TestMarket - Save Big! VIVOSUN Smart Grow System - 20% Off

Save Big! VIVOSUN Smart Grow System - 20% Off

Jan 14, 2024 03:23 pm
Save Big! VIVOSUN Smart Grow System - 20% Off
Brand Name: VIVOSUN
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Hurry and seize the opportunity to save with our exclusive offer! Get the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System with AeroLight A100SE 100W LED Grow Light, AeroZesh S4 4-inch 208 CFM Inline Duct Fan, and GrowHub E42A Temperature at an unbeatable price. Unlock your savings now and grab this deal before it's gone! Don't miss out on this limited-time discount of 20% which saves you a total of $40. Shop and save today!

Title: Great product, but AMAZING Customer service.
Content: Lets start with, I have never grown an indoor plant before and only have 1 plant start to finish on my resume. You can see the results. The Grow Hub is awesome and I can check on my tent where ever I roam. (2nd pic). Recently I've had some issues with the humidity/temp reader. (Loses contact, unplug n plug back in and ok for a few days.) But since I'm able to monitor my system, it warns me when this happens) That said I Emailed Vivosun on the problem on 11-9-23 (fri) By Sunday a.m., yep on a freaking weekend, they had responded. After sending reciept info. They responded on Monday morning that they will be sending me a replacement part. THAT'S HOW YOU KEEP CUSTOMER HAPPY! BRAVO VIVOSUN 👏 👏 👏 👏
Title: Anyone can use this it’s that simple
Content: VIVOSUN for the win I’m impressed I literally don’t stress over climate control anymore only had it for 2 days now but my temperature stayed at 76f and rh fluxed between 75-85% on seedlings auto plant
Title: Do not buy this setup from Vivosun. The Customer service and support is HORRIBLE.
Content: I purchased this setup because it appears that they are doing great things but have you ever tried to call their support center? I must have attempted to call 8 times before. I called because my supposedly super awesome Aerolight would not change lighting spectrums. First of all when you call their "support center" at least that is what they call it, There is no indication that you are interfacing with Vivosun. Its basically a message that says "Sorry there is no body to help you call back later". Seriously? This company pretends to be among the elite when it comes to their products but they can't even front end their customers with "Welcome to Vivosun"? So if this company is not even willing to invest in their customer service experience what makes you think that their products are not receiving the same negligence? After trying 8 times and finally getting someone to talk to, I still do not feel confident that my hard earned money was well spent. The stupid aerolight that they claim is revolutionary would not even change light spectrums like it was supposed to. So here I am going into the vegetation stage and my crap will not change. That is exactly what it is. Crap. These guys are only good for fabric grow pots and have no business trying to do anything else. I should have gone with Spider Farmer or AC Infinity. I learned my lesson and I hope that you guys do not have to go through this which is why I'm vocalizing my experience.
Title: Best of the best!
Content: Incredible set up free app set up your perimeters and click start. They can’t make it any easier and my plants love it! VIVOSUN is it for me. I don’t have a lot of time so this is perfect for me and you can monitor everything and change whatever you need to from anywhere anytime.
Title: It is not for me
Content: The power driver of the light also is quite hot. I only need the light to turn on/off at specific time, and the pump to run 5 min every 60 min. I find the interface is too cumbersome to use. I would rather use a set of timers.
Title: Great light!
Content: Important to note that the built-in circulation fan on the light blows down, not up. This does not make sense to me. With the larger fan it does not seem to matter, but those two should work together... My circulation fan would not turn off. Vivosun sent me a brand new light in 3 days. Confusing with the customer service, but they made it right.

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  • Grow Light with Integrated Circulation Fan: This is the first full-spectrum LED grow light with a fully integrated circulatory fan; The fan increases airflow into the canopy and is programmable
  • Energy-Saving & Low-Noise Fan: This Fan is controlled by PWM more energy-efficient; The mixed-flow design allows the fans deliver air across longer distances; The fan ventilates quietly at just 35 dB
  • Smart Control: Monitor and control your grow devices remotely with the VIVOSUN App; The dual temperature and humidity sensors monitor both internal and external environments; You can automate and customize day/night schedules to simulate natural environments
  • Perfect Combination: This complete smart grow system is primarily used to build intelligent grow tents; You can also choose pre-designed Grow Recipes or customize one personally so as to create the most suitable growing environment for your plants
  • Easy to Use: Magnetically-mounted controller design makes the install effortless; Touch-activated buttons are easy to operate; The App can track and displays data, automatically send alerts
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