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Discover Exciting Discounts on the Duronic SM3 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer Set Electric | Save 32% Off Today!
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED HAND MIXER WITH STAND – This hand mixer and stand mixer has been engineered to be as light as possible, as well as being ergonomically designed so every user can get the most out of this appliance. This model will allow you to interchange between a hand mixer and a stand mixer in seconds.
  • COMES WITH ACCESSORIES REQUIRED FOR BAKING - The Duronic hand mixer with stand comes with an array of tools so you can get the correct results by using the correct tools. All the tools can be easily attached into place as well as easily detached using the eject button. Included: 1 X Whisk, 2 X Dough Hooks and 2 X Beater to help with tasks such as: whisking egg whites, mixing your favourite cookie or cake recipe, or kneading dough.
  • YOU REST WHILST THE STAND WORKS – If you do a lot of baking, and want the option to use a hand mixer, as well as sometimes being able to just let the machine do the work, then a stand mixer is ideal for you as you can just rest the hand mixer on the stand whilst you just add the ingredients.
  • POWERFUL 300W MOTOR FOR EFFORTLESS MIXING - This hand mixer / Stand mixer has a 300W motor to give you that power to work efficiently, we have designed vents to the front of the unit so the fan works and cools the unit while you mix your ingredients at the same time. There are 5 speeds to choose from along with a turbo function to give you a boost in mixing when required. All the buttons are at the top, within easy reach of your thumb.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY CLEANING - This unit comes with a 3 pin fixed UK plug, uses power supply: 220V-240V 50/60Hz, comes with instruction manuals. All the washable parts can be easily removed, cleaned and washed. This lightweight, yet powerful hand mixer with a clever storage system will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.