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🔥 Flash Sale Alert: SYNCWIRE Magnetic Phone Ring Holder - Save 15% Today Only!
  • [Airplane Magsafe Ring Holder] Magnetic phone ring Stand clamps on tray table, helping free your hands on the planes and high-speed trains, allowing you to enjoy your journey. You can open the double-loop during the flight and attach it to various seat backs to watch movies. The MagSafe magnetic attraction makes it easy to rotate and remove your phone, making it simple and convenient to use.
  • [Portable Magsafe Phone Grip] With this Magnetic phone ring holder, you don't need to carry an extra phone stand; this portable and compact ring holder can be attached to your phone for easy carrying. It can support your phone at any angle, providing a truly seamless carrying experience. When fully opened, the ring holder has a large angle and an extra-long support arm, allowing you to place your phone upright on a table or the ground, making it useful for office work, watching short videos, taking selfies, and creating videos whenever you need it.
  • [Dual-sided Magnetic] The unique dual-layer magnet plus one layer of iron stacking design enables dual-sided magnetic functionality, allowing it to be used with MagSafe car mounts without removing the ring. This MagSafe ring holder can be attached to almost any iron metal surface (the surface needs to have a certain level of friction, completely smooth surfaces may cause slippage), such as fitness equipment, refrigerators, toasters, etc., making it convenient for taking selfies, watching videos, and browsing information.
  • [Superior Magnetic Force] The MagSafe kickstand uses N52 strong magnets, providing excellent magnetic force. With just one finger, you can securely attach your phone to the MagSafe magnetic phone ring stand, experiencing a firm grip to prevent shaking or movement. The side attached to the phone can withstand a weight of 1-1.2KG, and when used with the provided metal ring, the magnetic force is further increased to 2.5KG.
  • [Flexible and Durable Pivot] Multi-angle adjustment provides a flexible and comfortable grip and excellent viewing angles. This MagSafe magnetic phone grip has been tested to withstand over 12,000 + folds without loosening, greatly improving durability.
  • [Compatible with All Cell Phones] The MagSafe ring holder is specifically designed to work with MagSafe devices and certified MagSafe phone cases. The magnetic phone ring grip is also compatible with non-magnetic phones and standard phone cases with a thin metal ring (provided). It is widely compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, including iPhone 15/14/13/12 series, iPhone 11/11Pro/X/XS/XS Max/8/7, MagSafe Accessories, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more.
  • [What You Get] Syncwire Magnetic Phone Ring Holder for MagSafe, 2 Metal MagSafe Rings (White & Black), Positioner, User Manual, 12+24 months warranty.
  • [Kindly be Aware That] 1. Please remove the Magnetic phone ring holder for wireless charging. 2.Make sure to remove the phone ring grip by sliding it sideways to prevent the metal rings (if applied) from falling off. 3. The included MagSafe ring does not interfere with wireless charging, however, ensure proper alignment with your phone's charging coil to avoid any disruption in wireless charging.