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Exclusive Savings for You - 20% Off! Cobbe Hard Water Filter Shower Head and Hose with 20 Stage Filter
  • 【Upgraded 20 Stage Filter Shower Head】The hard water filter shower head with hose has a powerful 20-layer filtration system. The filter element is made of high-quality KDF, calcium sulfite and mineral balls, which can effectively remove impurities and pollutants such as residual chlorine and heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium), helping to maintain skin health and restore the smoothness and softness of hair.
  • 【 6 Modes Shower Head】This high pressure handheld shower head has 6 optional modes. You can easily press the paddle with one hand to switch between rain, massage, oxygenated shower and other different modes. The multi-functional large shower head can meet daily showering, child and pet bathing, and bathroom cleaning.
  • 【High Pressure & Water Saving】This powerful shower head uses a unique internal structure and pressurization technology, as well as regular silicone nozzle distribution, which ensures stronger water flow and stable water pressure while saving water. The large-panel high-pressure shower head brings a full-coverage rain shower experience, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable rain shower.
  • 【High Quality & Beautiful Shower Head】The large shower head (124mm*116mm) of the high-pressure shower head is made of chrome-plated surface. The chrome-plated layer has high hardness, heat resistance and wear resistance, extending the service life of the shower head. Chrome-plated mirror makes the shower more beautiful. The simple and exquisite appearance is favored by consumers.
  • 【Easy to Clean & Install & Replace】No plumber required, just unscrew the old water pipe and screw on the new water-saving universal shower head. Handheld shower stall for showering, the shower outlet is designed with silicone nozzle, anti-clogging, easy to clean, suitable for hard water areas, just wipe the surface with a towel and sponge. Shower hoses are a universal standard size: 1/2 inch.
  • 【Note】The flow restriction valve included in the package can help reduce water pressure and reduce the shock and pain caused by high water pressure. The filter element is already installed in the shower head and no secondary installation is required.The main map is the filter perspective. Please check the details page for the actual product map.