TestMarket - 🇫🇷 French (With Ease): Audio CD Pack - Save 20% Today!

🇫🇷 French (With Ease): Audio CD Pack - Save 20% Today!

Apr 07, 2024 02:03 am
🇫🇷 French (With Ease): Audio CD Pack - Save 20% Today!
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Title: French is easy!
Content: Easy to use and with CD discs, very helpful
Title: Great method once you get your head around how it works.
Content: From what I've read on other sites Assimil seems to divide a lot of opinion, but for me this is one of the most effective courses I've ever used to learn French and the only one which took me towards any kind of fluency. The method basically involves listening to a short dialogue in French every day (usually 3-5 minutes long) and repeating the French without understanding it until you get a feel for what is being said. Following on from this you repeat the French whilst reading the French text in the booklet to get a handle on what the words actually are and finally, you repeat the French whilst looking at the English translation and come to understand what the words mean. At first this method seemed a bit obscure and lacking in structure (there are no grammar lessons as such, though there are very helpful notes in each lesson which explain key principles) but from the word go I realised I was learning a huge amount of French every day which I felt confident using. I very much enjoyed this way of learning grammar because you didn't have to bash your head against a wall trying to remember which activities use "jouer" and which use "faire", or which words are feminine and which are masculine (for instance) you just come to intuitively know what sounds appropriate. Overall I think the sheer volume of French you learn in this course has to make it one of the best courses available and one of the few that can take you close to fluency - unlike Pimsleur and Michel Thomas which are essentially just introductions to the language.
Title: Extremely Useful
Content: This is my favourite language course. The reason being it is packed with short phrases in both french and English. All the English is one page the french on the other, so you can cover up each, translate and check your results. Each lesson introduces new concepts and words, but without telling you what the grammar rules are. For that you need another book. Also I think it is not suitable for complete beginners. I use Assimil as a daily practice, and then deconstruct each lesson whilst cross referencing the grammar in another book. This is definitely the course to get in order to progress your speaking French. Make sure you also buy the CDs.
Title: Essential core
Content: I don't believe you can reach an advanced stage in any foreign language through a single course, it is best to use several. However, for me Assimil is always the essential core, the part I couldn't do without. This course supplies more information, in a more informative way, than any other single course. I highly recommend getting the version with the audio CDs, not the book alone, to pin down a natural pronunciation. The lessons are fairly short, but interesting, informative and always amusing. This last is important, because you are going to repeat them often. Each day you read through (and listen to) a lesson. With a language like French it doesn't take long to be able to understand the words, even if you can't think of them when needed, and that is fine. After lesson 50 you do the same, but then go back to the lesson 50 days before and this time after reading/listening to it, you read the English page and translate into French. By that time it isn't too difficult. Language learning is not something I have a special talent for, but I have found this method straightforward and enjoyable. Just treat it as a hobby, something enjoyable, not something you have to do.
Title: New French with Ease (Assimil Method)
Content: Was using my father's German Assimil method book (dated 1950) and making good progress when we decided to ski in France next time instead so bought this. Did French to O-level and then spent some months there 50 years ago. Much more up to date, not surprisingly, with modern French slang and idioms gradually and painlessly introduced. I study it daily for 5 minutes morning and evening, not using the CDs with the correct pronunciation at all, as no time (though have sampled them and found them good). Now on lesson 80 (out of 150) and realise that I am becoming mildly fluent again. The method is easy and painless, and the book has a vocabulary and grammar section at its end, (there was no vocab in the German 1950 edition). The stories make you apply French in everyday situations, and there are enough jokes to keep you amused. After I complete this, may progress to their next French level or buy their latest German Assimil course depending on where we decide to holiday.
Title: Built for every type of learner
Content: The Assimil book has been developed with care to make learning French as easy as possible, whatever your learning preference: The guidance is written in a conversational way, which takes the pressure off the learning process There are many references to French culture, which makes the subject less dry The dialogue is often funny and flows well The repetition is built very carefully, and builds over time I have not yet listened to the CD, but hope the above helps.

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