TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Airplane Footrest Premium Memory Foam - Travel Foot Hammock, No Clash Foot Hammock

Limited Time Offer: Airplane Footrest Premium Memory Foam - Travel Foot Hammock, No Clash Foot Hammock

May 20, 2024 05:05 am
Limited Time Offer: Airplane Footrest Premium Memory Foam - Travel Foot Hammock, No Clash Foot Hammock
Brand Name: BESKAR
Category: Footrests
Seller Name: Woot
Rating: 4.00
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Limited Time Offer - Enjoy Extra Savings Today with this Premium Airplane Footrest made with Premium Memory Foam. Don't Miss Your Chance to Save 35% on this Airplane Travel Foot Hammock, now available for only 16.99$. Save big with a discount of 9$! Act fast before this exclusive offer ends!

Title: A must have for long flights
Content: I recently went on a long-haul flight to Europe, and the thought of spending hours in a cramped airplane seat had me a bit anxious. That's when I discovered the Airplane Footrest - Travel Foot Rest, and it turned out to be a game-changer for my journey. At an affordable price and boasting some stellar reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I stand at 5'5", which worked to my advantage, as this footrest was a perfect fit for me. Setting it up was a breeze - I simply hooked it onto the tray table and then closed the table back up. Voila! I instantly felt the difference in comfort and support. It provided that extra bit of leg elevation that made all the difference during the flight. The beauty of this footrest is its simplicity. It doesn't take up much space, and yet it makes a world of difference in terms of comfort. I was able to relax more, sleep better, and arrive at my destination feeling more refreshed than I expected. In my book, this travel footrest is worth every penny. It's a small investment for the significant boost in comfort and peace of mind it provides during long flights. If you're like me and want to make your travel experience as pleasant as possible, don't hesitate to give it a try!
Title: Comfort and Relief for Long Flights!
Content: I recently purchased the Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam for my travels, and it's been a game-changer! As someone who stands at 5'5", finding comfort during long flights has always been a challenge, but this foot hammock has made a significant difference. Pros: Low Back Pain Relief: The premium memory foam provides excellent support, relieving any discomfort in my lower back during long haul or red-eye flights. It's a lifesaver for those marathon journeys across the globe! Comfortable for Long Flights: This foot hammock truly lives up to its promise of providing relaxation and comfort. It allows me to elevate my feet and stretch out, reducing fatigue and promoting better circulation, especially during those extended flights. Cons: Tray Table Dependency: One minor inconvenience I encountered was the dependency on the tray table in the seat in front of me. During a recent American Airlines flight in an exit row seat, where there was no seat back tray table, I couldn't fully utilize the footrest. It's worth noting this limitation, especially if you're seated in specific configurations. Overall, I highly recommend the Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam for anyone seeking relief and comfort during their air travels. It's compact, easy to carry, and provides much-needed support, making those long flights much more enjoyable. Just be mindful of the tray table situation depending on your seat configuration!
Title: Sturdy, comfortable, unobtrusive - made a difference
Content: Purchased this for four flights of 7-8 hours duration each to get to and from Africa last month. I am most comfortable sitting with my knees slightly higher than my hips. For example I keep a small plastic footstool under my desk and I couldn't see 8 hours on a plane with my feet on my backpack. This footrest did the job perfectly. I ordered this and and a significantly less expensive "sling" style for comparison before I left. The one without the support board does just what the reviews say, your feet slide to the center. The soft one might work ok for petite people who barely reach the floor and rest their lower legs on it, but I am 5'7'', 135 lbs. and this gave me a comfortable platform to rest my feet. My key concern was whether it would disturb the person in the seat in front of me since using it requires hanging it on the tray table and there's almost nothing more annoying than someone pulling back on your seat during a flight. I think I can say that it wasn't a problem. I hung it over the tray table arms down to the hinges and cinched up the adjustable strap to the desired height. That way I could use it with the tray table up or down with no adjustment. I was cautious to gently put my feet on it and not to put my full weight on it, it's not a step to boost yourself up or you'll be that annoying person to the person in front of you. I would get it out and hang it as soon as I was settled before pushback and it was never an issue. From now on I can't see flying without it. The nylon carry bag is convenient and a nice touch.
Title: You WILL bug the person in front of you
Content: I tried this on a 6 hour flight. My legs are short and I get swollen ankles. I needed something. The product itself is ok, but you will most certainly bug the person in front of you while using this. As a matter of fact, within minutes of adjusting this thing, which hung over the inside of the closed tray table, I was already annoying the person in front of me because their seat inevitably moves when you tug on it or put your feet on it. There’s no way around it. So for my plane ride home I ended up ordering one of those padded foot rests and I was able to slide it under the seat in front of me when not using it. I don’t recommend this type of footrest on a plane.

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  • SUPPORT LEG & LOWER BACK - Have you ever suffered from discomfort or even pain in your lower back or leg as you travel by plane, bus or coach? Then this airplane footrest is a must have addition on all of your trips. Enjoy long haul flights with no lower back or leg pain stiffness or swelling suffered during long periods of time sat down during the journey. The airplane travel accessories with the highest quality nails and straps, airplane foot sling has no problem for any weight person.
  • NO FOOT & ANKLES CLASHING - Thanks to the flat and stable wide foot hammock design, our airplane foot rest offer stability on the base which means no more feet or ankles clashing together! What’s more, Crafted with the only highest quality fabric materials and premium memory foam you'll greatly enhance your travel experience on every ride. The straps was also added extra inches so you can use this travel foot rest anywhere.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS & EASY TO USE - The airplane foot hammock with adjustable straps will always suit exactly your height for the best comfort. You can even use the airplane footrest for travel with the tray table up as well as down. Suitable for all heights especially recommended if your feet do not reach the floor when seated. Plus, The plane leg rest is a breeze to use. Just hang the straps on the arms over the tray table in front of your seat and place your feet in the footrest.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT - The pocket size design makes the portable airplane foot rest perfect for travel accessories and storage. If you have too much stuffs to handle and have no space to place your airplane foot rest. Just hang on the luggage case or thrown into the backpack without taking too much space or adding too much weight.
  • BEST TRAVEL GIFT - If a loved one or friend travels frequently for business or pleasure or even if their first ever flight is coming up surprise them with the gift of comfort with this clever travel accessory, imagine the smile on their faces. We are confident in providing 12-month warranty and friendly customer service for this foot hammock airplane. Any problems just contact us. Add foot sling to your cart now!
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