TestMarket - Hurry! Snag Your Discount on VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen (3 Pcs). Limited-Time Promo!

Hurry! Snag Your Discount on VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen (3 Pcs). Limited-Time Promo!

Jan 15, 2024 09:01 am
Hurry! Snag Your Discount on VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Pen (3 Pcs). Limited-Time Promo!
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Title: VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Kit - Excellent Product and I’ll tell you why:
Content: :In researching many of the teeth whitening products here on amazon(.)com and .ca, it looks like most of them are either 35% Carbamide Peroxide or 3% - 10% Hydrogen Peroxide … many of the other teeth whitening gels or pens just plain don’t even tell you what they contain. One of my google search results showed: The main difference between hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide is that hydrogen peroxide is an effective whitening agent by itself. On the other hand, carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide in it. For every 30% of carbamide peroxide, there is also 10% of hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, Hydrogen peroxide breaks down faster than carbamide peroxide, so it releases most of its whitening power within 30–60 minutes. Carbamide peroxide, on the other hand, releases about 50% of its whitening power in the first two hours and can remain active for up to six additional hours. Personally, I find both equally as effective and I don’t have a preference either way. This product really covers all of the bases and here’s why: It comes with three 5mL whitening gel syringes and one 5mL (blue) Remineralizing and Desensitizing gel syringe. It also includes: 1 universal mouth tray – which means anyone can use it; 2 moldable teeth trays so you can mold them to your own teeth, a lightweight LED light device with a carrying case. See my pics. BEST OF ALL there are three ways that you can use this system: 1: you can use it with the universal tray (one set for you and one for your spouse?) 2: you can use it with the molded tray 3: you can use it *without* a tray and just apply the gel directly to your teeth and use the light **HELFUL HINT: the brochure says you can use a Q-tip to apply the gel to the teeth, however, I prefer to use a very small makeup brush as I find it more precise. SEE PICTURES Re: Remineralize and Desensitizing (R & D) Gel I found there wasn’t adequate information in the brochure about the R & D gel, so I looked through the customer Q & A’s … lots of people were asking about it. They were all as confused as I regarding the fact that the package contained 15 mL total of whitening gel and only 5 mL of R & D gel. So I sent an email to the address in the brochure and this is the response: —————————————————————————————————- To answer your question, not everyone is sensitive to whitening gels, the blue gel is not required for everyone. Furthermore, after the first or second treatment, your teeth have become used to the whitening and the blue gel is no longer required. Ok … that answers the question of Desensitizing, but what about Remineralizing? Well, after a little more research I found that there are a few things that you can naturally do to increase remineralization, like ‘produce more saliva (chew sugar-free gum), improve diet, avoid acidic food and drinks, etc., but most importantly, use a toothpaste that helps to remineralize teeth like Sensodyne Pronamel. As a matter of fact there is a great article on their website about Remineralizing teeth. Amazon does not allow reviewers to post outside links so just google: 6 Ways to Help Remineralize Teeth. Taste: The taste/flavor did not bother me at all. Sensitivity: I have receding gums (hereditary) and sometimes my teeth get a little sensitive, but this product did not bother me at all. Yes, I did feel a bit of tingling, but it did not hurt or irritate my gums. I alternate my toothpaste Colgate Optic White and Sensodyne which helps a lot. Viebeauti Customer Service: Excellent! Considering I reached out via email on Friday (Easter weekend), and received a very kind response bright and early Monday morning with answers to my questions about the blue gel, and with an apology for not responding more quickly because they were closed over Easter. 10/10 for CS. TIPS AND TRICKS 1. If using this product without the trays use a tiny makeup brush. This will help you avoid your gums. SEE PICTURES 2. I am notorious for clenching my teeth and it gives me a headache. So to avoid having to tighten my lips and clench my teeth so much to keep the light positioned, I fashioned myself a kind of ‘holder’ by making a small slice in a hairband (just large enough to secure the light). SEE PICTURE You may not need anything like this but it sure make my life easier. 3. If the back of your teeth are badly stained as well, your might want to consider doing what I did … apply about 3mL to the front portion of the tray and about 2mL to the back portion. The back of my teeth are now just as sparkling white as the front. 4. You *can* eat after a treatment, just DON’T eat anything that would stain your teeth for a few hours. For example, you can drink water, milk, 7-up, etc, and eat non-staining foods … apples, turkey sandwich, etc., BUT AVOID: coffee/tea, red wine, Coke, blueberries, spaghetti sauce, etc. I’m sure you get it!  In closing, I want to say that I highly recommend this product. It has worked very well for me and I will continue using it. SEE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES. So FULL DISCLOSURE … this is NOT the first whitening product I have used. - Colgate Optic White PEN. I really liked that a lot and found it worked well. - Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. I also liked this one as well and it is the least expensive of them all. It does whiten nicely. No complaints. - AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen – the thing that irritated me was that neither on their product description page nor in the product brochure did they mention the ingredients. I had to google it and found the answer on the Walmart product page and on the AsaVea website but the packaging is different, so it just makes me wonder … ??? - THE BEST SO FAR: VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Kit *My before and after pictures were taken after the above products were used but not before VieBeauti was used and the AFTER picture was used after 3 treatments of VieBeauti. I WAS EVEN SHOCKED WHEN I COMPARED THE PICTURES … which are not edited in any way other than cropping. This product did the most whitening and the fastest whitening. ***This review was not solicited nor have I had any communication with the seller other than the answer to my question. I have profited in no way whatsoever for this review.***
Title: Even my Dentist was pleased!!
Content: I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks! Of that two weeks, I have had about 6-8 ten minute treatments and one 20 minute treatments. I have sensitive teeth so I wanted to start slow! I have not had to use the blue sensitivity pen as of yet, even with back to back treatments (the next day) or when I did the 20 minutes. When I went to my dentist after the last treatment (which was the 20 minute), she made a comment about how nice my teeth look (white) before I could mention the whitening! When I told her about the kit I bought, she said it’s definitely working, even pointing out a few spots towards the back that I missed! She said she could tell where I had used the whitener vs teeth that didn’t get as much (or missed). We had a laugh but she said it’s a true testament of how good the product works!! And that was just after 2 weeks! All that said, I highly recommend!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Title: Just started using
Content: My teeth are very sensitive and I’ve struggled with many whitening products. After the first use I did notice some improvement with this product, and no sensitivity issues which was huge. It comes with two different trays, one that can be molded to your teeth and the other is a universal size tray. I only used the universal tray so far, I feel like I’ll probably get better results with the molded tray though.
Title: It really does work!
Content: I normally don’t write reviews but felt the need to with this product as I was a bit skeptical before purchasing. Just like most people, I try to avoid dentist visits but I’ve recently been contemplating about getting my teeth whitened. I figured I’d try a kit before going in for an appointment and found this product. Long story short, the product works! I used it as directed once a day for a full week and the image is the results. Instead of inserting the gel onto the tray, I would place the gel on my teeth then precisely cover all my front teeth with a a-tip as I found it easier to avoid contact with the gums and better placement of the gel. I intend to continue using it for another week. The image is just the results with the product alone, no other whitening products like whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, etc. Just regular brushing with cavity prevention toothpaste. My teeth are going to be visibly white once treatment is done!
Title: Seems to work very early
Content: I've only been using this product for 3 days but already notice a difference. I usually leave it in for 2-3 cycles (20-30 mins). It says to use the blue gel to help with teeth sensitivity but I don't experience any pain or sensitivity after using so no need to use the gel. I will say that making sure enough gets on the mouthpiece can be a bit challenging so I instead use a cotton swab and apply the gel onto my teeth directly before using the LED light.
Title: Finally, an affordable product that ACTUALLY works
Content: I love coffee but I know my teeth don't. I was going to splurge on an expensive Zoom treatment from my dentist but figured I'd try one of these DIY products first just as an experiment. I could not be happier with the results. First picture is before I started. The second picture is after 4 days of treatments for 30 minutes per evening. I'm excited to see what they will look like after a full 10 days. This will be my go-to treatment for whitening my teeth a couple times per year.

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  • ELIMINATE SURFACE STAINS WITH EASE - Use our convenient Teeth Whitening Pen to quickly and easily eliminate surface stains from foods and beverages, such as coffee, wine, spaghetti sauce, and more. The gentle yet effective pen contains essential ingredients that are powerful enough to lift several years' worth of stains, including carbamide peroxide, potassium sorbate, and polysorbate 20. You can see and experience the difference for yourself with the use of our at-home teeth whitening pens.
  • GENTLE ENOUGH TO USE DAILY - Begin brightening and whitening your teeth within seconds using our mint-flavored whitening system. These pens are gentle on the teeth and safe to apply twice daily. All it takes is roughly 30 seconds per application to fight those unwanted stains and get the whiter, healthier-looking teeth you've always wanted. With repeated use of our product, you can get your teeth up to EIGHT shades whiter than before.
  • EASY TO APPLY TO EACH TOOTH - We've created a stress-free and straightforward system, making it easy for you to apply the teeth whitening gel to each tooth without a mess. You won't have to deal with slippery strips or other products that leak and get all over the place during the application process. Our innovative product consists of easy-to-use teeth whitening swabs that you can twist to release the whitening solution and then apply within seconds for beautiful white teeth in no time.
  • COMPACT & PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - Use our convenient product at home or on the go. It's compact, lightweight, and mess-free, making it the perfect product to pack in your suitcase when you're going on a vacation or visiting loved ones. Other whitening products are bulky and difficult to travel with, but you won't have that problem using our effective and pain-free product.
  • GET PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WHITENING AT HOME - Who says you need to visit the dentist to get whiter teeth that shine and sparkle? When you want to have teeth that look healthy, clean, and vibrant, our Teeth Whitening Pen is the perfect solution. It's an affordable option compared to in-office whitening that still provides impressive results. Be sure to track your progress by taking before and after photos to see the difference our solution makes.
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