TestMarket - New Offers to Score - Chair Leg Floor Protectors for Hardwood Floors - 40Pcs Silicone Covers to Protect Floors - Square (Clear-L Fit 1.1"-1.5") - Save 15%

New Offers to Score - Chair Leg Floor Protectors for Hardwood Floors - 40Pcs Silicone Covers to Protect Floors - Square (Clear-L Fit 1.1"-1.5") - Save 15%

Jan 15, 2024 08:07 am
New Offers to Score - Chair Leg Floor Protectors for Hardwood Floors - 40Pcs Silicone Covers to Protect Floors - Square (Clear-L Fit 1.1"-1.5") - Save 15%
Brand Name: BUMACO
Category: Furniture Pads
Seller Name: BUMACO-US
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 9151
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Title: Easy on and protects the floor while being easy to move the chair.
Content: Couldn't find leg caps for dining chairs with metal legs that fit. About ready to give up when I saw these. They fit, are easy to put on and do the job.
Title: Love these!
Content: I bought new stools and needed to protect my floors. These are perfect. Easy to put on and they don’t wiggle about. I bought the size smaller and had to return them. These were perfect.
Title: Preserve Your Floors
Content: Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ (4/5) With the BUMACO Chair Leg Floor Protectors, you can easily protect your floors without giving up the freedom that comes with having moveable furniture. These silicone coverings for chair legs and furniture feet are a great way to protect your floors from unsightly marks like scuffs and dents that can be created by metal or wooden legs and feet. Protecting your flooring investment has never been easier than with these floor protectors, which include a wide range of compatibility, a sturdy build, and a simple installation process. Safeguarding the Floor Efficiently (5/5): The BUMACO Protectors are excellent at their intended function of preventing damage to your flooring caused by chair legs. These coverings are made from premium silicone and provide a cushioned layer between your furniture and the floor. They do a great job of protecting floors from damage caused by the rearranging and shifting of furniture. These protectors offer dependable safety for hardwood, tile, laminate, and other flooring types. Flexibility in Use (5 out of 5): The BUMACO chair leg floor protectors stand out due to their adaptability. These pads are versatile, as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including circles, squares, and everything in between. Larger chair legs and heavier furniture will benefit from the size (1.3"-2"). Because of their versatility, these covers can be used on a wide variety of chairs and sofas around the house. Long-Lasting Build Quality (4 out of 5): These guards are built with a high-quality silicone that will last a long time. It's a good compromise between comfort and durability, so you won't have to worry about excessive wear and tear. The guards are built to survive the wear and tear of regular use, although it's worth noting that they may show signs of wear after a while, especially in heavily traveled regions. Easy Setup (5 out of 5): The BUMACO Chair Leg Floor Protectors are simple to set up due to their user-friendly design. The silicone is stretchy enough to just slide onto the legs of a piece of furniture, so there's no need for glue or any other accessories. The tight fit keeps the shields in place while you walk around. However, make sure the protection is centered so it doesn't move around or get placed unevenly. Aesthetic Quality 4 out of 5 These protectors' major focus is on function, but their transparent and sleek form allows them to complement a wide range of furniture and decor. The clear silicone will not detract from the aesthetic value of your furniture legs' original finish. There are, however, alternative chair leg protectors on the market that come in a variety of colors and patterns if you're looking for something more aesthetically pleasing. Pricing/Value (4.5/5): The BUMACO Chair Leg Floor Protectors are reasonably priced taking into account the floor protection they provide and how simple they are to apply. There may be less expensive ways to secure your flooring, but the consistency of these protectors and their compatibility with various pieces of furniture make them well worth the price. **Summary:** Protect your floors from damage caused by furniture legs with the help of the BUMACO Chair Leg Floor Protectors. These silicone covers for chair legs and furniture feet protect floors from damage, are compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, and can be installed in seconds. Although their major purpose is functionality, their straightforward design and high quality make them a good option for homeowners concerned with the durability and aesthetics of their flooring.
Title: Fit on square or round legs
Content: Got these to protect my new wood floors and have been very happy so far. It's been about 12 weeks, and they are holding up well and doing their job. The rubber is completely clear (not yellowish) and they fit on both my square chair legs and the round ones.
Title: Fit great on wood dining chairs and well enough on folding chairs
Content: We were hosting a large family dinner and wanted to protect the hardwood floors from folding chairs. I was worried these wouldn't fit on thinner folding chair legs but the silicone cup is 'sticky' enough that it held on well to the legs/feet and stayed in place all night. I was very pleased with performance and would recommend these for every day use prior special events with folding chairs.
Title: Great the first time, but.....
Content: I ordered these several months to a year ago and loved them! I did think it was kind of odd that they arrived in a clear, unlabeled bag, but they saved my floors and my nerves and lasted for months! The elasticity does eventually wear out and they started falling off so I ordered them again. This time they came in a labeled box, but only lasted a couple weeks before they started just splitting down the side. I ordered the same size and brand as last time but these are really bad quality. I don't know what changed but now I need to find a different brand because these are all garbage.

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  • Material: Our silicone chair leg covers are free from gel and nails, employing a unique technology to forge a robust bond between felt and silicone. Each package includes 40 protective covers.
  • Installation: These felt furniture pads are effortless to apply, requiring no tools and sparing you the trouble of cleaning the chair feet. They stay put and don't slide off easily.
  • Usage: The chair leg protectors safeguard floors from scratches, reducing noise and preventing bumps. The felt pads on the underside lessen resistance, allowing furniture to move with ease and without making a sound.
  • Size application: Choose from 4 sizes and 2 colours of our square chair leg covers. They fit snugly on different chair legs. Measure the side length and pick the size that matches: S (0.5-0.75 inch), M (0.76-1.1 inch), L (1.1-1.5 inch), or XL (1.5-2.2 inch).
  • Portability: Should you decide to relocate, you can disassemble the product and take our chair leg covers with you to your new abode. When dirtied, they can be washed clean in water without any qualms."
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