TestMarket - Exclusive Promotion: Homtyler Stainless Steel Multiple Pets Water Fountain for Cats Inside - Up to % Off!

Exclusive Promotion: Homtyler Stainless Steel Multiple Pets Water Fountain for Cats Inside - Up to % Off!

Jan 14, 2024 05:00 pm
Exclusive Promotion: Homtyler Stainless Steel Multiple Pets Water Fountain for Cats Inside - Up to % Off!
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Title: Stainless-Steel, less mess!
Content: I bought this to replace another fountain I had purchased here on Amazon.. look for my review of it. This fountain is so much better in every way I can think of. It cleans up easier. It makes very little noise but even then it can be a somewhat pleasing noise, and lets you know it has enough water. The noise does change enough when it gets low that you can tell it needs more water. It was easy to assemble. I have 2 kittens and they pretty much drain it every day. I won't address all the other health benefits, etc., of a fountain for the cats. They got used to it pretty quickly and they prefer to drink right from the outlet rather than from the bowl. When I first got it, one of my little guys would sit and watch it for hours.!!
Title: One cat loves it and one cat is terrified of it
Content: One cat loves it! One cat is terrified of it. Lol. I bought this for my cat who was constantly moving and splashing his water bowl around and making a mess. He’s the one that loves it. No more messes. He’s happy that the water is moving, so he’s no longer trying to move the water bowl. This is a win!!! The fountain isn’t very loud. We keep the water flow speed on the lowest setting. It’s near our bedroom in the on-suite bathroom, and it’s fine there. The only time it makes a different noise is when you need to add water. However, the awesome feature of this fountain is it comes with a water level indicator, so you know when to refill it without having to remove the top assembly. You can add water easily by pouring water directly into the top of the fountain and watch the red water indicator rise. Super easy! This is a great water fountain for cats who like moving water. Update: The cat who was terrified of the fountain is finally using it, too!!! It took at least 6 months for her to come around, but she finally did!
Title: Great fountain! Not-so-great instructions
Content: The media could not be loaded. I’ve had this fountain for about 5 months now for my 1 cat who drinks a substantial amount of water (she’s been to a vet, and she’s fine; she just likes water!). The pros: - I only refill it once every 7-10 days - it makes a light trickle sound, so it’s not distracting - my cat’s fur isn’t floating in the water anymore - it’s not easy to tip over, so no worries about water going everywhere! - the replacement filters are relatively inexpensive. It says to replace it every month, but I usually replace it every 2 months (I rinse the pieces every time I refill it), and I buy a pack of 4 from a random vendor on Amazon - my cat actually drinks out of it! The cons: - there’s no way to tell whether the water is running low aside from the weird sucking noise the pump makes when the water level is low - there’s no maximum water line, so you have to eyeball it the first couple of times. I usually leave about an inch of space on top (check out my video to see all of the steps) - after some time, the rim of the fountain has gotten dull (not rusty per say, but the nice polish is gone) - it’s kind of a drag taking it apart, cleaning each part, and putting it back together (but still less annoying than remembering to refill our old water bowl every day). - if you have power outages in your area, just make sure you have a backup bowl for your fur baby (as soon as it’s unplugged, it stops pouring water into the dish - although there is usually a small amount that pools in the dish after you’ve unplugged it). Overall, it gets the job done, and it’s worked without any issues these past 5 months. I hope this is helpful!
Title: Love it! So much easier to clean than prior fountains I had
Content: OK, I admit. It took a little patience to assemble the first time. I don't write reviews until I've had something functioning at least a couple weeks, which is now the case with this fountain. I've learned from prior kitty fountains how IMPORTANT it is to clean it and the filters at least once a week, and than replace filters with new one once a month (or sooner). The good news is once you've figured out how the assembly works, subsequent disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly is so much easier than the last fountain I had. I suggest watching the video offered on the main page where you decide to add the item to the cart. After one video, if not clear enough, another and another and etc will pop up to watch. You'll find at least one of them to get you through the proper assembly of this little fountain. One further suggestion, don't give up on kitty if he doesn't want to use it for the first number of days. I put a plain water bowl next to it until it decides to try the fountain (gives him choice until then). II also occasionally would dip my finger in the fountain and put to his mouth. Eventually he takes to the fountain and then prefers that over the water bowl from then on. And it's much healthier if regularly kept clean because the movement oxygenates the water, which is good for his little body. Also, I think filling it with filtered water is wise each week when you clean if you want the best for your little friend! Especially since you only have to clean and refill as little as once a week.
Title: Cat Fountain
Content: Easy to set up. Great price. Three filtration filters utilized. My Cat no longer request water from sink. My Cat loves the constant water flow.
Title: My kitty loves it!
Content: My cat loves to use this water fountain, it’s easy to set up. Super easy to wash and it’s not that loud, I have one in my kitchen and bedroom!

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  • Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain: 73oz/2.2L, made from food grade 304 stainless steel BPA-free and dishwasher safe, easy to clean, which is also durable, hygienic, and won’t hold onto any nasty odors.
  • Water Quantity Notice Design: The unique red buoy allows you to view how much water is inside.By checking on the height of this red buoy, it is very convenient to judge if you need to fill the water fountain or not.
  • Low Noise Pets Water Dispenser: Homtyler pet dispenser use ultra-quiet pump,making noise of less than 30dB when running especially at night. Cats will have access to their water at all hours of the day, even timid cats should enjoy drinking from this fountain.
  • Triple Filtration Cat Fountains: Water will be filtered by a blue pre-filter sponge firstly, then by an activated carbon filter and a sponge filter with cotton net again. the automatic cat and dog water fountain can provide your pet with pure drinking water, preventing limescale and dirt building up.
  • Entice Your Cats to Drink: Getting enough water helps to keep your little furball hydrated and prevent urinary or kidney issues. Our water fountains provide flowing drinking water rather than standing water which pets can be wary of.
  • Customer Support: For any questions or dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem immediately. If the pet water fountain is out of service within 1 year, please contact us and we will give you a full refund.
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