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Unlock Exclusive Savings on Hannah Höch: Works on Paper - Extra 26% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 09:46 pm
Unlock Exclusive Savings on Hannah Höch: Works on Paper - Extra 26% Off!
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Title: Well done "New information"
Content: Well done "New information"
Title: Nice book
Content: Nice book
Title: Not as good as it could be!
Content: great subject, formulaic book design, but if you donthave a reference on Hoch's work this is an ok place to start...
Title: A new view
Content: What an extraordinary artist she was! For the modern viewer, it shows how contemporary illustrators have exploited her style and stolen her ideas. Sara Fanelli's work in particular can be seen as an extensive borrowing, adding nothing to the original.
Title: Amazing Collection of Art from the best Photomontage Artist ever
Content: This is a catalogue for an exhibition of Hannah Hoch's work presented at the Whitechapel Gallery. It is well over 200 pages of art and essays - mostly art. There are scholarly works by important Dada academics, like Dawn Ades and Maud Lanvin, as well as Hoch's own writing, including a short story about a male artist who feels it's fine for his wife to have political rights, but that she's stepping over the line by asking him to wash the dishes - twice! The exhibition covered Hoch's entire life, and much of her oeuvre, from her early drawings working in Design, to her last, retrospective, collage masterpiece, "Lebensbild." Altho it almost completely ignores her painting. The artwork is presented mostly chronologically (the order isn't exact), sections of plates are separated by sections of essays that concentrate on a certain aspect of Hoch's work reflecting that time of her life. It's a VERY complete collection, including over a hundred plates, and all of her most famous work - even tho "Cut With A Kitchen Knife..." was not part of the exhibition, there is an image of it, and a very nice analysis of it in an essay as well. The essays are VERY informative, with keen analysis of the art. There is a great section on the Ethnographic Museum series, that includes two essays from two different points of view, that don't quite agree, which I think was a great choice. There is a list of selected exhibitions, a bibliography, and biographical chronology in the Appendix section. There aren't direct references to the plates in the essays, however, the Appendix includes a list of all the work in the exhibition, what page number the work can be found on (and who owns it). The works are listed in exact chronological order, so if an essay references a work by year, you can easily find it in the Appendix. The book is incredibly well produced. The artwork is presented wonderfully, the art direction is excellent, putting the emphasis on Hoch's work, rather than on the art director. Mostly, each piece gets it's own page, tho smaller collages are paired. The reproduction is truly beautiful, the art looks stunning. They used a thick matte paper, which is highly absorbent, so the colors are vibrant, the lines are clean, the blacks are deep and gorgeous, and the colors won't fade as much over time. Hannah Hoch's background in design, and her own keen eye, and wonderful sensibility, allowed her to create astonishing images out of cut up pieces of other images. She had this incredible ability to tweak the forms of nature, and with even the most minor alterations, create new, and extraordinary forms. Or, to create vast planes of bizarre existence, with myriads of activity, all linked together in a carnivalesque atmosphere. Or, to take human and sculptural fragments and put them together to make new astonishing forms that reference their origins while creating something new and unique. She had a facility to create three dimensional planes with just a few lines, created by sections of colored paper. She also had an incredible sense of color, as you can see in her early, color pencil drawings. She uses watercolors and colored paper mixed in with black and white photomontages, creating surreal backgrounds, or altar type spaces. In her later years, with access to color photography, her images are visually stunning, referencing modern life, while pointing at the future. And all thru her work there is a wonderful and quirky sense of humor. There really is no other collage artist like her, and among the Dadaists she had no peer, yet the male dominated Dada movement shunted her aside. Kurt Schwitters, who himself was booted out of the movement for having divergent ideas, accepted her and admired her work. Hoch developed the photomontage technique while she was on a get-away with her lover, Raoul Hausmann, who also used the technique, altho he never came close to Hoch's facility. I don't think there's a collage work that's ever been made that can approach the majesty of either "Cut With a Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany" (1910-20) or "Life Portrait," (1972-73), on sheer scale, let alone genius. Hannah Hoch was amazing, and only Wangechi Mutu (Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey ) can match her skill at creating an entirely different and unique image from cut photos, that coalesces into something far beyond abstraction, that has multiple layers of meaning. Hoch also had an ability to create socio-political commentary in a way that is very approachable, the meaning in her work can be glossed by looking at it, you don't need to read an artist's statement, nor to have studied her personal symbology. You may not fully understand what she's trying to say, and get every nuance, but you will understand something. Not even Marcel Duchamp was able to create abstracted work that could be read without knowing something about his personal symbology and POV. Of course, reading Hoch's essays, and the academic analysis of the other essayists will help you understand her work more deeply. What's wonderful about Hochh's work is that you can really fall into it. You can stare at some of her collages for hours, and find new layers of meaning. Hoch is known for satirizing the position of the New Woman in Germany, and her commentary on gender thruout her life. Hoch's Ethnographic Museum series is particularly interesting, in that she deconstructs and juxtaposes social views of women and German colonial ethnicities and how the dominant male paradigm views them, playing their inferior social statuses against one another. Hoch comments on how prejudice creates social pressures and false images. But Hoch makes commentary on many facets of humanity, society, and politics. I think this book is great, there is page after page of wonderful art, several well written, well researched, academic essays, Hoch's own words, and an excellent Appendix section with supplementary info. Also, there are several pages from "Album," (1933) a major work Hoch put together, that is a collection of large, mostly whole images, collaged together to make an artist's album. It's a rare treat to see pages from this work. This is a great Art Book, that will give you many hours of viewing pleasure. Hannah Hoch was one of the great artists of the 20th century, she was by far the greatest photomontage artist of the Dada movement, and perhaps the greatest collage artist the art world has ever produced. If you enjoy collage, or are a lover of Dada, you'll like this book.
Title: well packed arrived clean dry and in good condition
Content: well packed arrived clean dry and in good condition

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