TestMarket - Hottest Amazon Deal Today: Magichome Ionic Shower Head Handheld - Only £9.99 + Extra 23% Off!

Hottest Amazon Deal Today: Magichome Ionic Shower Head Handheld - Only £9.99 + Extra 23% Off!

Jun 11, 2024 03:32 pm
Hottest Amazon Deal Today: Magichome Ionic Shower Head Handheld - Only £9.99 + Extra 23% Off!
Brand Name: Magichome
Category: Handheld Showers
Seller Name: Magichome EU
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 22263
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Your Exclusive Discount Awaits: Upgrade your shower experience with the Magichome Ionic Shower Head Handheld! Enjoy high pressure and water saving benefits with 3 adjustable modes. Limited-Time Promo - Save £2.97 on the classic shower design. Don't Miss Out on the savings - Shop Now!

Title: Improved shower experience
Content: Got this to replace clogged old shower head and what a difference it has made. The flow appears to be 'stronger' and has a nice feeling. There's a couple settings that will enable a jet style shower for massaging, but I stick with the main setting. There's a pack of spare 'ionic' filters, which is great. Massive improvement to the shower experience, for not very much money...
Title: Best 10 quid I’ve spent in a while
Content: Just used this for the first time and I’m kicking myself for leaving it in my basket for so long. I should have bought it instantly. Old shower head straight in the bin. Pressure is fantastic, so much stronger than the one I had before, blasts water from one corner of the bathroom to the other. I’m not too fussed about all the filter ball stuff but they look pretty and the shower head works a treat. Very pleased with it.
Title: Good purchase.
Content: Using this shower head on an electric shower. Works fine, perhaps not as powerful as if used on a shower supplied from a combi boiler, but far better than the shower head it replaced. Particularly like the 3 different settings you can select. Great value for money.
Title: This works
Content: This was really easy to install and it has greatly increased my water pressure.
Title: Not sure it's even doing anything?
Content: ================= Why did I buy this ================= I bought this because I have a pretty dry scalp at times which can cause me to itch and in turn cause dandruff. I've tried a lot of shampoos and oils to help prevent that as much as I can but they're only doing so much. I read that the water here where I stay in London is a bit harder which can cause skin to dry quicker. I wanted to try this out to maybe filter out some of the minerals in the water that could be causing my skin to dry up. ================= My initial thoughts ================= Initial thoughts are that it looked promising. It comes in a good looking box, build quality isn't too shabby and you get an extra pack of the filter material to switch out whenever you see fit. It's quite heavy as well but fairly easy to install. It's just a case of unscrewing your old showerhead off its hose and screwing this one in instead. It has a few settings on the head itself - power setting, which is like a strong, narrow concentrated stream of water, rainfall setting, which is a lot lighter and softer to the skin and finally a mixture of power and rain which I kind of like to call the waterfall setting. ================= My thoughts now ================= It's been a while now since I bought this showerhead. Long story short, my scalp is still dry and it seems like it hasn't done anything to help. If you'rte hoping it's going to magically filter out your water then I don't think you should pick this up. The only thing I can say is good about this head is the different settings you can get. Our previous showerhead felt like it was hitting this skin a bit hard and when we switched to this one it definitely felt lighter and softer when we showered. ================= Conclusion ================= Personally, I wouldn't recommend this product if you purely want softer water. It feels like almost a gimmick. If I were you I'd try an actual more expensive filter that you know will work and leave this rock filter malarky behind. It's not worth it. I definitely won't be buying another one, I think I'll try and look for a better shampoo or oil instead.
Title: Great product
Content: I bought this because it was highly recommended by many friends of mine, and yes I'm just one more happy customer. I do feel my hair is getting softer and smoother. I think it improves the water pressure as well which is a big positive surprise. Would recommend just like all the others!

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  • 【3 Position Showerhead】This powerful shower head comprises of three different modes of water fall: Rainfall, Jetting, Massage. The mode is selected with easy rocker switch. Each mode is made to enhance your shower experience,get you SPA shower experience in your bathroom.
  • 【Save Water】 High powered shower head are using the LUV current limiting technology and laser perforated technology. Although it saves water, it maintain water pressure, which that helps in eliminating body and mind fatigue,will not affect the shower experience.
  • 【Shower Head Filter】 Our filtration shower head is equipped with a mineral ball to remove chlorine and flouride , toxins, heavy metals, rust and odor from the shower water, enhance water purification, and maintain the pH balance of the water. Provides smoother skin, reduces oil secretion, increases cell viability.
  • 【Easy to Install】 This is a convenient model for your shower. It can be connected in minutes without tools. All connections can be manually tightened. You can use it as a shower or hand shower for any standard hose.
  • What you get: 1 x shower head, 2 x replaceable beads, 1 x extra spare rubber plate
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