TestMarket - 🔥 Act Fast! Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery (1056Wh) - Limited Time Offer

🔥 Act Fast! Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery (1056Wh) - Limited Time Offer

May 20, 2024 02:18 pm
🔥 Act Fast! Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery (1056Wh) - Limited Time Offer
Brand Name: Anker
Category: Generators
Seller Name: AnkerDirect
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 241
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Title: Amazing Power - UPS Mode - Great Utility (Update)
Content: Note (Original review for main unit at end - most recent (about expansion batteries) top). 4/14: Finally - Firmware Update Fixes External Battery Issue A few days ago Firmware 1.4.3 came out - looks like this has fixed the issue where when using the battery as an UPS and pull power for long periods of time then reconnect power - charging would refuse to happen unless one powered down/back up the external battery. Been using my C1000 + external battery now for awhile to power my office from 4pm - 9am (averaging 70% of the external battery to 100% of external battery). Been working great (got in the habit of manually pressing the external battery button to power it down/back on every morning - so it would charge at 9am - looks like I don't have to do any anymore). :D Very happy with these batteries! Got my power setup for years to come. 3/10: Latest Update External battery still needs me to press the main button on/off for charging to happen almost every day (running on batteries all night, then smart switch turns power back on, the unit won't charge till I turn on/off the expansion battery via front button), which is a little frustrating but not a deal breaker since it's right next to me. I bought a set of 120mm silent fans to cool both units, they seem to keep the fans off for the most part while running on battery or UPS pass through power (internal fans always run when charging - but very low). Most of my usage is <70F. Putting a desk fan on the device's vents instantly drops the internal temperature 10+F so it looks like it wants to sit around 80F in UPS mode. So I wouldn't put this in a closet or in a place that has closed ventilation. Build Quality? It's plastic. But heavy duty plastic. But for $650 I wasn't expecting a metal chassis I guess. Low fan noise is barely audible and doesn't sound bad. The included cables are VERY short and very bulky. The unit does not creak when carrying it around and it feels like it could survive a good drop. Note: When I first got the unit, no amount of pressing and holding the power button turned the device on. Was initially worried but once plugging it into the wall, everything started operating like normal. Seriously considering the attachment battery as it would effectively double my ability to power the house in an outage (right now estimated at around 11-15 hours without conserving). The Anker app is great - I just wish it had more features and ability to record power usage instead of having a few second stats view. But I can't complain, it does what it does well - have had no problems with it. Will report back as I continue to use this device daily.
Title: Quality of unit
Content: Love the price, although I seen it on sale for $20. Off my cheap price. Hooked it up first time to charge, wow is it fast to charge from 85 to 100%. Fits in 4runner great. Small and powerful. This battery is something else. Have had a gold zero for 5 years now. Glad I made the upgrade to lifepo4. Soo much easier to use. Always thought I needed a little more. Well I got it. This little unit will run anything you could have on the road. Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatible. You can run it and dometic fridge from 100 feet away. All bluetooth compatible. Easy to down load and run on iPad or phones. Would buy it again. Awesome Anker.😃
Title: Powering my Northstar SC 650 truck camper
Content: Update: After purchasing the solix C1000 and then partnering it with the BP1000, I have doubled the output watts I desire to power my northstar sc650 truck camper over a longer offgrid experience. Although I've not tested it on a multi day trip yet, but testing over several hours and running the things I normally would on shore power, I am extremely happy with what it can now power over extended periods of time. Literally running multiple items from our microwave, furnace, hot water heater, and more, when plugged into the surge pad socket with a 15 amp cord I am essentially running everything I need when I need it. The BP1000 discharges first and then will consume power from the C1000 and Vice-versa when charging the system back up. I believe that the system is setup this way so that the user will always have control over power charging and discharging The system does not have a pass through charge function but rather works like a UPS system in the sense that when plugged into shore power and backcharging, if power is needed to run something, the system will stop charging and immediately switch into ups mode and power what you need in the moment. Our plan is to use this system in campgrounds during quiet hours when gas generators cannot be used. Based on our particular wants & needs, I Would highly recommend. I wanted something small but that packed a high watt output when I need it. So far, so good. Boondocking in my northstar truck camper I am able to backpower the entire camper with the Solix C1000 for about a 24 hour period. This depends of course on what I am running. Occasional microwave oven use, my fridge on propane setting, lights, water pump, even the hot water heater and hot air furnace, again, limited high use items. Only used so far on 2 overnight trips. Next morning I use an 1800-2200 watt generator to power the anker back to full from about 15% only drawing a set watt charge of about 750. The generators rpm only increase a little bit and the anker is charged in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I could increase my charge watts to 1000 and be done inside of 50 minutes or less but I want to break the unit in several charge cycles first and I like running my generator on eco mode. The anker is not heavy at only 28 lbs and I can set it up on my campers kitchen counter or just about anyplace else inside my rig. I bought it for $650 from amazon, anker Direct, and it shipped to my house in under 5 days and came in just under $700 total, a great buy in my opinion. I am looking to eventually buy the expansion battery to give more power in depth but am in no rush at this point. I am 100% satisfied with this small yet powerful unit. It definitely lives up to what it says it can do, also, the app is simply incredible. Great job to the folks at anker. Highly recommended, just do your homework on what you plan to use it for. I've been a goal zero fan for years but it's the older led acid yeti 400 and 1250 units. Great products and they still work great, I also have the ego nexus system and run 7.5 amp batteries on it, again, great units all around but this anker system takes the cake. Size, weight, power output, and charge times is what sold me!! Happy shopping.
Title: Powered small appliances
Content: I’ve only had this power station for a while, but it has already saved me from a long power outage that started from 9am to 3am the following day. I was able to use my 1500w kettle to heat up water for my coffee and 1500w microwave to heat up a TV dinner, power my internet router and landline phone all day, watch TV for a few hours, and charge my phone. WHAT I LIKED: -Can easily view remaining battery charge + input/output levels from the power station itself. -Has an easy to use app that allows to modify settings. -I was even able to use this as a UPS for my internet router when the power kept going off and on. My internet router switched to the power station without rebooting. -Although heavy, it is still light enough to move from one area to another without a problem. -Includes wall plug and solar panel plug (solar panel to be purchased separately). GOOD TO KNOW: -Can get a bit noisy when powering high wattage appliances. -Charge goes down quite fast when powering high wattage appliances like a microwave or kettle.
Title: Does what it says it will
Content: Purchased this powerbank to take to our off grid cottage to use for my wifes Cpac machine and hearing aids so we don’t have to run the generator all the time. Received the product ahead of quoted delivery date and with no damage. We opened package and charged the unit. We did a test at home that night ran the Cpack (wih all normal setting same as usual) charged hearing aids,apple watch, and iphone for 8hrs the unit was down to around 35%. The fit and finish of the unit is very good . Time will tell how the unit will hold up as of now I would recomend this product.
Title: Very Good
Content: Good back-up for the Motorhome

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  • 10-Year Lifespan, 3,000 Battery Cycles: Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery features our proprietary long-lasting technology InfiniPower. The expansion battery powers up for over 3,000 battery cycles—or every day for 10 years.
  • Double Anker SOLIX C1000 Capacity to 2112Wh: Get twice the capacity with Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery, exclusively designed for Anker SOLIX C1000.
  • 100% AC Recharging in Under 2 Hours: Just plug in Anker SOLIX C1000 and Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery at home, turn on UltraFast mode in the Anker app, and in 2 hours, you're fully charged.
  • Compact, Now 25% Smaller: Less bulk, more space, no sacrifices in power. Easily carry Anker SOLIX BP1000 Expansion Battery and Anker SOLIX C1000 and power up the campsite.
  • Safe and Secure Charging: Enjoy safe charging every time you plug in thanks to a 3-Point Safe Charging Clasp.
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