TestMarket - 🚴‍♂️West Biking Bike Pump - Unlock Your Savings Now! Only 8.54£ - Save 26%

🚴‍♂️West Biking Bike Pump - Unlock Your Savings Now! Only 8.54£ - Save 26%

Apr 07, 2024 12:57 am
🚴‍♂️West Biking Bike Pump - Unlock Your Savings Now! Only 8.54£ - Save 26%
Brand Name: West Biking
Category: Frame-Mounted Pumps
Seller Name: Li Bike EUR
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 26
Saving £3.05
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Title: Powerful enough, but a trifle flimsy
Content: Certainly gets the job done and it certainly pumps up my road bike tyres to 70-ish PSI in short time. The angled top is handy, as you can push/pull much more easily, the smaller barrle-type pumps can really irritate your hands after much pumping and a lot of heat! For the price, a good little purchase. For heavy use or a dual way pump, go for a bigger brand.
Title: Small and compact - Just what I needed
Content: I really like this 120PSI tyre pump, it feels reasonably well constructed and measuring just 24.5 cm it will fit on the side of my mountain bike or in a pocket without getting in the way. I especially like the fact that you don't need to carry various valve adaptors which could easily get lost and this is due to the auto switching between Schrader & Presta valves. Conveniently this pump is also supplied with adaptors for a football or an inflatable pool but these are not needed for cycle use. To operate you fold out the black pumping handle to 90 degrees and then pull back to withdraw the pump piston. The Orange valve on the opposite end is held in place on the tyre valve by lifting the orange lever to the 90 degree position, to release you lower the lever to it's original position. Pumping seems to be smooth and delivers good pressure although I would be cautious not to pump to rapidly or at an odd angle to prevent damage or bending of the pump piston. All-in-all a useful product and one which I am sure will get plenty of regular use.
Title: Very basic pump, does the job
Content: It's cheap and (mostly) cheerful. As others have commented, this is a small lightweight pump. However, the materials are cheap quality - the plastic is high density and feels like it might be brittle, especially in the cold. Whilst it works with both types of valve, changing the head to fit a presta valve is fiddly, and it's a bit of a challenge to screw the valve cover back on the pump once the insert has been replaced. The handle to the pump folds down so it is streamlined with the body, but in use the handle feels a bit flimsy - I have another pump which was a similar cost with a similar fold down handle, and it is much more robust, and even has a rubberised insert which makes it more comfortable to use. This pump lacks that and when I was using it I pinched the skin around my thumb a couple of times which was uncomfortable. It lacks a pressure gauge, and is single action (it pumps air only when pushed in) whilst my other pump has both a gauge and is dual action (pumps air on both the pull and push) so pumping tyres with this pump takes twice as long, takes twice the effort, and requires you to guess when the pressure is sufficient. So, this might do in a push on the trail, but it's not ideal. On the plus side, the mount is small and discrete and holds the pump securely in place. The pump is low profile and light (though quite long). There are better options out there for similar money so it's hard to recommend this pump, but it might do as a spare or for a kid's bike.
Title: Good little pump for the money
Content: For the money, this is a nice little pump. I have an electric mountain bike with a schrader valve and always worry about losing my little adapter when out for a ride. With this pump I don’t have to. I was a bit dubious about if it would work but it actually does. Great to take out for a ride as it’s small and lightweight. Shame it doesn’t have a pressure gauge on it but still works fine!
Title: Great for biking on the go
Content: This product is great. It does what it says on the tin. I was confident in using it based on the description. I think there are some areas can be improved but it's too early to tell yet. It's well made, and will look forward to using in continously.
Title: Plasticy but decent quality
Content: I got this as I have been on the trail when I got a flat, no worse feeling than having to walk the bike down to the trail centre and missing out on all the fun! The unit itself is made of metal, hard plastic and some rubber. The hard plastic is decently thick and does feel like it could be a little fragile. The rubberised plastic is part of the mounting system. This rubberised bit hooks round the pump and holds it securely in place. The metal is for the main components of the pump. This gives it excellent rigidity. The pump being made the way it is, means that is quite light weight. It adds very little to the bikes weight. The biggest downsides to this pump are that the plastic parts feel like they could be a little brittle, but also that there is no gauge on the pump. This means you have to eyeball the tyres pressure. Fine for getting off the trail but not great for accuracy. Overall though, it's a very good price for something that will get you out of a jam. The quality is good for the price however there are more premium options out there.

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  • 【Universal Valve Compatibility】No need for an adapter! compare to other pump our bike tyre pump automatic switching Schrader/Presta valves during inflation. Cycle pump with strong compatibility, perfectly compatible with mountain bikes and road bikes.When using, lift the control lever and lock the nozzle head onto the nozzle to ensure airtightness when inflating the bicycle.
  • 【High Pressure and Easy Pumping】Our road bike pump adopt ergonomic t-shaped handle design, which is more labor-saving and will not slip. It can concentrate the effort very well. In addition, this bicycle pump has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI! Covers the daily needs of inflation.
  • 【Compact and Portable Bike Pump 】Our bike tire pump is small and portable. length*width:24.5*2.6cm, weight:115g,The foldable handle makes it easy for you to store the bicycle pump in your bike bag and it is equipped with a frame mount bracket, You can install the mini bike pump on the frame for easy riding.
  • 【Robust and Durable】Our small bike pump is made of high quality aluminium alloy. The bicycle mini bike pump aluminum alloy surface improves wear resistance and extends the service life of the pump, heat and cold resistant.
  • 【Wide Range of Uses】Our mini air pump is equipped with Inflation cone and ball needle, which is suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes,E-bikes,BMX,kids bikes etc.. portable bike pump can also inflate basketball, football, volleyball,swimming pools and swimming rings.
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