TestMarket - Aegend Swim Goggles - Limited-Time Promo! Up to 55% Off!

Aegend Swim Goggles - Limited-Time Promo! Up to 55% Off!

Jan 15, 2024 05:14 am
Aegend Swim Goggles - Limited-Time Promo! Up to 55% Off!
Brand Name: Aegend
Category: Goggles
Seller Name: Aegend Official
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 62437
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Title: Literally the best ones i have ever used.
Content: for years I have struggled to find the perfect goggles for swimming, most of them get water in them and don't fit well enough. these ones are perfect, they fit me perfectly and they never get water in them, and they are just so comfortable compared to others and you can see so clear. just perfect.
Title: Crystal Clear
Content: These Goggles are fantastic. They are crystal clear under water, comfortable, and easy to adjust. They are also good looking. I ordered an orange tint for when I wear my orange trunks and a pink tint for when I wear my pink and blue trunks😀
Title: These are pretty awesome for the price--way better than Speedo
Content: Great value here. I got these because my $30 Speedos not only bothered my eyelids, they had some sort of coating the scratched terribly when I tried to clean them with a dry microfiber! They lasted me maybe 5x at the pool so what a waste. I would post a pic but this app isn't allowing me to use my camera for some reason... I took a chance on these and have been using then 2-3x a week for 2 months now. They are really good. I swimb about 45 each time. Everything in the ad is true and they fit me great. Almost never a leak, I like the look, I like the protective case, I like the strap and I like that wiping then doesn't essentially ruin them like my Speedos. They fog up a tiny bit after 10 minutes or so. They also seem to distort the view just a bit, I would say they're maybe like 1.25 reading glasses but it doesn't bother me at all. Highly recommend.
Title: So far, so great
Content: The goggles are comfortable, they don't leak, they are high-quality, all for $12.99. I've tried more expensive goggles from Aqua Sphere (Vista model - returned when they fell apart) and Tyr (good goggles, but a bit small), and these are superior in many ways, especially for the money. I will continue to use them and if problems arise, I will edit my post to update it. But so far, there's no need to spend a ton of money on expensive goggles when these are available. Update: after 8 months, I haven't changed any of my thoughts on these googles. They are perfect for me. This fall, when I move to an indoor poor, I will get a pair with clear lenses, to account for the light in the pool, if they are too dark. I haven't read any of the negative comments here. One thing: swimming goggles just aren't going to be 100% comfortable, but you can get close. If they're noticeably uncomfortable, you've either got the wrong goggles or don't have your adjusted properly - or they're old and need replacing. Goggles fit around the most sensitive areas of the face, and if they don't have some pressure on them, they leak. But they shouldn't need a lot of pressure. What's more important is finding the right goggles for your face. I've tried a number of different types and brands; some fit, others sort-of fit, and still others don't fit at all. I don't think that comments about goggle-fit are any good in selecting a pair, because of the differences in people's heads and faces - you just have to try them on. There is a test you can use before you get in the water (it's quick, and if it determines the goggles don't fit, you can return them opened but unused): Open any packaging carefully, so you don't break or tear it, and save it. Before removing any protective cover on the lens and before using them in the water, place them on your face, and press lightly WITHOUT placing the strap around your head (let it flop on top of your head), but holding them in place with your hands. If they don't feel comfortable at this first step, try moving them around a bit (not much room to work with there, though), or adjusting the nose-piece, if that can be done, and again lightly press them on. If they're still uncomfortable, they're not for you. If they are comfortable, pressing them on again lightly. Experiment with the amount of pressure you use - when I press on my goggles for this fit-test, I listen for a small amount of air escaping from inside the goggles. Next, even more lightly, pull the goggles away from your face - you should feel slight suction on your skin. No suction means they will leak. Try this several times, with varying degrees of pressure on your face. If you get suction without discomfort, move to the next step. If suction only comes with discomfort, try some other goggles. If both eye-pieces slightly resist being pulled away from your face (you've got suction!), press them lightly again (again, experiment with degrees of pressure without discomfort) and let go of them (remember, no strap at the back of the head). If they immediately fall off your face, there's inadequate suction, and they will leak, either one eye-piece or both. If they stay for a few moments, then you probably have a good, leak-proof fit. (I'm not sure if using them will cause more flexibility and a better fit, but am not willing to chance it.) Finally, set the strap so that it is too loose for you, then gradually adjust it so that it pulls on the goggles gently. You simply want to maintain good suction as you swim, and you don't need to have the goggles jammed onto your face by the strap in order to do that. With good starting suction, you really only need enough tension on the strap to keep the goggles firmly in place - something that can be achieved by adjusting the location of the strap on your head, without even adjusting it's length. It's important to have the strap in a stable position, usually on the crown of your head. Finding the optimum place on your head with the minimum of tension on the strap will make for more comfortable wear - and probably longer life for the strap, which is often the first thing to go if the goggles start to deteriorate from use. The Aegend goggles fit me with all these tests, so I highly recommend them. Even if they only last a year, that will still save me money over the more expensive goggles which don't do as good a job.
Title: Great customer support, but blurry underwater for me.
Content: I'm a casual lap swimmer who swims 30 minutes every day. Needed some decent goggles and saw the Aegend brand was a highly rated bestseller. I first ordered the mirrored version of this lens which is essentially identical to this clear version. Was really excited to hit the pool when I received the goggles. Love the strap system on these Aegends which adjust on the back and has a quick release button...my other goggles have a little short strap that adjusts at the temple and it drives me crazy. Goggles are very comfortable and never fogged up during my swim. Nice field of view. What's the issue then? These goggles are perfectly fine and clear above water, but blurry underwater. The blurriness is like a prism effect. My local YMCA has small tiles and with these goggles the tile lines were duplicated several times over. The effect isn't bad and perhaps some may be able to live with it, but it was annoying to me. Contacted Aegend customer service and they asked if I was myopic (no) and offered to send a replacement free of charge including a choice of couple different models. I chose instead to return the mirrored version and rebuy this clear one thinking perhaps the mirrored tint had something to do with it. Second pair of goggles arrived and same thing--clear above water and blurry underwater. Aegend says not everybody's eyeballs are built the same and again offered to replace the goggle free of charge including to their flat lens which shouldn't have the blurry prism effect. I declined since I know the strap design on their flat lens goggle would drive me crazy. So in summary--these goggles are great and customer support is first rate. But I cannot give the goggles 5 stars since they didn't work for my eye profile and caused everything underwater to be blurry. Doesn't seem like the majority of people buying these goggles have the same issue though so I wouldn't hesitate buying them to see if they work for you. UPDATE 2/14/17. I'm revising my review to 5-stars. Aegend once again contacted me and tried to make things right. They had another swim goggles with the clasp on the back like the one for this product but with a flat lens (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTXI8SV). These new goggle work great and are clear underwater. Can't say enough about a company that stands by their products like Aegend.
Title: Good quality!
Content: Perfect fit, good quality and very comfortable! I have bought it twice, for me and my son and he love it too!!

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