TestMarket - Unlock Your Savings Now! Betron EMR90 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones, Bass Driven Sound, with Microphone, Over-Ear Style - Save 41%

Unlock Your Savings Now! Betron EMR90 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones, Bass Driven Sound, with Microphone, Over-Ear Style - Save 41%

Apr 06, 2024 10:53 pm
Unlock Your Savings Now! Betron EMR90 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones, Bass Driven Sound, with Microphone, Over-Ear Style - Save 41%
Brand Name: Betron
Category: Foldable Headphones
Seller Name: Betron UK
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 635
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Step into the world of high-quality sound with Betron EMR90 Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Headphones. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer to snag your discount and save 41% off the original price of 40.99£. Get yours now for only 23.99£ and enjoy a saving of 17£. Act fast before this limited time deal ends!

Title: Impressive
Content: Impressive for the price but personally I would not go so far as to claim "High Fidelity": Nearly but not quite. I used the headphones with my iPhone SE 2020 and Apple Music and Prime Music iOS apps and all the button functions on the headphones worked. Skipping to the previous track is always going to be a problem because it requires a double press, first to skip to the beginning of the track and then to the previous track: Here the three second press to skip caused a problem. I eventually did it but it would have been quicker to fish out the phone and skip back on there. Sound quality is acceptable for me: All the Clean Bandit tracks as well as Victoria K "Barracuda" sounded superb but Niko B's voice was largely lost in the bass in "Who's That What's That". Bass driven the headphones certainly are but it tends to be variable but generally muddy. But hey I like muddy bass. According to the charging instructions a wall adapter should be 5v and 2.4 amps or less. I used my iPhone charger and the first charge took 2 hours. But oh dear the supplied micro USB charging cable measures a mere 135mm. A plus is the audio cable with 3.5mm jack plugs at both ends which serves to connect the headphones to the audio device when there is no charge in the headphones. I tried this and there was no detectable loss in quality. But for iPhone users a lightning to 3.5mm jack plug will likely be needed. For me the fit was exact without any adjustment and is comfortable. I wear glasses and I didn't get the digging in on my temples I've experienced with other headphones. I've worn the headphones now for three hours and I could easily go all day and all night, they are that comfortable. Overall if the budget is limited and bass driven is your thing these headphones will please. But audiophiles might look elsewhere and spend a lot more. 5 stars is well deserved.
Title: Works well
Content: Works well and you get good bass, connects blue tooth to two separate devices. Buttons require a good hard press to pause other than that you get your moneys worth. Could have done with a case. Good buy
Title: Comfortable to wear with a good level of bass
Content: Very good price. Comfortable fit with a long battery life. The build quality is great. They sound excellent although slightly bass heavy and perform well.
Title: Another top Betron offering
Content: I've been using Betron earphones for years now. I like their sound and build quality, which always comes at an amazing price. They are also really good at honouring warranty claims. One of the main problems with earphones is they are fragile and the cables are prone to damage, especially with heavy usage. I've used Sennheiser, Sony and other reputable brands and they break just as quick, or quicker, and they come with a price premium. I don't really use over-the-ear headphones very often, especially if I'm out and about, preferring the discretion of earphones. I already have a pair of Sennheiser headphones at home that I rarely use, partly because the vinyl on the cushioning is deteriorating and leaves black bits everywhere. However, when I got a discount code for these Bluetooth ones I decided to take the plunge after I looked at the list of features. What really clinched it for me was the 3.5mm jack and cable. I don't know if this a common feature with other brands, but it seems like such an obvious thing to include. And as it is the cables that get the most easily damaged, replacing it or adding a much longer one would be a cinch. One of the things that has been putting me off buying Bluetooth earphones/headphones is battery life, not only how long they stayed charged for but also the fact that the battery will eventually die and they will have to be replaced. And with earphones I felt pretty sure I would end up losing one or both of the earbuds. At least with headphones there is space for a larger battery, but the optional cable means it isn't always necessary to run them on Bluetooth thereby saving battery life on the headphones, and the phone. As I am used to listening to music through earphones, it is taking me a while to adjust to the much larger drivers of these headphones, which are definitely much bassier, but I altered the EQ settings on my iPhone and they are sounding good - to my ears - now. They are also very comfortable to wear, both on the ears and on top of the head. As I have a shaved/bald noggin this is important. In fact, I even had to check to see if they were actually resting on my head. The padding over the ears is very good at cutting out external noise, especially compared to most earphones. Even though I have hardly used them so far, nor probably will, I am more than happy with them. Yet again Betron have delivered another great product at an amazing price, and I would recommend these, or any other of their products, if you like quality and saving yourself a few quid in the process.
Title: Aviod ,Failed not fit for purpose
Content: Sound went dead in one ear after 2 months. Customer service dreadful phone number provided is none existent. They Only reply to emails when they can be bothered about 5 days late if your lucky. You have to jump through hoops just to get a reply. Spend your money somewhere else.
Title: Very comfortable to wear it
Content: These EMR90 wireless bluetooth headphones are over ear, and they are foldable inside, they have built in microphone. The sound quality is really good, you can hear each sound very well, the bass is ok, the battery lasts a very long time after a full charge, I don't even know how long because since I charged them to full I haven't had to charge them again, and I listen almost every day. Great quality wireless headphones, for very reasonable price I have to admit. Highly recommend!

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  • The Betron EMR90 headphones offer dual connectivity options, featuring wireless Bluetooth technology for wireless connection up to 10 meters, alongside an auxiliary cable for wired headphone use when necessary
  • With an integrated microphone, the headphones facilitate enhanced communication, ideal for hands-free calls, online meetings, or voice commands
  • Engineered with 40mm dynamic drivers, the Betron EMR90 headphones deliver a bass-driven sound experience, boasting a wide frequency response range from 20 to 20000 Hz
  • Their convenient foldable headphone design makes them compact and easy to carry, catering to users who prioritize portability
  • Users can enjoy prolonged usage with up to 12 hours of wireless playback on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment or communication
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