TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: 12" 3-Speed High Velocity Metal Floor Fan - Save 11%!

Limited Time Offer: 12" 3-Speed High Velocity Metal Floor Fan - Save 11%!

May 16, 2024 01:06 pm
Limited Time Offer: 12" 3-Speed High Velocity Metal Floor Fan - Save 11%!
Brand Name: BILT HARD
Category: Floor Fans
Seller Name: Weize
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 542
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Don't Miss Out on This Exclusive Deal! Get the 12" 3-Speed High Velocity Heavy Duty Metal Floor Fan for only 39.99$. Hurry, Limited Stock Available. Save 11.00$ on the original price of 44.99$. Act Now and Enjoy Powerful Airflow in Your Home. Get Yours Before It's Gone!

Title: Excellent small fan
Content: This little fan is far more powerful than the standard 20" box fans I bought from the standard box store. Maybe it is the metal blades, the solid base (as opposed to those little plastic feet that break after a few tip overs), and the grounded plug that make this a powerful fan, but whatever it is, I am convinced it is a total waste of money to buy those box fans with the plastic blades. This is a good investment if you are looking to reduce your use of the ac when it is hot out there. It moves a lot of air and is no louder than a standard box fan. It is ideal for a smallish room (12x12) if you want the air to circulate swiftly around the room. It is small enough to tuck away under a chair, desk or table. For larger spaces, a larger version might be the better option if you want a strong breeze. The fan is also much more stable than the box style. The base makes it possible to hang the fan securely from a hook too. And the small size makes it easy to keep it out of your way. I've used the large models that are great for drying wet carpet, etc. This is on par with that level of performance, but with a smaller range. It has 3 speeds, and each are noticeably different. Clearly, I am very pleased with this fan. I will be buying another, slightly larger one for my kitchen.
Title: Powerful Little Fan
Content: I've gone through a few small fans now, most lasting a year or two before they slowly stop rotating. This fan however has been kicking without pause. The speeds are noticeably different, from low to very high. The airflow is uninterrupted, smooth and produces at a steady volume, without annoying vibrations or rattling. It's certainly "Bilt Hard", solid material and very sturdy. If you're looking for a great fan with moderate to high power at a affordable price then this is it.
Title: Great Purchase!
Content: Finally a fan that delivers! Powerful air flow even on lower speed. Perfect product. I can sleep comfortably again!!!!!
Title: Awesome fan
Content: Bought the 20 inch one and lets just say this it's waaayyy more powerful than my regular box fan and now that it's hitting mid 70s here I just use this over ac and honestly this will easily keep you cool up to 85 degrees this fan is game changing I couldn't even use it till now cause it's that strong it was strong enough to slide my silk pillow down the bed the only draw back is it is on the loud side but great for people who wanna hold out on ac or don't have ac at all
Title: Great fan
Content: The fan was easy to assemble. It puts out a huge amount of air. It is very sturdy and it has a large range of air output.
Title: Bilt Hard is right!
Content: I ordered the 12" fan mainly for the lower price tag as I have used full metal 20" fans in the past. Now while this fan is not labeled as "industrial" it definitely fits the bill because of its build quality is much higher than those cheaper retail big box fans. And for 12" it works almost as well as a 20" equivalent and beats out those plastic ones. Ive seen reviews of others having issues with the motor locking up out of the box and Im not sure how it could be that bad but I suppose defects do sometimes slip out. Mine the blades spin freely and I can also tell its ball bearing as when I was testing the fan and turned it off I watched the slowdown. The blades took a good while to come slow down to what I thought would be its stop point but instead then by physics rotated in the other direction slowly but smoothly before stopping. That was a wonderful sign meaning it was not binding and had zero friction. Just looking over the entire build just shows the care this manufacturer has taken with this fan. The control panel for instance is mounted to the back guard with a very short sleeved wiring harness going straight to the motor on the outside casing. The outer shell of the control panel is remarkably made of metal too but the back side that is pressed against the guard is plastic which means it doesn't rattle metal to metal. Even the smallest touches like including rubber end cap covers for the nuts on the sides that you can tighten or loosen to adjust the fan how you wish. First time Ive seen that honestly they are a nice inclusion. Cleaning the fan will be a breeze too as it has only one small bolt and but on the bottom to remove then the rest are slide clips that you simply slide away from the joining guards allowing you to remove the front. The you can easily wipe down the blades and as I do with all my fans, add a little blue 3n1 motor oil to the fan shaft to help keep things spinning smoothly. As long as maintenance is done to keep the fan clean it should last a very long time. It does have a replaceable fuse in the plug which is nice but there is a hidden thermal fuse on all these types of fans that is not user servicable. That is the fuse that is within the wire winding inside the motor casing and so if the motor gets too hot where its close to starting a fire, the thermal fuse pops for protection. This unfortunately means the motor is disabled indefinitely. Yes you can technically change the thermal fuse but unless you know what your doing and have all the time in the world to mess with it, its essentially considered non serviceable. So it's very important to keep the motor clean as well with some compressed air (canned air is perfect for this too). Ive ran the fan for some time and it only gets slightly warm to the touch which is great! Now for the fan speeds, you have your basic low, medium, high settings. Low speed on this fan honestly beats even a 20" lasko plastic fan on high. Its strong and the sound is modest so it would still be okay Id think for sleeping. Medium cranks the volume of air considerably and of definitely will notice the CFMs have become stronger. Again the sound level is just slightly higher than when it was on Low. Then finally, High speed.. this is when you'll of course feel the maximum force this fan can produce and its like a personal hurricane in your face! The sound is a bit higher but its not obnoxious but you can definitely hear the blades cutting through the air. For light sleepers it may be too much but for those of us who love white noise, its heavenly. Ill admit since having it I mostly keep it on Low. Reason is simple, I eventually start freezing with the higher settings after some time! This fan may only be 12" but dont let its size fool you. It will hold up to even the quality built 20" fans and those plastic 20" fans cant keep up. Oh and did I mention it also has a comfortable carry handle and cord wrap built to it just like the quality "industrial" style 20" fans? If you're looking for a strong fan that is highly portable, easy to maintain, and works in small spaces then I highly recommend this fan. Heck if you dont want to spend over double for a 20" even Id recommend this one instead!

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  • 【3-Speed Control】: The 12 inch high velocity fan comes with three speeds (1005 CFM / 1335 CFM / 1650 CFM), you can customize the airflow to your liking, and the built-in handle makes it easy to move from room to room. Plus, the metal fan's grill housing doubles as a white noise machine, so you can enjoy a cool breeze and a peaceful workspace or home. This metal floor fan offers you a reliable performance that will cool you down on a hot summer day.
  • 【180°adjustable tilting】: Equipped with a versatile 180-degree adjustable tilt, this 12 in. metal fan can be angled and adjusted directly to the airflow where you need it most. Ideal for a workshop, office or home, and other indoor rooms. It can use for the floor or table
  • 【Durable and Sturdy】: Features rugged all-metal construction, aluminum fan blades, and a black powder-coated finish; tube base with rubber feet allow the floor fan to remain stable, the 12 inch floor fan is ideal for indoor home, bedroom, gyms, garages, and workshops.
  • 【Easy To Assembly】: This metal floor fan can be easily assembled. that is easy to assemble and convenient maintenance. Small grid spacing to keep out accidental fingers and paws from getting in. UL certification to keep you safe.
  • 【Warranty】: BILT HARD’s 12 inch floor fan is guaranteed for 1 year. We aim for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by the manufacturer. We offer free exchange for any quality problems within the warranty.
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