TestMarket - Limited-Time Promo - Woowind BP188 Bike Pump Electric Bicycle Pump - Don't Miss Out!

Limited-Time Promo - Woowind BP188 Bike Pump Electric Bicycle Pump - Don't Miss Out!

Jan 14, 2024 06:35 pm
Limited-Time Promo - Woowind BP188 Bike Pump Electric Bicycle Pump - Don't Miss Out!
Brand Name: Woowind
Category: Floor Pumps
Seller Name: Woowind Direct
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 3134
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Limited-Time Promo - Don't Miss Out on the Hot Savings Alert - Shop Now for the Best Deals! The Woowind BP188 Bike Pump Electric Bicycle Pump is a must-have for all bike enthusiasts. With its portable design and versatile valve compatibility (Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop), inflating your tires has never been easier. The pump is equipped with an auto shut-off feature and can reach a maximum pressure of 120PSI. Get yours now for the discounted price of $39.09 and save 23% (discount of $11.9). Don't wait, grab yours before it's gone!

Title: Excellent product
Content: Outstanding product. Accurate, fast inflation and easy to use. When I disconnect it from presta valves there is no loss of pressure. I highly recommend.
Title: Camelbak carry
Content: Fits perfectly in my Rogue pack. The case is water resistant material. Everything fits in the case provided. Digital and USB chargeable cable is included. Has Presta and Schrader attachments. It’s fast & easy to use. The LED light is bright for night ride emergency inspections. It sounds like an air compressor. It’s a bit heavy, but solid and sturdy. The presets are convenient and inflation stops when psi is achieved. It inflates all tires and sports balls as well. No more carrying a tire gauge to see if inflation psi is correct. Love this wonderful pump. A must for every cyclist to carry. Highly recommended product.
Title: Powerful and handy
Content: It is a bit heavy for cycling and I had to come up with a method of transport. Hard to see in daylight. Have to be very careful in selecting the switch or it does not function. I am carrying it in a water bottle from one of my organized rides, fits perfect with hose, add small cloth on top to keep from rattling and keep device clean. Looks like another water bottle on my bike.
Title: Inexpensive and highly effective
Content: Bought for use with an electric scooter I use to hop around town. Does an excellent job inflating the tires up to the desired pressure and then automatically shutting off once it hits the set PSI. Pulls all the guesswork and manual labour out of tire inflation - push a button, and you're done! Makes replacing punctured tubes much less of a headache. Would recommend!
Title: Junk- Returning
Content: Found this to be a piece of junk. I have a road bike with presta valves. I’ve inflated tires with presta valves before so I know how they work. I’m 100% positive I used the presta valve attachment and that I used this product correctly. I even read the entire manual and watched several YouTube videos because I thought I was crazy during this process. For reference, both of my bike tires were completely flat. Started with my back tire. Screwed the attachment and hose on tightly, ran the machine and the tire began filling. I had it set to 110psi. After a while the tire became rock solid but my machine still only read 60psi. I switched it to bars to be sure and continued filling a bit longer. The goal was 8 bar. It still only read 4.1 bar and never wavered. Then the device ran out of battery and died (after only a few minutes of use, and 1 tire in). Charged it back up. Back tire seemed good enough despite the off reading so I moved on to the front. Tightly attached it to that presta valve, set the goal to 110psi… it ran for about 2 seconds before saying “done” and automatically stopped. I unattached, then reattached very tightly and the same thing happened again (tire still completely flat). Because it automatically cuts off when it reaches it goal pressure, there was no way to make it keep going even though it mistook a total flat for 110psi. Almost forgot to mention. The device gets SO hot. I saw this in other reviews and it’s true. It was extremely hot while running, and was even hotter while it was charging (charging cord was scalding too). Scary. Had to borrow a neighbors bike pump for my front tire. This product is a joke. Glad I didn’t need it while I was out on a ride.
Title: Smalll but powerful
Content: Have had a chance to use this pump. Small compact size which makes it easy and convenient to take any where. Used it to pump up my bike tire. Works like a charm.

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  • 120PSI professional portable air pump for bicycles can top off road bicycle, mountain bike, dirty bike, motorcycle, scooter tire, swimming ring, basketball
  • Presta and Schrader bike pump valves are included for inflating your bike-team's bicycles.
  • Large screen with dual-pressure display tells preset/target air pressure and "real-time" air pressure, so this bicycle pump can be used as a digital pressure gauge.
  • Auto shut-off when target pressure is reached with LED light function for night operation
  • [Packing list]: electric bike pump*1, flexible hose*1, USB cable*1, Presta Valve*1, Dunlop Valve*1, ball needle*1, swimming ring nozzle*1, bag*1
  • [Warranty]: 24 months from the date of purchasing
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