TestMarket - Time-Limited Discounts! XPPen Artist Pro 14 Gen2 Drawing Tablet with Screen - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Time-Limited Discounts! XPPen Artist Pro 14 Gen2 Drawing Tablet with Screen - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Jan 15, 2024 12:01 am
Time-Limited Discounts! XPPen Artist Pro 14 Gen2 Drawing Tablet with Screen - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!
Brand Name: XP-PEN
Category: Graphics Tablets
Seller Name: XP-PEN Technology
Rating: 4.40
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Avail Your Offer now and save big on the XPPen Artist Pro 14 Gen2 Drawing Tablet with Screen. This exclusive deal offers a limited-time discount of 14% off, giving you a new price of 359.98$. With a full laminated anti-glare screen and 16384 pressure levels, this graphic art tablet is perfect for professional artists. The X3 Pro battery-free stylus ensures precise and smooth drawing experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save 60.01$ and unlock your savings. Act fast, as this deal may sell out soon. Shop now and seize the opportunity to elevate your artistry!

Title: Great quality and cost-effective
Content: Great quality and cost-effective. I don't have much frame of reference when it comes to stylus input displays for drawing. I haven't used any Wacom devices in years and using a finger or touchscreen stylus to draw on a smartphone or tablet is the most recent experience I've had with digital drawing in the last 10 years or more. I went into this purchase with trepidation because I am so unknowledgeable on these kinds of products. My perception is that Wacom owns the market--at least the professional market--with best in class design and quality. And Wacom devices sport a price tag that would support that assumption. When you compare what Wacom is selling and how much they are selling it for and then compare that to any device in the XP-Pen product lineup you'll likely look at the cheaper devices and assume that they are poorly designed and of poor quality. The XP-Pen Artist15.6 delivers a well-designed product at a level of quality far higher than suggested by the price. This is no flimsy knockoff of a better product. I can't honestly believe that the Wacom experience is so significantly better than that of the XP-Pen Artist15.6 that it would be worth the extra hundreds of dollars it would take to buy a comparable Wacom product. And I say that to any hobbyist or professional. I use my Artist15.6 with Krait, a free and open-source digital illustration and painting application, and I am absolutely floored by the amount of control available. The pressure-sensitive input is fantastic, especially to my untrained hand and eye. I am always in control of the quality of the mark I lay down. I can draw and write as naturally as I do with a real pencil and paper. Best yet, the stylus is completely passive and doesn't require any batteries, wired connection, or charging. The only consumables are the small nibs that touch the surface of the screen. These wear out a bit faster than even I expected but a package of 100 is cheap enough and shipped directly from the vendor via Amazon. The LCD screen itself is decent. This may be where Wacom devices pull ahead--with higher-quality panels and backlighting--but I haven't experienced any issues with color reproduction or anything like that. The colors I'm using are the colors I see when I view the finished piece on a different screen. The screen contrast and brightness are not flawless but they are, again, close enough that I can't help but feel that bumping up to a Wacom is a waste of money. The Artist15.6 doesn't come with any kind of stand so you'll have to order one separately if you don't already have solution on-hand. The 3-in-1 cable is pretty great because it effectively keeps the cable clutter to a minimum and hopefully, XP-Pen will make a simple, single, USB-C cable solution. The driver and companion software must be downloaded from the XP-Pen website. There is an install DVD but my PC doesn't have an optical disk but at a certain point I think it's smarter to just go straight to the Internet for drivers and stuff since the DVD could have been written several updates prior to the purchase. The install process is simple enough and the configuration software is exactly as barebones as it ought to be. You have control over the multi-function button on the barrel of the pen, the 6 buttons on the bezel of the display, as well as control over color temperature, Windows Ink support, display rotation, and pressure curve. I am very happy with my purchase and I will most definitely look to XP-Pen when it's time for me to upgrade my device.
Title: Minor, minor issues, but over all a very satisfied investment
Content: Sorry a head of time for the long review! I just did a jam session of three paintings for gift in a week, so I definitely took this tablet monitor out for a spin. I preordered this tablet and it came much more quickly than estimated, which was such an awesome surprise! It works incredibly well so far. I do notice some minor drawbacks, but I think it could be an easy solution to contact xp-pen for help. I also ordered this device knowing that I may have some issues pop up. For the most part, I have some easy solutions, and none of the things I’ve noticed create a negative for me. I do think this product is worth a high rating, as I’ve gotten a lot for my price, which feels so good after doing seven months of reasearch. To preface this note, I did uninstall all of my previous Wacom drivers, and set all of my program shortcuts across all programs to be the same shortcuts, but I did notice one or two program conflicts. One being that when I had Paint Tool Sai open, and I had Clip Studio open, Clip would stop working properly. None of my shortcuts worked. An easy solution until I could contact xp-pen after my holidays were over was to just keep only of the programs running. Super simple! I will be contacting Xp-Pen in the following days. Other than that, I can’t think of any other issues I had. I only use Clip studio, Sai, and CS6, so if there are any other conflicts with programs such as maya, zbrush, etc. I don’t have experience with that. Now for the build of the monitor, I’m super impressed. The pen and the buttons feel so nice. I had a Wacom intuos 4 drawing pad, and this tablet feels sooo much better. The screen is super nice, and I’m pretty happy with the colors! My computer screen calibration is off, as the monitor is 10-15 years old, so that does affect my opinion on the colour calibration out of the box. But I did some colour printing and colors are pretty accurate from screen to paper imo. If anything I feel like my tweaking of the calibration may have had a negative impact on the calibration. I do have to press quite hard for the pen tip to register a double click or press multiple times to open a program or a file. However, this maybe my computer, as I had a bit of that same issue with my previous Wacom Intuos 4. It does seem more exaggerated with this tablet monitor. I do have the room to keep a mouse connected and that is an easy solution for me. The click issue doesn’t bother my workflow as badly as I would think. My cursor does jump sometimes when I click the first button on the pen to select a colour, which might get frustrating for some people. This isn’t a negative for me. I do want to mention that the pen nibs seem a bit softer a plastic than my previous tablets, as I’ve severely burned through two nibs in a week. However, as I’m a light sketcher, I’ve been having to press a bit harder, and I think I just had to find a balance, and a better process to my painting style. I really appreciate the matte screen protector during this time. Bless you Xp-Pen. To be honest, I have heard horror stories buying nonWacom tablets. However, I’ve had two of their drawings pads and have had nightmares with both. The intuos 4 in particular had a conflict with my last computer, and would uninstall itself every couple of days... for two years... until a friend fixed the issue by accident... My point is that even though people say Wacom are reliable, that is not always the case from my experience, and you definitely shouldn’t write out other companies, especially this tablet monitor. It’s like a combination of the artist display 13.3 and 16, with some super nice, and even better features! I don’t find that I’m missing the touch wheel from my last tablet, and I actually prefer using the express keys! If I find anything else about the tablet as I use it, I’ll update my review. I’ll also post some painings and photos later. Happy Holidays!
Title: Great drawing tablet
Content: This is a great drawing tablet. I would highly recommend it. I’ve really enjoyed using this. The size is great and the pencil tracks well. This is my first step up to the drawing tablet with a screen. I’m glad I made this purchase and would recommend it to anyone considering it. Easy to install, comes with everything you need to connect it to your computer. Fast, responsive, well made, I went back and forth if I should buy this but in the end I’ve really enjoyed it and wish I had got it sooner.
Title: La mejor presion que he sentido en 12 años
Content: He estado usando wacom y huion, pero esta es mil veces mejor. Los colores cumplen, no tiene ese tono azul que cansa la vista. Tenia problemas con el boton de la pluma, hable con tecnicos y me dieron un driver nuevo y se soluciono. La textura de la pantalla se siente como papel. Tiene buen brillo, no se calienta la pantalla. La calidad de la pluma es de lo mejor, tiene piezas de aluminio, plastico lujoso y buen peso, tiene una genialidad que no he visto en ninguna pluma, el grip tiene una hendidura, quenpor que esgenial esto? Pues le da mas agarre, eso sirve a que no solo se detiene dnelos botones, sino da mas firmeza. Eso con el tiempo evita la friccion y que el grip se afloje y baile todo guango. La pluma tiene menor latencia que otras que haya usado con anterioridad. Los tonos son elegantes, el diseño de la caja muy bonito. Fue molesto esperar el cable triple para por usarlo por hdmi. Lo uni a un cable adaptador display port sin problemas. A una escala .de 125% en windows se ve muy bien en clipstudio. Tiene mas altura vertical que tabletas convencionales, por lo que diseñar personajes de pie no se siente claustrofobico. Los botones de blutooth es un plus, te permite no usar el teclado y mas ergonomico. Recomiendo comprar una base soporte para libros o laptops que son altos y ajustas angulos de aluminio ya que mantienes la pantalla mas cerca a ti sin tener que encorbarte hacia enfrente. Definitivamente me hizo vender la Huion 24 pro sin pensarla dos veces.
Title: Justo lo que buscaba
Content: Tenia tiempo buscando una tableta para dibujar. La XPen ha sido una de mis mejores compras, me hubiera gustado tal vez comprar una un poco más pequeña ya que esta luego es difícil de transportar, pero es precisa, amigable al usuario, y simplemente me encanta. Es fácil de usar y la pluma es cómoda.
Title: La mejor pantalla gráfica
Content: Muy buena pantalla gráfica, la mejor que he probado, no le tengo quejas hasta ahora, lo único que si le mejorario es que por el precio ya podría incluir un cable 3 en 1, pero por lo demás muy bien

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  • 16K Pressure Sensitive: XPPen Artist Pro 14 Gen2 drawing tablet introducing X3 Pro smart chip stylus is a breakthrough innovation boasting industry-first 16K pressure levels, 100%* higher than that of its peers. It delivers much more precise and smooth lines than ever before, excelling at hyper-nuanced creation, a game-changer in details.
  • Full Laminated Anti-glare Screen: The 14-inch graphic tablet's display adopts full laminated technology, anti-glare etched glass, 16:10 aspect ratio, wide angle of 178°, which all will help you avoid parallax errors between the stylus nib and cursor, precisely positioning every
  • Enhanced and Brilliant color coverage: 99% sRGB color gamut coverage and 123% sRGB color gamut area ratio, △E <2.2 high color accuracy, let you create boldly in stunning color accuracy and detail. Every piece of content becomes a feast to look at and comes to life exactly what you imagine.
  • The Artist Pro 14 Gen2 Pen Display Features: A built-in Foldable Stand lets you get your preferred working posture by spreading it; A Wireless Shortcut Remote lets you get easier access to functions to make quick changes; X-Edge Wrist Rest is ergonomic and smooth, letting you combat the tension and fatigue of the wrist that could be produced due to hours of work on end; 2 Years Warranty only for it lets you use it with no worries.
  • Strong Compatibility: The 14-inch graphic monitor with screen is compatible with Windows 7 (or later), macOS 10.10 (or later), Android (USB3.1 DP1.2), Chrome OS 88 (or later), and Linux. Bring more possibilities to your creation. It also supports popular digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, CDR, GIMP, Krita, MediBang, FireAlpaca, Toonboom, Maya, Blender3D, etc.
  • One-click to switch from display to tablet: The Artist Pro 14 Gen2 drawing monitor supports drawing tablet mode. Just need to long press the power button for 3 seconds, and it will flash in blue and orange alternately. When the screen is off, you're getting a drawing tablet.
  • Awarded Design: The XPPen artist pro 14 Gen2 drawing tablet is a Good Design Award 2023 Winner. It's a game changer in the digital art world.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The 3 in 1 cable is included. It is in a little white box separately in the package.
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