TestMarket - Discover Exciting Discounts on The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease (Comma Modern Horror) - Save 34% off!

Discover Exciting Discounts on The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease (Comma Modern Horror) - Save 34% off!

Jun 15, 2024 07:05 pm
Discover Exciting Discounts on The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease (Comma Modern Horror) - Save 34% off!
Category: Horror
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Title: Almost as good as Tristram Shandy
Content: The Un(heim)lich(e)Man(oeuvre) Ian Duhig “I like the way Joyce writes ‘lookingglass’ as one word; it seems to goggle back at you, reflecting itself and on itself.” I share chronic iritis with Joyce. I have had it sporadically since I was 23, and I am now 73. Isn’t 23 in ILLUMINATUS! And 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the 12th and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying 7 and 3, and in binary 73 is a palindrome, 1001001, which backwards is 1001001. Well, enough of MY connections. This ‘story’ is a massive compulsive virus at variance with word disassociation. It is the first extended stream of consciousness that I have ever understood and fully appreciated. Spreading through the narrator’s lifetime, detached from his mother, pushed by his pyramid oculist if occultist or Masonic Dad, and the narrator became a spy controlled by someone called Tyr, dry-stone walling, too, and reading Melmoth with a fisheye, and he studied with the Bradford Five. Told you, I am master of my reviewing brief. This was indeed a highly infectious read of clause-connecting claws. A genius stream. Almost as good as Tristram Shandy that I have real-time reviewed on this site, as I have also Finnegans Wake. Even Oliver Onions, one of my favourite more obscure writers, was picked from the work’s net of spread allusions. A forerunner of the Liar’s Dictionary. So many allusions that have eluded this review, just the tip of the iceberg of them being adumbrated here, but I think I actually got all of them into the sump of my mind, AND I got the gestalt of the plot, too, despite not being a good plot-getter normally. “Why does Plague get such a bad press? Aren’t they just a life form like any other?” The detailed review of this book posted elsewhere under my name is too long or impractical to post here. Above is one of its observations at the time of the review.
Title: Great Unnerving Stories
Content: A great selection of uncanny stories (which I got based on there being a Christopher Priest story in there, and was better value for money to get the whole book than the single story). And it doesn't let us down! Really weird, unnerving stories! And not blatant horror. Under the skin unnervy, not every scary at all, just that weird creepy sensation when you kind of think something is wrong, but aren't sure. Sometime when reading Amazon late at night. And you hear a noise. Or get a feeling. That creepy feeling along your back. You think you notice something amiss, or your perception picks up something incorrect in the universe. Like when you decide to follow to find out what's wrong, just a check, see if there's
Title: Not as uncanny as the old uncanny (but worth reading)
Content: Not a bad collection of stories with some real highlights, but I can't say I felt any particular uncanniness about most of them. I would probably recommend skipping the introduction, after reading it I felt some of the stories were a little contrived to fit into the guidelines, and in some ways I think the idea of the book is a little detrimental to the stories contained within. Maybe if I skipped the intro and turned the lights off I might feel differently... Some were amusing but not very uncanny, some were both amusing and uncanny, and others were more serious. Probably the majority of them feature some kind of modern technology, gadgets, the interwebs, etc. which I guess is where the 'new' mostly comes from. When this is done right it really works but in other cases I think bringing such things into the story brings it back into reality and lessens the tension you might normally expect from a 'tale of unease'. My favourite is probably continuous manipulation which does have an element of uncanniness to it. I bought the book after searching for Christopher Priest, based on the strength of his more uncanny tales from the Dream Archipilego, primarily about the mysterious towers on Seevl, his effort was decent and the idea was amusing (and not set in the dream archipelago I might add, although they do have funny names...). Tamagotchi and Seeing Double were also good I could go on and talk about the rest but it's really for you to make your own mind up. I would still recommend the book but don't go in expecting oodles of unease.
Title: Interesting stories, shame about the production values
Content: The stories in this collection are by turns provocative, stimulating and occasionally chilling; but the 'uncanny' is used here as a Freudian term (as highlighted in the introduction) and lovers of out and out horror may be disappointed. For me the problem with the book is its poor quality production. It feels like a self-published volume (although it's not), with the print looking as if it's been photocopied.
Title: A cornucopia of the weird
Content: I've kind of lost interest in the horror short story genre recently, despite having been an ardent fan in the past. Too many writers these days try to impress by either being overtly visceral, or by writing in a "stream of consciousness" style that I find extremely off-putting. The overwhelming majority of these tales manage to convey a deep sense of unease without trying too hard to be "clever" or just plain sick. Thoroughly recommended.
Title: Great!
Content: Great item, great price, quick delivery!

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