TestMarket - 🔥 Limited-Time Promo! Diivoo WiFi Water Timer 3 Zones - Exclusive Savings for You! 🎉

🔥 Limited-Time Promo! Diivoo WiFi Water Timer 3 Zones - Exclusive Savings for You! 🎉

Jun 11, 2024 03:35 pm
🔥 Limited-Time Promo! Diivoo WiFi Water Timer 3 Zones - Exclusive Savings for You! 🎉
Brand Name: ‎Diivoo
Category: Hose Timers
Seller Name: Tspower
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 98
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🌟 Hurry! Grab the Diivoo WiFi Water Timer 3 Zones with App now and save 20£ off the original price of 99.99£. Don't miss your chance to save big on this smart sprinkler timer with exclusive discounts available for a limited time only. Act fast before it's gone! 🚀

Title: Really good product, connected first time.
Content: This was a “take a chance” buy for me… I was dubious about going away from the main famous brands. I already had an established watering system and I have always been pleased with the “offline” controllers I had. I decided to get “Wi-Fi” connected water controllers and I thought I would try a cheaper one ? I was not disappointed at all !!!!! These are great little devices. I will be converting the rest of my outlets to them. Connection was easy, app seems good. Very responsive too, almost instant when starting and stopping water manually. Can’t comment on relatability or resilience because I have only had it a few weeks. But first signs are good.
Title: First device faulty - Second one works
Content: Bought this to save my time watering my expensive newly planted garden on hot days! The first device wouldn’t pair with my iPhone at all….. so I returned and re-ordered it from Amazon. Second one set up very easily - no issues. My only comment is that the filter in the valve on the tap reduces water pressure, so we removed it and the pressure improved. Great time saving device…. Let’s hope it’s durable and the batteries last a while!
Title: Install, setup and forget!
Content: I was sceptical about this product after having read some of the negative reviews. Having decided to purchase I was determined to follow the instructions to the letter. Turns out it was very simple to install on my iPhone 12pro. App downloaded, connected to wifi, set a schedule and hey presto ! Everything works as described. Can’t fault the product, my plants get watered whether I’m there or the other side of the world. Easy to turn on manual watering or add another schedule. Great product, highly recommended.
Title: Broke after one week, leaking and lost screw pitch
Content: I have a standard tap in my garden and was looking to install an automatic irrigation system for when on holiday. At first the grip on the tap wasn’t great and the unit was leaking a couple of drops but it worked decently. I have just returned home to find that the part that screws onto the tap leaked a lot. When I removed it I noticed it has lost the pitch. The plastic the product is made of is very easily damaged. I couldn’t even advice on how to prevent this, since I have a standard tap and didn’t use force nor did anything unusual to screw it onto it. My advice is: when you receive the product make sure you set it up asap and start using it. You only have about 4 weeks to return it so this should be enough time to see if there’s a problem. Screw it and unscrew it a few times, the material is very easily damaged. Very disappointed and unfortunately I have lost the return window now.
Title: Automated watering & a bit more
Content: We're big fans of home automation in this house This smart unit replaced our old irrigation timer which worked fine but you couldn't say "Alexa, water the garden" to it and get any response Another very handy routine we've set up is "Alexa, watering can" - opening the valve for 55 seconds, long enough to fill the watering can without it spilling over
Title: Seems to be ok
Content: Works with alexa though the function are limited. Their proprietary app is good . Give options for a lot more settings. Connection appear strong and gives option for rain delays . Appears to be mostly hard plastic apart from the attachment which appears soft. Battery life appears reasonable so far

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  • 【Remote and Voice Control】With the HomGar app, you can add your Diivoo smart water timer to your WiFi gateway (only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi). As a result, you'll be able to remotely control the system from a distance of up to 196 feet. Best of all, our smart 3 zone hose timer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to make your life easier by simplifying your irrigation efforts.
  • 【Misting Irrigation Mode】In Mist Mode, the WiFi Sprinkler timer will cycle on and off intermittently. Simply choose the start time, mist time and frequency (Mon–Sun). The duration and interval lengths range from 1 to 60 minutes. The smart irrigation timer is suitable for misting systems, as well as for outdoor cooling and dust reduction during the summer months.
  • 【Timed Irrigation Mode】Would you like to automate your irrigation? You can program the 3 outlets hose timer with a schedule to water automatically at a specified time. Thanks to four different watering frequency options, you can set the timer to water daily, every even or odd day only or according to your own custom schedule.
  • 【3 Outlets and 18 Individual Programs】Do you have different watering needs for different parts of your yard? Our WiFi sprinkler irrigation timer 3 zone offers a total of 18 independent watering programs. You can program each valve separately with up to 6 different watering schedules, enabling you to customize an appropriate watering plan for each area of your property without affecting the other areas.
  • 【Rain Delay and Manual Watering】Do you need to deviate from your regular watering schedule? The Diivoo WiFi watering timer features a Rain Delay function, allowing you to set a 24, 48, or 72-hour skip in watering to save water. On the other hand, if you need to water immediately, you can access Manual Mode through the valve unit or through the app to use the faucet whenever you need it.
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