TestMarket - Time-Sensitive Deal: Ebitcam Cellular Trail Cameras Gen 3.0 with SD - Limited Stock!

Time-Sensitive Deal: Ebitcam Cellular Trail Cameras Gen 3.0 with SD - Limited Stock!

Jan 14, 2024 09:18 pm
Time-Sensitive Deal: Ebitcam Cellular Trail Cameras Gen 3.0 with SD - Limited Stock!
Brand Name: Ebitcam
Category: Game & Trail Cameras
Seller Name: Chigao
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 1190
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Title: Happy I purchased these cameras!
Content: I got two of these to use as security cameras, and for the price, I couldn't be happier. I've had them both up for about two and a half months, and so far, the batteries are holding up with just the solar panels. That was a concern of mine, since they are on an off-grid property in the Pacific NW and 12ft up a tree, I didn't want to have to keep taking them down to charge the batteries. Considering all the rain and cloudy days here, the fact that neither of them have perfect sun exposure (maybe an hour and a half of sunlight per day right now, around winter solstice), and I haven't kept the solar panels clean, I've been impressed. The batteries stayed at 100% for the first month or so, and have depleted to about half as of this writing, however I am pretty certain that once the days get a little longer, and I can get up to clean the solar panels, they will be back at 100% in no time. Picture quality is more than good enough for me, however I don't have experience with other cameras in this price range to compare with. The cameras both get one bar of service and work just fine, but I'm not sure if that affects the in-app video quality or not. In the higher quality HD mode, the picture is quite good, but if there is movement in the frame, it will tend to degrade the sharpness of the entire video a little bit. Don't expect smart phone quality HD video... but for what it is, a stand-alone camera that doesn't need to be plugged in, doesn't need wi-fi, and can be accessed from your phone anywhere there is cell service, it does its job well. The lower quality SD mode isn't as useful for me, so I tend not to use it as much, but it could be a huge data saver if you are accessing the camera a lot. I really like having the night vision mode! The built-in IR spotlights are bright enough to illuminate the small clearing they're pointed at, and bright enough to light up the treeline on the other side, at about 120ft away! Image sharpness is, understandably, reduced at night. I don't think I would be able to tell if movement on the other side of the clearing is a human or a deer at night, other than by how it moves. At 60-80ft it would be pretty obvious. But the motion detection of the camera isn't that far anyway, so not a big deal. As for the motion detection, it's far enough away to be useful for me, although it could be a little further. Again, for a cellular trail cam at this price range, it's not a deal-breaker for me. At 12ft above the ground the cameras will detect me walking anywhere from 30-40 feet from the base of the tree. It is not always a consistent distance for me, but they do consistently detect movement. The detection distance seems to be a little less at night. I also get very few false alerts (maybe one or two per week) from rain, spiderwebs, etc., despite the sensitivity being on the highest setting, and spider webs dangling in front of the lenses on both cameras! Really the only time I get false alerts is when it is very windy, and even then it is not bad. Set up was easy and straight forward, just follow the instructions. The cameras came with everything that is needed, which is really nice. I think the data plans are fair for what you get, but as others have said, the free trial goes fast. They are very efficient with the SD card storage as well. In the two and a half months of operation, both cameras have used about 12% of their total storage with the included SD card (32GB, if I remember correct). Mounting the cameras was pretty easy, though it was a little tricky to get the tree strap around one of my larger diameter trees, at the top of a ladder. I would maybe recommend just screwing in the mounting plate if you can, I didn't want to damage this particular tree though, so I opted for the strap. Pan and tilt feature is a definite bonus, and works well, though the controls lag a bit in the app. To be expected. For me, the pan and tilt feature just allows for easier setup and mounting. Once they were up I determined the best angle to point the cameras, and that's mostly where they stay. All said and done, I can definitely recommend this camera. I am quite happy I purchased these, and will be buying a couple more in the near future!
Title: High quality with multiple function, great night vision, tile and pan trail camera
Content: This is a high quality, sturdy trail camera packed with dozens of features that I will describe below. The bottom line is that this is a great product that should be seriously considered when you shop for outdoor cameras. The app is packed with feature and the process from unboxing, through provisioning and installation is a breeze. Not to mention a 4G connection that comes with it, bundled for first 30 days. Unboxing: The camera unboxing is pretty straight forward. All the items are packed very professionally and the booklet instructions are easy to read. I charged the camera for few hours and it was ready to go. Installation of simcard, sdcard, Solar Panel (yes, it comes with a Solar panel which is great!) - all takes literally seconds. I was kinda amazed how fast you can bring it up from zero to fully functioning product. They did a great job providing multiple options for mounting which I'll explain next. App and connectivity: The app is great. It works well, no issues, super easy to connect the camera to the app. Literally seconds. The 4G connection is up, the app can talk to the camera and it's just works! no hassle. This is what you'd expect from such high end product and I'm super happy to have it working so fast. The app itself has literally dozens of features. From SD/Cloud access, knobs for lots lots of stuff like sensitivity and much much more. I really like the tile/pan feature of this app. I have Arlo cameras which are static and this is a great addition to my outdoor cameras. Picture, 4G, Replay: The picture is super clear. You can control the definition, you can save BW if needed. At night, I really like the flooding light that helps the camera to bring a high quality picture. The 4G connectivity is great. I had doubts in the beginning but zero issues and it works so well. Better than WiFi! I can replay and manage my internal storage. It has cloud storage as well but I did not use it. As I mentioned, the pan/tilt is one of my favorite features of this product. Great job! Mounting on my pal tree was easy. I already said it comes with multiple options for mounting. I really like the strap which makes it super easy to mount. Love it! Solar panel - great feature. They thought of everything! Don't need to worry or deal with charging. It takes care of it. And the camouflage - what a great idea. I like it hidden in my backyard. Overall, this is a great product packed with many features, works well with zero issues. I had few questions to customer support and they helped me. The app is very detailed and if you need help to operate something, they help you to find the right knob in the app. This is a highly recommended device. Don't skip it!

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  • 【Comes with 4G SIM Card and 300M Trial Data】 Activate the cellular trail camera's 4G LTE network (support Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) with the included SIM card in areas without Wi-Fi. Perfect for outdoor locations like wildlife areas, farms, job sites, barns, zoos, and so on. The trial data can be activated once the 4g trail camera connects 4G network, and is available in the first month. Data plans can be renewed with $14.90/3G per month through UBox after the trial data runs out.
  • 【Remote Phone Access & 2K Live Streaming】No matter whether you are at home or outdoors, you can access and control this solar trail camera remotely by using your smartphone easily. Enjoy 2K live video and images of what your wireless game camera captures and share them with your family using the UBox App.
  • 【Continuous Power from Solar Panel & Battery】 Equipped with a 6W solar panel and a high-capacity battery to offer the solar powered cellular game camera non-stop power. It works solar-powered and battery-powered, making it ideal for places where electricity is not available, like wildlife areas.
  • 【Motion Activated Alerts & Playback via Phone】 This live feed trail camera reduce false alarms with intelligent motion detection, receive real-time alerts on your phone, and store vivid videos and precious images to an included SD card or cloud service. Easily review the footage on your phone anytime!
  • 【360° Full Coverage of Clear View Day and Night】 This deer camera capture detailed 2K resolution videos and images of wildlife with IR LEDs for clear visibility day and night. The wildlife camera offers a 355° pan, 100° tilt, and 4X digital zoom for full coverage. IP65's waterproof and concealable appearance can be used in wild areas.
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