TestMarket - Grab the Hottest Deals on Ice Bath Tub for Athletes - Save Big on Easy to Assemble Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor with Lid, 5 Layer Portable Ice Tub Cold Tub for Adults!

Grab the Hottest Deals on Ice Bath Tub for Athletes - Save Big on Easy to Assemble Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor with Lid, 5 Layer Portable Ice Tub Cold Tub for Adults!

May 20, 2024 09:20 am
Grab the Hottest Deals on Ice Bath Tub for Athletes - Save Big on Easy to Assemble Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor with Lid, 5 Layer Portable Ice Tub Cold Tub for Adults!
Brand Name: AOMAS
Category: Freestanding Bathtubs
Seller Name: Aomas-US
Rating: 4.00
Total Rating Count: 12
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Title: Perfect personal patio size
Content: Got this bath to help with the recovery process after a good workout. Easy to put together and holds the cold temperatures long enough to help relieve any soreness. Sturdy material and solid wall bars make this bath a good addition to your workout/recovery routines. The exterior material is also thick enough to survive cat curiosity
Title: Great for a dip
Content: I like that this ice bath can be taken down and put back up so easily. It makes for easy storage.
Title: SMALL but effective
Content: Keep this in an area that can be drained and then add ice. It doesn't really keep its temperature and it pretty thin. Luckily the bars so a good job of holding up the sides and the air around the top rim makes a nice barrier surrounding the top. The poles slide in pretty easily and setup didn't take too long. The pump was quite annoying as it squeaked. I am 5'10" and larger in frame and width. I cannot dunk in this bath at all. I can kneel in it but not sit and it comes up to my mid chest. This is great for beginners but if you want a full dunk, it needs to be bigger and it might work for some as is. It doesn't leak but is slim in the bottom so make sure you have some sort of mat beneath it so holes are less likely.
Title: Never tried an ice bath before this. Now I use it every day.
Content: The Ice Bathtub has become an essential component of my post-workout recovery routine, and it's been a game-changer for my training and overall well-being. This portable ice plunge tub is not only easy to assemble and use but also delivers the benefits of cold therapy right in the comfort of my own backyard. Setting up this ice bathtub is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward design and clear instructions. It's ready to use in no time, ensuring that I can quickly immerse myself in cold therapy after an intense workout. The tub's 5-layer construction is both robust and efficient. It's designed to maintain the temperature of the ice water, ensuring that it remains suitably cold for the duration of my recovery session. The tub's lid helps insulate the water, keeping it at the desired temperature. The benefits of cold therapy are well-documented, including reduced inflammation, improved muscle recovery, and enhanced overall well-being. This ice bathtub allows me to reap these benefits firsthand, helping me stay in peak physical condition. The generous size of the tub accommodates athletes of all sizes comfortably.
Title: Good value
Content: This is my first foray into ice baths. This ice bath tub is an affordable entry option. I've used it a handful of times now, and it does the job. It's easy to fill and drain. I was afraid that it would be too small, but I'm able to sit cross legged in it and get submerged up to my neck. Buying bags of ice is kind of a pain, but I think that's what you get unless you spend a lot more money. I took a star off because the picture seems to indicate a solid lid comes with this ice bath tub, but it's just a very thin fabric cover.
Title: Does Not Last Long
Content: The media could not be loaded. This little tub is pretty good for something so small and portable. I thought the whole thing was inflatable, turned out it is just the lip at the top of the tub and the cushion you can sit on inside the tub if you desire. It was easy to put together.When it is not filled with water it is extremely light weight. The lining looks to be good quality, we shall see how it endures as the months go on. The only thing about it that is a bit cheap is the tie on lid, mine keeps blowing off no matter how tight I try to fit it on. The tub has a value at the bottom to empty it out when you are done with the water, very handy indeed. Overall for the price point this portable plunge tub is an excellent way to dip your toe into the idea of having a permanent one. It is a great started plunge tub. UPDATE: I came out this morning to find the pipe leading up to the valve had cracked and started leaking the water all over my deck. See photos and video of water leaking out. My other complaint is the lid will not stay on it, wind will blow it off or if any rain gets on it will cause it to fall into the tub, lid is way to flimsy. I am disappointed by the lack of longevity of this plunge tub. Great idea in theory, poor on execution.

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  • 【Large Size & Large Capacity】 The ice bath tub has a diameter of 80cm and a height of 75cm, a capacity of 320L and a comfortable, ergonomic design that allows full body immersion for optimal benefits. Recommended for individuals up to 6ft 7in (2.1m) tall.
  • 【Excellent Cold Retention】Portable ice baths tub are made of 5 layers of robust, insulating, waterproof and tear-resistant.They retain 90% of the cold temperature for up to 3 hours. The sturdy and tough material allows the tub to withstand extreme weather conditions ranging from -55°C to 55°C for years. Maintaining the right temperature is also essential for ice bathing.
  • 【Designed for Ice Bathing】The ice plunge tub is supported by six 304 stainless steel tubes made of high-strength stainless steel material to prevent breakage and damage. The top of the tub includes an inflatable ring that provides comfortable support for relaxation. Two drainage options allow you to choose the most appropriate method for quick water drainage, replacement and cleaning.Protective cover that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the tub, keeping the water clean.
  • 【Easy Installation and Storage】The cold plunge tub not only whole package weighs only 6.2LB folding storage, but also offers easy installation, only takes 10 minutes to assemble.So you can immerse, cover and repeat anytime and anywhere with our sports ice bath tub for recovery.
  • 【Perfect Solution】We provide 24-hour customer service, and you can contact us via email if you have any questions. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customer. AOMAS Ice Bath Tub will always be your best choice!
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