TestMarket - Exclusive Savings for You - ThermoPro TP357 Bluetooth Hygrometer & Thermometer - 15% Off!

Exclusive Savings for You - ThermoPro TP357 Bluetooth Hygrometer & Thermometer - 15% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 08:35 pm
Exclusive Savings for You - ThermoPro TP357 Bluetooth Hygrometer & Thermometer - 15% Off!
Brand Name: ThermoPro
Category: Hygrometers
Seller Name: ThermoPro UK
Rating: 4.40
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Unlock exclusive savings with this limited-time offer on the ThermoPro TP357 Room Thermometer! Monitor humidity levels with ease using the smart app and data recording feature. Perfect for baby rooms and offices. Don't miss out on this 15% discount, saving you 4.36£. Claim yours now!

Title: Small, accurate and useful information to have about house
Content: I started with 2 of these, one in lounge (magnet attaches to black surround on fire place, so no one notices it’s there, and one attached to side of kitchen clock (magnetically). Wife was always saying it was cold, so wanted to know exact temperature! But we dry washing in spare room with heated towel rails and a dehumidifier, which is con, but expensive. But, before hanging washing out, humidity upstairs and down, 39. Hang washing out and humidity in spare room shots to 54! So, it is a perfect indicator of when you can turn dehumidifier off, when it’s set on Laundry setting. You may be able to do this, with an automatic humidity setting, but this is a perfect and convenient method of knowing the humidity is same upstairs and down, and that the dehumidifier can be switched off. As I saw, humidifiers have auto settings, and I use this function in a holiday home, but this gives you far more control, if you have a couple for comparison. I have just bought 2 more, for the outside storage area and bedroom. Very useful if you are using expensive to run dehumidifiers or heating, and want exact readings rather than trusting to thermostats. Bluetooth perfect, range to too if 3 floor house. Takes one AAA battery. The app is beyond easy to use, and lets you name each location where you place them, I.e., Lounge, Spare Room, Shed.
Title: Excellent product
Content: Really good. I use it to tract the temperature in my bearded dragon enclosure. It connects instantly, downloads the latest data to the easy to use app which produces graphs. Such good value and does a fab job. Can only recommend
Title: Cool. But tiny.
Content: Nice little gadget. Certainly does the trick and has great info from all round the house. But. It’s tiny and I struggle to read it from the floor! Gadget on floor. Not me 😊
Title: easy to use
Content: We started with one of these a while ago as we have a greenhouse and wanted to see how cold it got at night (when we are asleep) and this seemed perfect as it can display records for the last 24hrs, week or year. We started using it around the house out of curiosity and found it so useful we have 3 of them around the house so we can see what is happening in different areas and also how certain factors affect the temperature in the house such as how much does having the dryer on heat up the rest of the house. Does the house stay cooler in the summer if we keep certain windows/doors closed or open. How accurate is our heating thermostat etc. We did have various items with a temperature readout on them which we had tried previously, with wildly varing results and they obviously only tell you what the temperature is when you look at them and using these are just so much easier and effective as well as accurate. You soon realise that something with a temperature guage is usually bad for getting anywhere near an accurate temperature. One digital temperature device for example would only move form 20C if the temperature changed by 3-4C which we had suspected as it only change from 20C if it seems really cold or really hot and we weren't sure if it was just a perception thing. We used it for example to test how effective our portable air con unit is and how large a space it can cool effectively. It can cool a room effectively and quickly and if we leave it on for around 4-5 hours it will additionally cool a whole floor by around 0.5C. After some experimenting we discovered that using a secondary fan to cycle the air from the room being cooled to the rest of the floor it can effectively cool the room it is in and also cool the whole floor by around 1C in about 30 minutes. Using these we also showed ourselves how the human body adapts to longer term temperature change and also why things like heat pumps won't work in real life applications. We often used to wonder if our boiler thermostat was faulty as we usualy have it set at 20C yet in the colder winter days it always felt cold and we would have to turn it up. The thermostat is fine, it always keeps the house at the set temperature, it is just in the winter the human body feels colder and the temperature needs to feel warmer for us to feel comfortable.
Title: Ok for the price. No Alexa or WiFi
Content: The thermometer/hygrometer is small and, depending on where you position it, unobtrusive. The screen is not backlit. It is connected to my phone by Bluetooth so it isn't possible to check the temperature or relative humidity when I'm away from home. It isn't possible to link it to Alexa. I prefer the Aqara sensor because it can be used with Alexa and it's even less obtrusive. But at £10 the ThermoPro is good value and does the job adequately.
Title: Excellent
Content: Brilliant device and brilliant app. Nice and compact, piece of cake to set up, strong signal, great value.

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  • High Accuracy and Fast Refresh: Bluetooth thermometer with smart temperature and humidity sensor is highly accurate for both temperature and humidity readings. The temperature is accurate to ±0.5°C while humidity is ±2%RH. Temperature and humidity meter are updated every 10 seconds to keep you informed of the latest changes in the air conditioner
  • Up to 80m Bluetooth Remote Range: Room thermometer nursery contains an enhanced Bluetooth Technology to produce a stable, reliable 80m/260ft Bluetooth remote range (no obstructions) to ensure you'll always have full home coverage
  • Face Icon Comfort Indicators: Indoor thermometer for home features face icons comfort indicate DRY/COMFORT/WET air conditions in an easy to understand format and allow you to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier accordingly
  • Smart APP with Alerts: Set a temperature gauge range via the ThermoPro Sensor and instantly receive a phone notification if the temperature or humidity monitor levels fall outside of your range, allowing you to quickly react to make necessary adjustments
  • Up to 1 Year Free Data Storage: Home temperature monitor displays an easy to use smart thermometer graph with Maximum 1 year time period so you can analyze your home's historic temperature and humidity data.
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