TestMarket - Today Only! Duronic Hot Plate HP2 BK - Up to 15% Off - Shop and Save Now

Today Only! Duronic Hot Plate HP2 BK - Up to 15% Off - Shop and Save Now

Jun 15, 2024 04:20 pm
Today Only! Duronic Hot Plate HP2 BK - Up to 15% Off - Shop and Save Now
Brand Name: ‎Duronic
Category: Hot Plates
Seller Name: DURONIC
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 5877
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Get Your Exclusive Savings on Duronic Hot Plate HP2 BK, Table Top Cooking - Limited-Time Discount of 15% - Old Price: £49.99, New Price: £42.49 - Save £7.50 - Act Fast! This double hob features 2500W black steel electric hob with handles and 2 cast iron portable hob burner rings. Don't Miss Out on this Flash Sale Alert! Hurry before it ends!

Title: Excellent for camping.
Content: Bought this to use as a replacement to my gas hob when camping. Great performance and cooks really well. Easy to clean and cools down fast.
Title: Just hot hot hot
Content: We have now removed our oven and only use a large air fryer and this hot plate. It’s perfect, well made and easy to move around using the large handles. The plates get HOT really quickly and heats the pan/pot fast. It’s easy to control and big enough for two medium sized pots. Bin the oven, move to the dark side!
Title: Very good twin electric hub...; but, won’t necessarily last, forevermore...! ;-)
Content: This is not the first one I’ve brought...I would say, I buy a ‘new’ one anything between: 3-6 months. What, usually, tends to happen is...one of the hobs, all of a sudden, ‘stops’ working...which is, usually, the small hub...as you may imagine it’s very highly inconvenient having to cook using only one hub, alone; and, therefore, having to constantly switch around different pots. Then, eventually, the big hob ‘stops’ working, too. At that point, of course, you have no other choice but to throw the no longer working kitchen appliance out, and, into the bin...which is, quite honestly, all of your money ‘wasted’; but, of course, when everything was working just fine...then, all was perfectly ok. ——- The main reason why I like it is... 1- The device is both portable/compact. So, if say an electric wall outlet we’re to stop working...; or, you need to cook in another room...; then, moving it from room to room is ever so quick/simple/easy. NOTE: The real reason why I originally decided to buy this device...is my normal ‘full sized’ gas stove cooker had developed a serious fault...leading to ‘leaking gas’; had to throw it out...and, have the gas supply to it sealed up...as the cooker was far too ‘old’..and, no longer fixable, anymore. Given a choice between using this small sized ‘twin hub’ electric cooker...and, using a full sized cooker...with four hubs/oven/toaster...I’d go for the latter every single time...providing, that is, if you can ‘afford’ it. 2- It’s relatively ‘cheap’...; if this small thing packs up, at any point, in time...; then, providing you have all of £40.00 saved up, somewhere...it’s possible to order another...with delivery being really quick as the very ‘next day’. NOTE: Unlike a normal ‘full size’ cooker...there is no ‘installation/plumbing/electric wiring/nor safety checks’ to do. Instead, it’s as simple as, immediate, ‘plug in’, and, go. 3- Easy to clean...straight after using...and, also, after the apparatus has already finished ‘cooling’ down...just wipe down with a warm wet sponge. NOTE: If you don’t clean it, regularly...; then, it all becomes coated over in ‘a really thick slimy greasy mess’...which is much more difficult to remove once that mess has already built up and up. So, two words of advice...make sure to...’clean, regularly’! 4- The two handles on either side...make this device very easily, portable. NOTE: I had brought ‘a different make’ twin hub electric cooker, before...which didn’t have handles; and, frankly, I did not like having to manoeuvre that thing around at all; especially so when the device is still cooking...and, you wish to adjust its position on the table/surface just a little bit. ——- Additional notes... NOTE(1): It is not advisable...to keep this machine always running at the highest possible ‘maximum’ setting...then, it will totally conk out altogether really ‘fast’...! So, you don’t just turn it up high...then, walk away for hours...thinking, in that way, everything will cook much ‘quicker’. Instead, I only turn it up to maximum...and, leave it at that gauge for a short time...say, 5/10 minutes -(whilst, constantly, watching the device don’t, suddenly, ‘burn out’)- maybe, when boiling milk. Normally, though, I will only turn it up to reach half of the maximum gauge. NOTE(2]: It gets really ‘red hot’ fast...; after only just a few minutes...; which, quite simply, means you must... - Never ever touch the heated hub...not even when you’ve turned the whole appliance off/or, plugged it out...thinking to yourself it’s, now, gone cold...oh no, it’s not...because, it takes quite a while to totally cool down...anywhere up to 10 minutes or more. - This also means that, once, you’ve turned it on...and, the hub glows ‘red hot’...; you can quite safely -save electricity- turn it off, completely...; and, the food will still remain ‘cooking’...just as if you’d actually went and turned it on. When I’m cooking say, scrambled eggs...I turn it up half way...then, after 5 minutes turn the device off...only to discover the device is still ‘cooking’ the food, anyway; even when it’s been fully switched off. SAFETY MEASURES - Do NOT place the device on anything but a totally ‘flat’ surface - Make sure the bottom of the cooking pot...also, lies flat...to fit on top of the hub - Do NOT place the device on the ‘edge’...in case it might, accidentally, fall off -etc.
Title: Perfect heat.
Content: I like this product. It really works as I expected.
Title: Good Hot Plate Duronic Hot Plate HP2
Content: I bought this as a temporary item whilst waiting for a new oven, works great and the heating is adequate for cooking most meals, working well so far the handles are good and do not get hot whilst you cook so no chance of burning your hands. The only issue is the plate gets rusty easily if a wet pot is placed on the burner. The cooker is easy to clean especially if done after use, the only difficulty is the hob. Overall been using for almost one month and quite happy with the purchase and my cooked food.
Title: Good product
Content: Bought it on October 2022 and used it on daily basis. It works well until yesterday, the bigger plate stop working. Probably short circuit and caused blackout in the house. The parts are a bit hard to clean if you always cook oily stuff.

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  • PERFECT COOKING SOLUTION: The ultimate must-have kitchen accessory, the Duronic electric hot plate (or table-top hob) is perfect for those who are limited on kitchen space or without a conventional cooker due to renonvating or decorating. Rather than just living off of microwave meals, use a hot plate so that you can continue to cook some homemade dinners. It’s also a great temporary solution if your cooker breaks down as its compact and easy to store away when you’ve finished with it.
  • ALTERNATIVE USES: Beyond the kitchen this hob can also be used for professional use, for instance, in a classroom or when conducting a cooking or science demonstration. Because of it’s portable design it’s easy to set up in different places without hassle. If you have electricity supply on a campsite, the HP2BK can also be used as an alternative to a gas cooker as it’s safer to use as it has no naked flames.
  • VARIABLE HEAT SETTINGS: For each hob the power and temperature is controlled by a power dial on the front; simply turn the dial to switch it on and select the heat level you need. When the hot plate has achieved the heat you require the neon power light will go out to let you know it’s ready. Both rings are made of cast-iron; the larger ring (187mm) can heat up to 1500W and the smaller ring (152mm) up to 1000W.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: This hob is made from thermo-insulated stainless-steel which is durable, corrosion resistent and easy to clean. Unlike other portable hobs on the market, this hob has thermo-insulated handles which stay cool to touch at all times, which are useful for moving the hob to a different place to cool down after you’ve finished cooking. Additionally, the handles act as a protective barrier to prevent pans slipping. Because of it’s compact size it is also convenient to store.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Designed with the user in mind, we have made our hot plates with the finest quality materials and ensured that they have passed rigorous safety tests. This model has two cast-iron rings: 1x large ring: 18.7cm, 1x small ring: 15.2cm. It has two handles, four rubber feet for stability and two neon power light indicators. The main body is made of stainless-steel. Maximum combined power 2500W. Built-in over-heat protection. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug.
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