TestMarket - 20% off Bluetooth Wireless Running Headphones | HiFi Stereo Sound

20% off Bluetooth Wireless Running Headphones | HiFi Stereo Sound

Jan 13, 2024 05:40 am
20% off Bluetooth Wireless Running Headphones | HiFi Stereo Sound
Brand Name: AEAK
Category: Foldable Headphones
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 3434
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Get the ultimate running experience with these Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. The zero pressure design ensures a comfortable fit, while the HiFi stereo sound and clear voice capture technology provide an immersive audio experience. Perfect for the gym, yoga, or travel. Plus, the foldable pocket size makes them easy to carry. With a built-in noise-canceling mic, you can take calls on the go. Don't miss out on this limited time offer. Old Price: £23.36, New Price: £18.69. You save £4.67 (20%).

Title: Say goodbye to tangled wires with Bluetooth Headphone Sport Running Earphone
Content: A fantastic choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking high-quality audio during their workouts. These headphones have truly elevated my exercise sessions, providing both comfort and impressive sound performance. The design of these earphones is sleek and sporty, ensuring a secure fit that stays in place while I’m running. They are lightweight and don’t cause any discomfort, allowing me to focus on my fitness routine without any distractions. When it comes to sound quality, these headphones excel. The audio output is exceptional, delivering clear and vibrant sound that brings my favorite songs to life. One of the standout features is the Bluetooth connectivity, which allows me to enjoy wireless freedom without the hassle of tangled wires. Pairing the headphones with my devices was a little tricky but the connection remains stable throughout. Battery life is another impressive aspect of these headphones. They have a long-lasting battery that keeps up with my extended workout sessions. No matter if you’re running on the track, hitting the gym, or exploring the outdoors, these headphones deliver an enhanced audio experience that elevates your exercise routine.
Title: Compact, High Quality On-ear Headphones
Content: I have an old iPhone and was very disappointed by the lack of wired, on-ear headphones available for it so I decided to move to a blue tooth device instead. These AEAK headphones are very light (about 36g) and compact. They tend to curl up neatly when you are not wearing them so that they easily go into the small black material bag that comes with them. When I get the headphones out to put then on, it usually takes me a second to work out how the plastic connector between the two earpieces pulls out into the correct shape, but it always does. This connector runs along the back of your head when the headphones are on and is just the right length for me – not too loose of tight, with the earpieces reasonably comfortable over each ear. I have not used them for exercising yet but I am fairly confident that they will stay in place for the light exercise that I do. Pairing the earphones with my phone was very simple using the instructions provided and the headphones now work immediately with the phone every time. The headphones charge up easily using the micro-USB lead provided and the charge lasts quite a while. You switch the headphones on by pressing the button on the centre of the right headphone for two or three seconds at which point a blue lighting on the headphone starts to flash at intervals. Switching off is by pressing the same button again for a few seconds at which point a red-light briefly flashes and you hear a tone to confirm that it is going off. I personally would have preferred a simpler on/off switch as I am never sure how long you need to hold the button down for. If you accidentally leave the headphones on you will drain the power quicker. Along with the central button that is used for on/off and pairing, the surrounding circle can be pushed at four points to carry out other functions, volume up and down and forward or back. I have never used these as I would find them hard to use when on my ears and, I find it much easier just to change the volume on my phone or make changes on the app that is playing the sounds, rather than using controls on the headphones. The sound quality is good, and these are now the standard headphones that I use for listening to audiobooks or music when I am out and about. I am very happy with these headphones and appreciate that I probably am not using them to their full potential.
Title: Fantastic, comfy, long charge, great sound, easy to pair
Content: This is my second pair of these headphones, first one I accidently put through the wash! Super comfy, lightweight, stay on easily, forget I'm wearing them! Very good sound, can make and take calls without pulling out phone.
Title: Works perfectly
Content: Simple piece of kit. Fits snuggly round the back of the neck and the pads are over the ears (I cannot abide the in-ear devices that after a couple of minutes use I find really painful). Use it for when I go running and the music is plenty loud enough. Doesn't fully stop all the extraneous noise from coming through, but then I'd rather know when a car is coming up behind me. Whilst it doesn't stop ALL of the noise it is still absolutely fine for listening to my music with - lets face it, its a £20 or so set of earpads, you can't expect absolute silence. Charges in a couple of hours and the charge last for several hours, don't know exactly how long, I go for half a dozen runs and then charge it up again before it gets flat. Bluetooth connection to your phone is very straightforward.
Title: Great handy headphones
Content: I use over the ears headphones and these are very comfortable, easy to connect and reasonably priced. The battery life is good too. Sit on ears fine with no pressure and can use for hours without any issues. I wish we could turn off the blue light when listening but not a big deal.

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  • This wireless headphone built-in industry-leading chip and bluetooth 4.2, Provides you with high fidelity stereo music and crisp treble, giving out a deep clean bass.Easy to pair and stable connection
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