TestMarket - Unlock Savings on LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker - Limited Time Offer!

Unlock Savings on LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker - Limited Time Offer!

Jan 15, 2024 12:04 am
Unlock Savings on LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: LandAirSea
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Seller Name: LandAirSea Systems
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Title: Works Great, Easy to Setup
Content: Someone tried to break into my Hyundai the other day so I ordered this asap overnight and activated it today. Have never had any device like this before. It was very simple to activate and set up the app. No hassle whatsoever other than finding a good hiding spot for it in my car. So far it's working great when I tested driving to the grocery store. Right now, it's showing the dot for my car on the map about 10-12 feet from where my car is parked in the lot at my apartment, so it's not 100% exact, but plenty accurate if someone steals the car the police will know where to look. The app is really straightforward and easy to use. I haven't tried logging into their site on my PC yet, but have been using the app on my Android phone. Here's the options in the app: 1) Can quickly set a fence around your car, just tap the Fence button to automatically create a fence when you park and it'll notify you if the car moves out of the area. 2) App lets you share your location with anyone, so if my car breaks down or I'm in an emergency, it'll be useful to quickly send my location to a family member. Was able to send a link through SMS to my sister and it links her to a map with the GPS device name and location shown. 3) You can turn the LED light on or off through the app so it won't give away where you hid it in the car. 4) It has an Energy Saver mode that you can set from the app to change the updates to every: 30 min (10-15 day battery life), 1 hour (15-30 day battery life), 2 hours (1-1.5 months battery life), 4 hours (1.5-2.5 months battery life), 6 hours (2-3 months battery life), 12 hours (3-4 months battery life), or 24 hours (4-6 months battery life) I noticed there's an option in the settings that let's you select "Do not show low battery warning", so I'm assuming it'll notify me if the battery is low so I can remember to re-charge it? EDIT: Yes, it warns you when the battery is low. It will give you this message: "One of your devices has a battery level of 20% or lower. If your device is set to update every 10 seconds or faster, it is now in power conserve mode and will update every 30 seconds." 5) There's a History button in the app that lets you review where the car/device has been. You can select Today or Yesterday from the quick drop-down menu, or select a specific date from the calendar. 6) There's a whole section of instructional videos inside the app and a FAQ section which are both helpful if you need it. However, it was super straightforward to set up so I didn't need to use those. 7) In the settings you can change the map type between a regular google map or satellite view map. If you change the map type, it seems to delete the fence you set. But it only takes half a sec to tap the Fence button again and reset it. Might be a minor annoyance if you have a whole lot of devices and are switching between map types frequently? 8) The time zone seems to have been automatically set to US Central time, so you may need to go into the settings and change it. But, even though I changed the time zone to be correct, it's still showing the alert on my phone with a timestamp in CST when I drive the car out of the fence. EDIT: I contacted customer service and they were able to fix this for me so time zone shows correctly now. However, due to a recent update of their app, it stopped showing fence notifications for me completely unless I had the app open constantly. Turns out it was because I'm unable to upgrade to Android 12 on my phone model, but they were still very helpful and patient and able to find a solution for me. So now it's working again just fine. They had set it up so it would send me an email notification instead, but whatever they did also magically fixed the regular app notifications somehow. So if you have any issues, they seem willing and able to help or a work-around if possible. 9) You can rename each GPS device if you have more than one so you know which one is in which car, etc. 10) You can change the icon type and icon color that shows on the map for each device! There's a lot of icons to choose from like car, pickup, semi-truck, bus, ATV, EMS, fire truck, bulldozer, bicycle, yacht.... you get the idea. 11) They have the text, phone, email and address right in the app to contact support if you need help. Can't comment on the battery life holding up yet since I just got it today, but I just put a reminder on my phone to take it out and re-charge it on weekends when no one's gonna be lurking around the parking lot in broad daylight and other residents are around. EDIT: Batteries lasted for 3 1/2 weeks from the day I first activated my device until battery completely died. I have it on updates every 3 minutes. Maybe it will vary depending on other factors for you, but for me that's how long it took. The magnet on it seems very strong, but to be fair I didn't try mounting on the outside of my car, so I can't comment on if it'll fall off or not. I stuck it to a metal part hidden inside the car. There's a good variety of plans to choose from with updates at differing intervals and discounts if you pre-pay lump sum. It says you can cancel your subscription at any time. I'm not able to pay the lump sum ones, so I went with the cheapest month to month one at $19.95/month for 3 minute updates so I'll know pretty quick if anyone's moving my car. It looks like the shortest update option is every 3 seconds if you need it that frequent. Very happy so far at how quick and easy it was to get setup. Will update this review if anything goes terribly wrong with it, but seems like it'll work for what I needed it for. Have a steering wheel lock and stuff on the way as well to hopefully deter or slow down anyone from trying again, but worst case I'll be able to track it now and tell the police where to look. EDIT: After using this for about a month and half, no earth-shattering problems. The couple of issues I had, customer service was able to resolve for me as mentioned.
Title: Small Tracker, Gives Accurate Location, Good Features
Content: I don't know about your neighborhood, but mine seems to be feeling less and less secure. Occasional random thefts (hardly ever *right* in my neighborhood) have turned into WAY too many stories of car theft in this city, and having my car parked in the driveway just no longer feels safe enough. There is now even a local Facebook group here where people band together to help others track down their stolen cars. OK, it might be time to buy a tracking device, just in case. I read lots reviews and "best-of" lists, finally deciding on this little guy. Have to say, I'm very happy with the purchase so far. The tracker itself seems VERY well-built and rugged, and the magnet is wicked strong! Small enough to easily hide on/in the vehicle. The app took a minute to fully master, but after that bit of learning curve it's very user-friendly. I like the capability to invoke several levels of battery-saver mode, and so far the length of battery life is exceeding my expectations. Only drawback: the subscription price is slightly higher than I would like - but it's tolerable for the peace of mind this thing brings. Highly Recommended.
Title: Pretty good product but has a major flaw
Content: I purchased this in January 2021 and have been using it for a little over 2 months now. It is compact and pretty discreet. The magnet seems to be really strong but I don't know how it would hold up being placed on the outside of a vehicle. I would be to afraid it would eventually fall off. There are many places where the unit can be placed depending on if you want to be discreet or not. Because it is my vehicle, I am not really trying to really hide it. It is hidden just enough so a car thief wouldn't know it was in the car and just rip it out. With that being said this is solely for me to be able to locate my vehicle in case it was ever stolen. The plans are priced reasonably and depending what your intent there is a plan for everyone. I personally did the prepaid year plan just so I could get a discount. Im still on the fence on whether I would renew it after a year or not. The app for the phone is really simple to use although if used on a computer, you have more control and options. When it works properly, the locator works pretty good. probably within 20 feet or so. If it worked like this all the time, I would have given 5 stars easily. Here is the problem... On occasion, the unit stops registering. Meaning it does not update when the car is moved and will show the previous location instead of the new location. Like I said, I've used this for a little over 2 months now and in that time the unit has failed to register the proper location 3 times for a total of 10 days. If I was using this to track a cheating significant other, it could give false positives which would cause one to become even more weary of the relationship. Not good if he/she really was at the grocery store but the unit registers another place. When this happens, one must either power cycle it or just wait for it to reregister its self. This poses a potential problem if you are tracking anything that isn't yours. It may not be feasible for you to gain or have access to the the vehicle it was originally placed on. It has to be a hard reboot, meaning you physically have to turn the unit off and back on. If you were able to control the power remotely, it wouldn't make a difference. Maybe in the future they will add this feature.. They should especially since you can control the indicator lights remotely. Knowing this now, it isn't a huge problem but if I am paying 20-25 dollars a month for a service, I expect the service to be accurate. If I were using this to track someone, I would have given it 2 stars because that is a huge flaw if someones life or future depends on it. If you are Private Investigator think 2 or 3 times before relying on this. If you are just a normal consumer wanting to track their own property, determine how important it would be if the unit didn't update for 3-4 days.
Title: Works in Canada, made in USA. Does not work in Japan. Expensive subscription.
Content: Summary: works perfectly in Canada. Did not work at all in Japan. Pros: The device arrived quickly. I called the company about connecting from another country. They answered quickly. I got a real person, an employee of the company, not a call center. Very friendly and helpful. Setup was simple, fast, and the location very exact while used in Canada. The app is fairly simple, intuitive and clear. It performed exactly as described in Canada. I needed this for tracking suitcases, because Air Canada loses hundreds daily. I liked that the global SIM (cell) service was one price no matter where it travelled (no roaming fees or other surprises). I also liked that this is a family-owned company in Illinois, that the device is made in the USA. (I looked at another device on Amazon, Tracki, but it's made in China, which I would not trust with my data.) The LandAirSea unit is magnetic, which helps for secure installation. Happy with this product for use in Canada, bought a second unit on that basis. Cons: I bought this for international use, but my device did not work in Japan, at all. It turned on and was registered properly, worked great in Canada, but in almost two weeks of driving around Japan, including time in Tokyo, it never once connected to a cell network. As soon as it landed back in Canada, it connected seamlessly and worked perfectly, so the problem was with the cell service. Japan has 100 percent cell coverage, so the problem is not the device or the signal availability; it may be with the MVNO cell service reseller that LandAirSea uses as a provider. The tracker just could not get a signal in Japan, anywhere. LandAirSea should be talking to the company that is supposed to be providing them with "global" cell coverage, because they are not providing as promised in Japan. Some people mention the monthly subscription. The monthly fee ($20) is obviously more than a tag that works by just Bluetooth, but I needed the global live tracking, so it would have been worth it to me as an occasional expense. For the company, I would strongly suggest that they include the option for users to install their own e-sim, just like on a phone. In my case, I can get a Ubigi data e-sim for a month for Japan for a fraction of what this costs, and Ubigi works perfectly. On balance, this would be a good product for someone with a fleet of rental vehicles, who is making money to offset the monthly fee. I hope they can bring the cost down and allow user-installed e-sims that work overseas, to make this product more useful and affordable for luggage tracking.
Title: atencion a clientes estupenda pero no funciono
Content: Primero que nada deben de saber que si van a comprar este dispostivo necesitan contratar con la compañia un plan para que funcione ya dependera de ustedes por cuanto tiempo la quieran usar.Por otra parte para mi en la ciudad de mexico no me sirvio, pero el servicio a clientes fue bueno la mayoria del tiempo lo unico malo es que no contestan en el numero que se proporciona pero no tuve ningun problema para la devolucion de dinero de mi renta y el producto ya que no me funciono. Por cierto yo solo hable al servicio en ingles por lo que no sabria decirles si en español les pueden solicitar el mismo servicio
Title: Easy set up
Content: Device was so easy to set up and worked immediately.

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  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: The 54 GPS tracker has a longer battery life and is more reliable than any other GPS tracker on the market.
  • ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY & LOCATION TRACKING: Our signal strength is incomparable and offers real-time, international location tracking.
  • MAGNET STRENGTH & COMPACT: Compact, waterproof with a built-in super strength magnet. This is the strongest magnet designed for a GPS tracker.
  • SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED: Multiple devices can be tracked with 1 account. Each unit requires a subscription. Volume discounts available
  • MADE IN THE USA (from domestic and imported parts): From design to assembly and to the written manual, all of our products are assembled in Illinois
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