TestMarket - Get the GASPRO Propane Refill Adapter and Save Big - Limited-Time Discount!

Get the GASPRO Propane Refill Adapter and Save Big - Limited-Time Discount!

Jan 14, 2024 01:17 pm
Get the GASPRO Propane Refill Adapter and Save Big - Limited-Time Discount!
Brand Name: GASPRO
Category: Grill Connectors & Hoses
Seller Name: Kinyu
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 7313
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Hurry and check out the exclusive promotion on the GASPRO Propane Refill Adapter. This easy-to-use refill adapter allows you to fill 1 pound bottles from a 20lb tank with ease. Made from solid brass in a sleek black design, this adapter is a must-have for propane users. Shop now for the lowest price of $7.99 and enjoy a discount of 27.00%. Save $3 on your purchase and take advantage of this time-limited offer. Don't miss out on this hot savings alert - get yours before it's gone! Act fast and grab yours now!

Title: There's A learning curve but it works perfectly and also can use 10lb Tanks and Blue Bottles
Content: I really like this product and the fact that you can make these $6 small bottles for only $1 a piece is a no-brainer (Like everyone else has said!) I am using this product to drain my 10lb tank from my small camper so that I don't waste money refilling it when it's not completely empty. The 10gal tank has less volume and so it is really necessary for me to freeze the small green and blue containers so it will draw off of the smaller 10Gal Tank. It took me a few trials to get it down. But, once I got it, it's a breeze and super efficient. Fill time is taking about 5 mins per bottle. Works perfectly
Title: A ten to one no-brainer…
Content: At my local big-box hardware store I am able to refill my 20 lbs. tank for approximately $20, thus $1 for a pound of propane. The same store sells six of the green 1 lb. gas cylinders for $60, thus $10 for a pound of propane, packaged more conveniently. This GASPRO refill adapter enables one to conveniently and safely refill the green 1 lb. bottles at one-tenth the price of purchasing new bottles. It is a no-brainer to use the adapter, particularly if one is a heavy user of the green bottles, as I was over the Thanksgiving holidays, when I had three going at once: one for boiling the water for coffee, a second for the camp stove cooking the bacon, and a third for the heater, as it was about 40 F. Over the four days I used 18 green bottles as it went below freezing each night. The adapter is easy to use. Simply thread one end onto the 20 lbs. tank, then thread the green cylinder onto the other end. Invert the 20 lbs. tank and open the valve to the 20 lbs. tank. One should be able to hear the hiss indicating that the green tank is filling. There are a number of instructional “how to” YouTube videos on this process. I found some contradictions. For example, one said that it is best to take the green gas cylinder from a freezer. Another swore that his kitchen scales indicated that there was no difference in the amount of propane transfer, between the freezer version and the room temperature version. Both however approved of the process. Not so a warning video from the Department of Transportation, saying it was (sorta) illegal to refill them, and not wise to boot. Looking at it closely, it appears to be an industry funded “scare” video. Sure, we should never refill around on open flame. And I strongly suspect that the purported thin walls of these tanks could withstand 500 refills, much like a Scuba diving tank. One issue that I did not see addressed: if one is refilling ten green cylinders or so, it might only take five minutes to fill from a 20 lbs. tank which is completely filled. By the 10th cylinder, it takes longer, and I found that one hour is better than a half an hour. I’m still working on refining the estimates for the length of time as a function of the fullness of the larger tank. For now, though, this adapter is a great way to save a bundle of money… perhaps enough to pay for the gasoline to drive to the campsite. Attached is a picture of the inverted 20 lbs. tank filling a green 1 lb. cylinder. 5-stars, plus.
Title: Does not fit all bottles.
Content: Very easy to connect, both to the 20-lb tank and to the small bottle to be refilled. However, I does not seal to all 20-lb tanks. (My tank must be 'old style' and it really leaks when I try to refill a little bottle.) I tested on several tanks a friend has. It works great on some tanks, but leaks on some. The O-ring/sealing system on the tank valves seems to have varied through the years. This refill adapter is a good deal -- quality made and fair price -- if you have the right kind of valve/seal on your 20-lb tank. I am not sorry I bought it; I will make sure what valves/seals are on future propane tanks I buy.
Content: I want to start by saying that this works exactly as it should. But there are some things that should be considered for it to be effective and/or safe. Most people aren't going to store a tank in the freezer and another in heat before starting as this listing implies. Maybe that works but I didn't do it and, as others have mentioned, you need to release pressure from the small tank to allow propane to flow into it from the larger tank. The issue is that you can overfill your tank as I did the first time. I have 4 small tanks. 2 were empty and 2 are brand new. I weighed my new tanks and both weighed 1 lb 14.9 - 15 oz. After releasing pressure from one of my used tanks and filling it with this adapter, I weighed it and it was 2 lbs 4 oz. It was so full that when I shook it, I couldn't hear anything move inside. Propane expands when it heats up so it could have very well exploded if left in a hot car or some other circumstance. So I decided to release some propane. I first used a straw from a WD40 can but it immediately froze my fingers as it spewed out (it's extremely cold). I ultimately used this tool (removed from the larger tank) and screwed it into the little tank until the valve was depressed enough for it to emit propane. I repeatedly released and checked the weight until it weighed 1 lb 14.9 oz. For my 2nd tank, I released less pressure initially so it didn't accept as much propane. Several times, I released pressure, added more from the large tank, and weighed it until it reached full capacity. In short, this thing works great but should be used with caution. Weigh it as you fill it or you risk an explosion with damage to property and potentially injuries/death. Also, only do this outdoors, away from open flames. Some propane will escape as you're disconnecting and releasing pressure. Propane is heavier than air so it will fall to the floor and could ignite. I have now labeled each of my small tanks with the expected weight so the next time I fill them, there will be no question how much it should weigh when filled.
Title: Tank size
Content: Great product but if you want to fill larger tanks you will want this with a hose on it.
Title: Works to fill smaller bottles
Content: My husband wish he would have got sooner. We have buddy heater and we use a 20lb bottle to fill the small bottles. Works good just make sure you burp the bottles to hold more

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  • Money Saver - Propane refill adapter for 1 lb. tanks allows you to refill your small green 1lb propane bottles with the fuel from standard 20lb propane tanks. Will save you a fortune
  • Refill Easily - Perfect suitable for refillable 1 lb propane cylinder bottles and refills easily and quickly
  • Easy To Use-No other tools required and easy to install with handwheel grip for tightening
  • Durable Material - Well-constructed 100% high-quality solid brass construction makes it corrosion resistant durable
  • Safety - Built-in safety feature that will cut off gas flow automatically when pressure is reached
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