TestMarket - Go! Time-Sensitive Deal: Latitop 2023 Upgraded Heated Socks for Men Women

Go! Time-Sensitive Deal: Latitop 2023 Upgraded Heated Socks for Men Women

Jan 15, 2024 05:11 am
Go! Time-Sensitive Deal: Latitop 2023 Upgraded Heated Socks for Men Women
Brand Name: LATITOP
Category: Foot Warmers
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 356
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Title: Only connect the batteries in when you’re about to use the socks
Content: I was surprised (and relieved) to see that these are machine washable (without the batteries, of course!), as long as you put them in a cloth bag first. They can also be hand washed in cold water. The charger is a wall charger that charges both batteries at the same time, which is nice. I ordered Medium when I should have ordered Large, but luckily, they fit fine. I got these because I’ve had a hard time keeping my feet warm recently while having a cold, and thought these would be easier (less messy and more mobile) than dealing with hot foot baths to get my feet warm. After charging them, it was too late to try them out then, so it’s usually the morning I have cold feet, so I went ahead and inserted the battery packs into the socks, because it was hard to even get it into the pockets—the battery pack needs to be plugged in before inserting, because it would be impossible to plug it in once it’s in the pocket. There’s no chance of the battery pack falling out of the pocket, as it’s difficult to get it out when trying. I discovered that the socks were already warm when I tried them the first time, then, after being plugged in but OFF all night, so I wonder if they were actually going at low power all night long while off, which makes me think that they should not be connected to the batteries when not in use. I put them both at Red to start, but after a few minutes, one sock automatically changed to Blue, so I put them both at Blue, and a few minutes later, the sock that had automatically turned to Blue, automatically turned itself to Yellow, the lowest setting! So I suspect that these leaked power all night long, so I needed to charge them again. After charging them for several hours, though, the same sock (right sock) again started out at Red, and a few minutes later, I noticed it had turned to Green, while the left sock was still Red. My husband wonders if I bumped against something that triggered the button. I don’t know, but if the app prevents stuff like that, maybe it’s worth using, after all. Most people might use the app with these, but I dislike using apps for everything, personally, and would rather just be able to press it on the sock itself, to quickly discover that the power settings jump around, which is strange. From Hottest to Coolest, the colors range: Red • Blue • Green • Purple • Yellow. But if the socks are on Red, pressing the button to change them will change them to the following: Red — Green — Blue —Purple — Yellow and pressing again will take them back to Red. It’s not very intuitive. They only heat up in the front, not underneath, or in the back near the heel. The socks themselves are thick and comfortable, but not as warm as wool socks without the heat, so I found the rest of my foot getting cooler wearing them after switching to them from wool socks. I think if anyone used these for hiking, it would be wise to wear wool socks over top of these.
Title: Nice and toasty!
Content: If you don’t own some heated socks, you’re really missing out! I bought these for my wife for New Year’s Eve. It was 16 degrees outside. She said they were so nice and toasty she forgot it was so cold outside!
Title: Great quality
Content: These socks are wonderful. They keep the cold off when hunting. The batteries charge easily and quickly. The power switch is convenient to use. These socks are an excellent value for money.
Title: Perfect for hunting
Content: I bought these for my husband who loves to hunt. Sometimes it can get super cold while he's waiting on deer to show up. These are great because you can adjust the heat level through the app. There are 5 different levels so you can find your sweet spot. Sometimes you just need a little warmth so it's nice that you don't have to crank it all the way up to a super hot level if you don't want to.
Title: They keep disconnecting
Content: Not sure if these need to be used with WiFi or not, I just got them. So far they are wonderful. I have peripheral neuropathy due to chemo treatments and heat is helping my hands and feet. The fabric of these socks are medium thick and super soft. I can’t seem to keep them connected to WiFi though. I’ll update my review once I try them out more. The warmth I did get from them so far is wonderful….now if they would just stay connected.
Title: Great heated socks with a few caveats
Content: I am enjoying the Latitiop 2023 heated socks this winter. I recommend them to anyone seeking warmth during low to mildly strenuous activities outdoors. Here are a few observations from my recent use: 1. Power button positioning - First off, I recognize the design challenge here. You want power, a manual button, and a wireless capability ... in a sock. That's tough to do well and Latitop has a good set of solutions. That said, the power button of the orange (medium) socks lands right under the bend in my knee. That makes it relatively easy to reach but also means that when am putting ski boots on or changing into snow boots the button connects with my inner thigh and clicks through the settings. After gearing up for the slopes, one foot was on high and the other medium, which was really hard to sense and impossible to see without using the app. 2. The App - Works well and adds a level of control and convenience. My two major complaints are that I can't disable the manual power button and the app designers require location tracking. The latter is a non starter for me because I don't enjoy being data mined just so I can have warm feet. 3. Internal Wiring - The socks themselves are very comfortable, but the main power wire that drops from the batter pack goes over the outside top of your foot, with a thicker junction halfway from your ankle to the start of your toes. This may not be true for you, but for me when wearing ski boots the junction was pressed into my skin and over time became quite uncomfortable. Again, to generate heat you need amperage and to get amperage you need thicker wire. I found myself wishing these socks has a wide flat copper strip to do the same thing. In normal boots this is not an issue. 4. Battery weight - again this is an engineering issue that Latitop has done their utmost to resolve. Technology just hasn't produced ultralight power sources. That said, the reality is that these connections and wires don't seem to withstand, say, a prolonged bout of paintball, even when strapped into tall boots. I lost a wire and a battery connection after a jump and slide. In summary, if you are doing anything athletic or strapping your feet into a structured boot with layers of snow protection, these may not offer long term viability either for comfort or mechanical reasons. If you are shoveling snow in UGGS, getting to work in Chicago, Cross country skiing, or building a snow fort with your kids, these are fantastic.

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  • 📱 APP Control & Switch Control: The heating socks paired with an app temperature (95-149°F) and timer function (0-120 mins),easy-friendly with 3-steps:scan,connect and control.The app just with 3 steps: scan,connect and control temperature/time.A quick press on the temperature button sets warmth: Red LED (149-158°F, 3-5H),Green LED (131-140°F,4-6H),Blue LED (119-128°F,5-7H),Purple LED (106-115°F,8-11H),Yellow Light (95-104°F,12-17H).Refer to our user manual for detailed instructions if need.
  • 🔋 Long-lasting Battery & Safety Certification: Our socks equiped with a high-capacity 22.2WH (7.4V) battery, lasting up to 17 hours of continuous warmth. The ultra-thin and lightweight design eliminates the bulk, providing a comfortable fit, put into specially designed pockets without discomfort. Safety is our priority, our battery not only equiped with both battery and adapter passed certifications such as UL, FCC and UN38.3,but also packed into small pocket, both could prevent damage.
  • 🔥 3s Foot Heating & 360°Heating Area: LATITOP's socks with upgraded nano-fiber heating elements and 4-ring 360° heating circle provide warmth to the entire sole, toes, and the top of the foot, ensuring heating whole feet. Quick heating in 3 seconds; tensile strength of 480 MPa, it won't short circuit even after over 1 million stomping cycles. What's more, the knitted external heating coils perfectly combine with socks,providing comfort without sacrificing warmth.
  • 🧦 Breathable & Warm fabric:Our heated socks boast a breathable and warm fabric, seamlessly integrating heating threads for ultimate comfort. Crafted from eco-friendly Modal fiber, the outer layer ensures a dry, breathable feel with 50% higher sweat absorption than cotton. The thick fabric resists shrinkage, offering excellent elasticity. The innermost wool layer provides a comfortably warm experience close to the skin. Enjoy winter sports worry-free with our socks.
  • 🏂 Suitable for Various Outdoor Activities: Do not afraid the coming winter with LATITOP's heated socks, ideal for hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking, dog walking, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, cycling, and other sports events. Keep your feet warm and comfortable all the day, making them an excellent gift for parents, lovers and friends or Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.
  • 🌞 Washable & Winter Essential: These heated socks are easily washable by hand or machine. Before washing, remove the battery, tucking the switch cable into the battery bag and turn the socks inside out to prevent damage. Gentle washing ensures longevity and shape retention. Lay them flat to dry, maintaining their integrity for long life use.
  • 🥰 7*24 Customer Service & 1-Year After-Sales: We provide 24/7 online customer service and a 1-year after-sales warranty. Our professional support team alway online assist with sizing, product usage and after-sales inquiries. Any questions within first year, please take advantage of our free exchange and return service.
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