop etc but it's decent quality for the price. Definitely value for money. I think I got it at 70% discount. That's a bargain.
Title: Works well
Content: Good value for the money they work well and get a decent sound from them and they noise cancel well
Title: One word! WOW!
Content: I listen to a lot of audiobooks at night and in bed to help me drift off to sleep. I'm a side sleeper so headphones are out, and I'm always worried about wires. I've had several set of wireless earbuds this year, but they have either not gripped my ears properly, or have been uncomfortable. With some of them the touch control are so sensitive that when I've been putting them in or taking them out I've caught them and either reset the book or jumped chapters, These have excellent on every front, even a friend who uses Apple buds was impressed. These fitted perfectly and sat in the upper cavity of the ear so I could lie with my head on the pillow with no discomfort. They are easy to get hold of to put in and take out without catching the button on the outside, which was a huge bonus. And I know this shouldn't have made a difference, but the changeable rubber buds actually gripped my ears better. I have a shallow cavity in one ear so other buds constantly fall out, but i put the small tip on this one and it grips perfectly, so much so it actually makes a light popping sound when I take it out and it releases. The battery life has outstripped all my others. When you pop the buds back in it shows the battery level of each bud and the charge level of the case. I use them all night every night, my player turns off after an hour so when I fall asleep I don't have to go back too far to pick the story back up, and the bud turns itself off when it's not receiving a signal; so whereas my old buds would be flat by morning, these are still around 80% charged. In fact it was a month before I recharged the case even though it was stil showing a 54% charge. Anyone looking for a budget range of bluetooth ear buds would be worth giving these a try. They are comfortable, the sound quality is superb, the build quality is excellent and well thought out and the battery life is amazing.
Title: Very comfortable
Content: Good quality. Sound good. Can be a bit awkward to remove from the case. One charge lasts several days.
Title: The creators forgot to mention this...
Content: The creators forgot to mention: The case has a USB port, which let's it turn into a power bank as well as carrying and charging your earbuds! The case can store up to 2600mAh, which is about a whole half of my phone's charge, but the earbuds are spelled at 60mAh, meaning you can charge both earbuds a total of 21 (+1/3) times, assuming no power is lost. Though the case does not wirelessly charge, it can manage power sharing both ways, making it perfect for travel! Reviews on microphone quality seemed to be about a 50/50, one person liked it and another person didn't l. However, I have perfect pitch and I haven't seen a difference between the earbuds' microphones and my phone itself, which is a good sign. Though I was also skeptical about the audio quality when I first put them on because the pairing sounds were really distorted, when I loaded up an app the sound was better than my other set of wireless earbuds, which really surprised me. For a second, I thought I wasn't wearing the earbuds to watch TikTok, and they're also very light and way more comfortable so I didn't even feel them on. I would agree that the audio quality is good, but the noise canceling could use some serious work. I slapped my table to test it, and I heard it at about 50% volume, as compared to my other earbuds where I could barely hear it at all. Other than battery and audio, the hand gestures also seemed to be controversial in the reviews. Though my ears stick out a bit and I'm not sure if that affects it, I feel like the finger sensors are really comfortable when pressing them, and they have not false triggered on me yet. The earbuds also don't randomly mute, like most brands when attempting to save power. And if power was a concern, I used them for about half an hour straight and they were still at 100% battery, without a charge from the case. I'm surprised about the quality of these earbuds, and I'm happy I didn't spend $200 on Galaxy Buds or Pixel Buds. These earbuds are the best. Thank you! EDIT: The noise canceling is intelligent noise canceling. That means that people talking and loud disruptive vibrations are muted, but noise next to you or nearby is not muted. Amazing to see this kind of noise canceling on such a cheap earbud! I don't know what kind of machine learning is at play, but Google voice recognition almost never worked when I spoke different languages on my S21 ultra, but now it works flawlessly with just about anything I say. The earbuds cannot fall out of your ears on accident, it's like they're glued in. Also, I used the earbuds for 2 hours and they finally dropped to 90%, then the case charged them to 100% and only lost about 2% in the process. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone! And for those wondering, the case is 2600mAh and each earbud is 60mAh, meaning the case can charge the earbuds a total of 21 times. It can even charge your phone to 50% and still charge the earbuds once. There's even double bass inside each earbud! I'm surprised, but when I put them on and listened to some music, I thought at first I was at the concert itself, since the sound quality was even better than my home speaker on my computer. If I could, I would not give this 6 stars. I'd take every single star from every other earbud and put it on this one. ♾️⭐️

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  • 140h playtime and charging case: a single charge gives you a full 6 hours of listening, and the included charging case provides an additional 23 charges, giving 140 hours of total playtime. the wireless headphones is equipped with portable charging box.
  • Chipset 5.3 and 6d stereo sound: adopt the Chipset 5.3 technology to ensure a stable and fast connection. with high resolution decoder built in and aac/sbc audio coding technology, both speed and range in communication have dramatically improved. by improving communication problems of conventional Wireless earphones and minimizing sound skipping and interruption, you can enjoy music comfortably even in the bustle of the city.
  • LCD display and type c charging cable:the lcd display can show the power status of the charging case , so you can easy to know the remaining power, lets you know the current power status of your wireless earbuds and charging case anytime anywhere. adapting type c charging cable is convenient for you to charge the case without replacing any other usb cable.
  • ip7 waterproof and ergonomic design: with ip7 waterproof technology, the sports headset can easily resist sweat, water and raindrops. Wireless earbuds endowed with ergonomic design hence attach into your ears seamlessly and brings extraordinary comfort and secure fit that apart from others. this Wireless headphones are perfect for sports, fitness, running, hiking, yoga, travelling, driving or other outdoor activities.
  • automatical pairing and touch control: open the charging box, will seamlessly pair to your Wireless devices automatically after one time pairing, without any extra operation, don’t need to pick up the headsets, just a few seconds you can enter the wonderful world of music. The touch button can help you easy to achieve multiple functions, include control media and calls, track forward / back, play / pause, volume+/-, voice assistant enable and answer / reject calls.
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