TestMarket - 🔥 Selling Out Fast! MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder Fitness Trampoline - Limited Stock!

🔥 Selling Out Fast! MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder Fitness Trampoline - Limited Stock!

May 20, 2024 01:47 pm
🔥 Selling Out Fast! MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder Fitness Trampoline - Limited Stock!
Brand Name: MXL MaXimus Life
Category: Fitness Trampolines
Seller Name: MaXimus Life Ltd
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 2381
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Title: Great rebounder
Content: Bought this for my wife and she's been bouncing none stop! Very easy to put together and looks very sturdy. The metal springs make the occasional squeak but on the whole is actually much quieter than I expected. Got it on an Amazon deal price so seems like good value with everything bundled in. There are lots of extras in the bundle and includes a carry bag for when it's folded. These days we don't have DVD players, so maybe the DVDs could be (or maybe already is) replaced by online content. The only minor improvement I could suggest would be to have some rubber protectors around the "corners" where it folds. At the moment, it's exposed bare metal which can scratch hard floors during opening/closing, so better to do it on carpet.
Title: Well worth the money I paid...and really good customer service
Content: Decided to get one of these as having read reviews rebounding looked like something I could do at home to increase my non-existent cardio activities. I did a long search of all types, and decided it was probably worth paying a little extra in order to get something that is durable and isn’t going to break mid-bounce. Decided to go for this one based upon the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, and read all the customer feedback to understand the pros and cons (I don’t like the hassle of returning items so wanted to make the right choice first time). Set-up: I was very wary initially as I am a 5 foot female with a dodgy neck and shoulder with reduced strength in right arm, and the instructions say 2 people should really open it. It comes folded in half within a storage bag (nice touch!) and I was worried that opening it up would result in with smacking myself or trapping my hands as I have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to instructions. So I read the included instructions carefully and opened it up on my lounge rug. Very pleased to report I was worried about nothing! I sloooowly opened it from the upside-down position, taking care for it not to somehow trap my fingers…I ended up having one foot on one side and both hands pushing the other side open – it did not snap open like a mousetrap as I thought it would and seemed to work when applying slow pressure. One thing to note, I opened it on my large shaggy rug – when it was opened the rug fibres were caught in the join of the rebounder, but very simple to keep foot on one side and lift other half up again a bit. The legs are already attached but folded up and held close to the rebounder by elastic bands. Simple matter to unhook each leg from the elastic band, lift up and pop into each leg socket. Usage: I was initially tentative bounding on it at first, as I am not a light person. I’ve had no need to use the attached stability bar but glad I’ve got this anyway as I can see some barre exercises may mean I use them eventually. It came with 2 x 1lb sandweights, and toning bands with handles – yet to use but nice to have them when needed. My first priority is to use for bouncing. Also comes with a bottle of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) for greasing up the springs. It is very sturdy, with no marks or damage to the item, and well made. There was some squeaking from the item, especially when I got going, but I’ve just added some of the petroleum jelly as per the instructions (using a cotton bud to smear on) to the ends of the springs as advised, which didn’t seem to do much. However it is now virtually soundless once I added a smear to the main body of each spring itself. I live on a ground floor so don’t have to worry about squeaky noises so much, but well worth greasing the springs as soon as possible as the repetitive squeaking was making me laugh. As my lounge is not overly big and when not in use, I fold the legs up and hook on the elastic bands, and then roll the rebounder to behind my sofa or armchair when not in use as it can be virtually flat to the wall, rather than waste time folding up. This would be fine to use outside in a patio providing you are safe. Great to do in front of the TV and while it is still exercise, it is good fun and suitable for those who need to minimise high impacts on joints. Not been doing long enough to see if it will have an impact on cardio & weight loss, however, I am pleased to say I am really happy with this and don’t regret the purchase one little bit. Highly recommended. Update: 6 weeks in, and a note to say the customer service has been great. Proactively contacted by seller and they've offered another free HIIT DVD, and a complimentary pair of rebounding socks. After regular use no issues with the rebounder either
Title: Good rebounder
Content: The first time I used it two springs came out within two minutes I now check they are in the right position before starting. Second time I tried to get it from folded to unfolded it was a real struggle due to the cover being in the wrong place . The last to times having worked out the issues it has been really easy and good to use. And they are not wrong when the say it’s tough to unfold due to the stiffness of the mechanism to start but I am sure this will improve. Only problem is rust on one of the leg stands makes it hard to get off when you fold the leg in should be easy to sort with a cloth and some light oil though.
Title: FIt and fun!
Content: So far had it one day and fortunately had someone on hand to assemble- not easy. Also not easy to fold away for storage so it takes up a fair amount of space in my small house- I had wanted one I could tidy away, it won't be this one because it's quite difficult to do. That being noted, it's a wonderful product and a great deal more fun than I had anticipated; I am elderly and disabled but find it fantastic and easy to use. Very sturdy, and reallly helpful videos on line. So glad I bought this one.
Content: great trampoline and well made and so simple to set up. This is a solid frame and great for the price I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Thank you ☺️
Title: A brilliant, fun and physical way to exercise
Content: As an avid fan of Rebounder classes at my local gym, I was gutted that I couldn’t continue with my favourite class during lockdown. That was, until I discovered that MaXimus Pro could be bought online. Delivery was quick and I was amazed at how easy it was to assemble. The legs simply click into place and feel really solid. The two DVDs that come with the package are excellent, catering for all abilities, with workouts tailored for beginners through to the more advanced. I’ve tried them all and can confidently say that I worked up a sweat (the sign of a good workout in my opinion!). Storage has been carefully thought through too, with the legs easy to disassemble and the trampoline itself folding in quarter. Brilliant if you live in a small flat like me where space is limited. I’ve had the MaXimus Pro for over a month now and use it several times a week. Yes the springs have started to squeak a little, but the noise is not loud at all so I can bounce away whilst my 2yr old naps. I’ve given this review 5 stars as I can’t fault it at all. I can’t wait to try out my Rebound Fitness membership (did I mention the purchase comes with 3 months free subscription)?

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  • ✅ LOSE WEIGHT& GET FIT: with this Low Impact, High Performance trampoline.The MaXimus PRO Indoor Rebounder supports a person up to 310 lbs and is very low impact to protect your joints. Just 20 minutes daily bouncing to help youburn 1000s of calories and lose weight fast.The 7amazingrebounding workouts on DVD aregreatFUN and will motivate you and keep you challenged as your fitnesslevels go through the roof!
  • ✅ HOME GYM PACKAGE: Includes MaXimus Pro Rebounder (40in), Handle Bar, Resistance Bands & Sand Weights for Conditioning/Strength training and Rebounding Workouts (online and DVD) to Train Your Body All Over! Spring loaded legs mean no assembly nightmares. This portable indoor mini trampoline folds into quarters for easy storage. Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors love this rebounder which can be easily transported in a neat Carry Bag that is also included.
  • ✅ BUILT TO LAST – NOT A TOY: The MaXimus Pro Rebounder is built to last using high quality component parts (unlike many cheapertrampoline products). 32 highly calibrated giant springs give the mostresilient/low impact bounce providing the correct support to foot/ankle whilst bouncing.Our double cross-stitched non-slip mat & non-marking rubber feet make it very strong and safe.CEMarked &tested to USA ASTM F381it comes with aFullWarranty andSpareParts are available.
  • ✅ KEEP MOTIVATED with ONLINE & DVD REBOUNDING WORKOUTS:7 FREE Rebounding workouts on DVD, all fitness levels & 100s of rebounding workouts are ONLINE from our International Presenters. Different workout styles give all proven benefits of Rebounding; detox the body/improve immune system through lymphatic drainage, improve bladder control/pelvic floor, balance, coordination and build muscular strength and endurance.BEWARE: cheaper rebounders will not achieve these results!
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