TestMarket - Exclusive Promo - Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain, 3.2L/108oz Automatic Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Exclusive Promo - Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain, 3.2L/108oz Automatic Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Jan 15, 2024 06:17 am
Exclusive Promo - Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain, 3.2L/108oz Automatic Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
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Shop and Save Now on the Tomxcute Cat Water Fountain! Grab Yours Before It's Gone. This ultra-quiet pet fountain features a 3.2L/108oz capacity and stainless steel design. The automatic dispenser ensures fresh water for your furry friend. Includes an ultra-quiet pump and 3 replacement filters. Don't Miss Your Chance to Save 46% and Get Your Exclusive Savings of 26.01$. Hurry, Limited Stock!

Title: Great but be warned
Content: I do love this fountain and I think it’s a wonderful price point! Would I buy again yes if : 1. was in a hurry and didn’t want to research fountains again. 2. Price point was an issue. It is very quiet, filters are super easy to replace, the filter housing actually keeps loose bits of carbon from falling into the actual bowl, assembly is easy, pump looks and feels better than what I was using. The sponge around the filter cleans easy, the steel look fits with any deco, and replacement items are easily found on Amazon. Now what would make me order a different more expensive one? If you clean clean, Like hospital clean this fountain will take some time. I’ll explain. I would have opted for surgical stainless steel rather than 304. 304 is consumption safe, but surgical has less corrosion for the way I clean. I have a cat that needs extreme cleaning so I pretty much autoclave things/steam clean everything. The plastic while durable will not stand up to this type of heat so I must hand clean them. No big deal just time consuming. The design of this fountain leaves a lot of “nooks” for biofilms to start. I’ve included pics of these little nooks. So you have to take every little part off to steam clean. Not a big deal like I said just time consuming cause there are a ton of spaces to clean. Buy yourself a nice flexible set of brushes to clean this with! The one provided is useless. It will not get into the bend of the fountain water hook. Last, next time I will look for a fountain with less plastic parts and more stainless steel. While more expensive it’s just easier to clean with high heat. While ss pumps are hard to find it’s not impossible, but for under 100$ I knew what I was getting. So yes this fountain is worth the purchase, but if you have a special needs kitty or like super clean, this fountain will take some time to clean.
Title: Fantastic water dish that my cats love
Content: I bought this because my most senior cat was starting to only drink from the bathtub tap. It is very generous in size, has a simple, accessible spout, is very quiet, and is very easy to clean (because the base is just a pot and the top isn't that complicated). I've had it for a while and it's still working great. I have two cats who started life as feral babies and one of them adores it and won't drink from anything else. The other prefers standing water, and my orange likes to drink from it in the most awkward way possible. It's very easy to get filters as well so I know they're drinking good water. The only downside was my eldest snubbed it completely, forcing us to keep the tap on. Guess you can't please everyone ;)
Title: My Cats LOVE IT
Content: Eye catching, conversation piece with guests, super quiet, the subtle water fountain noise is nice to hear. This is very durable, the stainless steel bowl actually keeps the water cool to touch .. cooler then room temperature, pieces all snap in place and unsnap easily for cleaning. I would say if you had two of them you could probably disassemble it and put it top rack in the dishwasher (everything but the pump/motor). The pump motor is super easy to clean as well with the small bottle brush that comes with it.
Title: Great fountain, but the motor doesn't last very long
Content: My cats (and i) love this fountain! It's so quiet and it holds quite a bit of water. My cat enjoys drinking out of the bathtub so I was looking for a fountain that had a spout similar to the bathtub and this was perfect! The only thing I don't like is that the motor doesn't seem to last very long. I'm on my second fountain and the motor has completely stopped working after 3 months even though I clean it thoroughly and change the filters every other week. I saw that the company has a two-year product warranty but i can't figure out how that works
Title: Easy setup, easy clean-up
Content: Much easier to clean than the plastic fountain we used to have. Since it's stainless steel, less sediment from hard water seems to form on this one making it way easier to maintain. While it still has a few parts, it's definitely easier to take apart to clean than our former one. It's also extremely quiet, to the point that we sometimes forget it's on and running.
Title: Quiet, efficient pet waterer
Content: My last electric pet water bowl gave up the ghost, so I thought I'd try a different style electric water bowl. What won me over is the added feature of a porous filter which wraps around the pump. In my experience, the most common failure of a pet water bowl is the pump. It has to be kept clean to flow, and should you leave it unattended, the pet hair, floor debris that may find its way into the bowl, can gum up the pump. Therefore, you have to disassemble it to clean it (Which I do religiously), but still, the pump peters out. I'm hopeful this added feature of a porous filter wrapping around the pump will extend the life of the unit. Yes, you will still have to clean it, but I'm betting, based on design, that the filter will block most of the debris from lodging within the unit where it cannot be cleaned. And- its an attractive, quiet pet water bowl.

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  • 304 Stainless Steel: The cat water fountain is made of 304 stainless steel, and more durable and corrosion resistant. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, easy to clean.
  • Double filtration system: Equipped with activated carbon filter and pre-filter sponge, the automatic cat and dog water fountain can provide your pet with pure drinking water and keep healthy.
  • 3.2 L/108 Oz Large Capacity: The capacity of water fountain is 3.2L, and the high and low water level lines are marked in the container, and the effective volume is more than 3L, very suitable for multi-pet families.
  • Ultra-quiet: The 1.5W pump is super silent when running, keep it below 20db, only the sound of water flow can be heard, even if it runs at night, it will not affect your sleep.
  • Encourage Drinking : This cat water fountain is equipped with a faucet and spring surge modes which match Habits of drinking water under the tap of cats, dogs. The dynamic water flow helps attract pets to drink,which can prevent your pet suffering from urinary and kidney diseases.
  • After-sales service: Tomxcute offers a 2-year warranty for the pump. If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us for a replacement. Additional parts can be purchased at our store.
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